Arsenal Evolution…. or Revolution?

There has been a heated debate over the last few weeks about whether the EPL has evolved into a world class competition and whether Arsenal’s improved form is due to Wenger being forced to change his tactical approach to EPL opponents after losing Cesc and Nasri. I wish to address both hypotheses and take a closer look at whether the EPL and Arsenal are evolving into something better or whether the original mutation has become an out and out revolution.

Lets take a look at club ownership and the influx of oilygarch and sugar-daddy golden geese in the EPL. It seems to have started with Abramovich at Chelsea, but in actual fact the spend big to win big philosophy was best personified in Real Madrid buying up every star they could entrap, starting back in the 50’s. Regardless, since Chelsea’s reincarnation under Abramovich, according to the media and many pundits, the EPL has come to a sort of fork in the road. In their view,gone are the days when only 2-3 big clubs like Liverpool, United and Arsenal would be competing for it all. Now, they claim, the EPL clubs can be divided into the haves and the have-nots, with Arsenal somewhere in between. However they miss the real issues, since we have always had the richer clubs and the remainder. What has changed is the reckless and bottomless spending and subsequent debt-loads teams like Chelsea, City and recently Liverpool have espoused as their central philosophy. These teams are on the opposite end of the scale to Arsenal, where frugality and youth development have been combined to enrich the team and the tradition at the Emirates. I would say, in this respect, that it has been a revolution and the big losers in this revolt have been the FA’s  ¨fit and proper persons¨ test and the EUFA Financial Fairplay rules while the beneficiaries have been the fans of big money clubs along with the improved level and diversity of the competition. We now have 6 Clubs who can compete for the titles and Cups with a reasonable assurance of being potential winners. My the revolution continue!

Sandro Rosell, in typical Barcelona hypocritical fashion, stated that his team would never ¨sell out¨ like the money Clubs in the EPL are claimed to have done. Yet he sold his  rights to the Qatar Foundation. Of course he’d sell his mother to get enough money to get colour photocopiers or a player (with Catalan DNA) he really wants, in the Camp Nou.

Arsenal FC are another story. During the difficult 7 months after the CC last season and our spanking at OT, endless Anti-Wenger and anti-Arsenal attackers, including the minority AAA and moaner-groaner whiners who misnamed themselves Gooners and the media, launched a steady,relentless and merciless campaign against our Club and its administrators/managers. They cried for a Revolt against the tyrannical and stubborn Arsene-Board led conspiracy to destroy our great Club in order to make a fast buck. They wanted a revolution in the very heart of the Clubs’ Wenger inspired philosophy and strategy.

Their new mantra, which can occasionally still be heard echoing off the public toilets and hapless ex-players vacuous heads, is SEND,SPEND,SPEND and damn the torpedoes. This mantra is followed by another revolutionary chant which is ¨Off with their heads¨ -meaning Wenger and the Board need to be eliminated and replaced by Oilygarchs, sugar-daddies and other right thinking Fantasy Football afficianados.

Arsenal’s recent resurgence has flushed a great deal of this excrement down the pipes but the odour remains. In order to disinfect the Gooner airspace and based on my humble opinion, I submit that we are seeing an EVOLUTION of sorts, where AFC’s famous control and passing game is being modified, with considerable success, and mutated into a more direct, finishing yet also subtle counter-attacking strategy.  What is different with our Gunners that has turned their season around so dramatically?

1) The new, more experienced faces in the team have brought a renewed and more urgent counter-attacking style, while also strengthening and calming the younger players. They have also brought a challenge to every incumbent to do better and play with more heart, or lose their place. This is seen in the fact that some say Wenger has an embarrassment of choices in the CB and winger positions. He will soon have the same problem in the midfield. When were we last able to say that?

2) We also see a change in attacking style with Gervinho and Walcott offering rapid, incisive and pacey counter-attacking Football and also working hard defensively to recuperate the ball when Arsenal lose it. As well, we see Jenkinson and Santos offering an offensive threat that Gibbs and Clichy rarely ever provided.

3) Our midfield seems to be shaping up as the most significant and positive change this season. Last year we relied on Cesc and Nasri to generate and support the attackers. If Arsenal could have ever been truly said to be a one-man team, it was during the Fabregas hegemony where every attack went through him. Would RVP or Wilshere or Ramsey have been able to flower like they are doing this season if we had not lost our two midfielders?  Arteta has been a remarkable find and has become the little general like Rosicky used to be, supporting the defense when we are under pressure but turning the counter-attack into a deadly and very pacey threat to any team at will.

4) Our style of attack has become more varied and we seem to be moving away from the complex buildups of the tippy-tappy era where we felt a shot from anywhere further than the opponent’s goal area was unthinkable, to a more eclectic shooting philosophy where we can call on RVP, Walcott, Gervinho, Arteta, Ramsey, and even Song or Vermaelen to hammer one from distance or rely on Santos or Jenkinson to whip either the ball or themselves into the attack.

5) With the Verminator back and Koscielny showing a formidable partnership with him or Mertesacker, our back 4 is starting to show signs of rock-solid reliability. The maturing of Jenkinson and the yet to be proven Santos offers AFC the depth we have always lacked. Once Wilshere, Sagna and Gibbs return to the lineup, Arsene will have the unenviable job of selecting from a treasure-house of talent to rely on.

What mid-table EPL manager wouldn’t dream of having players like AOC, Arshavin, Frimpong, Fabianski, Miyachi, Park, Djourou, Coquelin, Aneke, Lansbury and Benayoun in their starting 11?  We have them on the bench or out on loan, along with players like Campbell, Vela, Bendtner and Silva!

Arsenal have successfully EVOLVED from a young but naive Barcelona light, to a gradually improving collection of united, skillful, calm, confident and relentless winners……despite the media and AAA’s desperately attempts to portray us as a one-man Club. Long my the evolution continue!

Article written by Don McMahon.

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32 responses to “Arsenal Evolution…. or Revolution?

  1. I love Arsenal and I see that you’ve focused on the positives, but the positives only mean something when they’re weighed against the negatives, and you’ve neglected to do that.

    Good article though. Well thought out.

  2. We like all things positive at Arsenal Opinion. Negativity breeds negativity, which leads to hate. We have a lot of love 🙂

  3. addy

    With the emergence of jenkinson, the only places our squad looks weak is at left back and striker(backup). Of course if santos settles well/gibbs stays fit and park reproduces his international form for arsenal, we won’t even have those issues.
    Add to these the emerging youngsters we have: Watt and henderson just signed contract extensions, so i think wenger must have faith in them. Lansbury, Bartley, Miquel, Frimpong, Coq, Ryo, AOC, Aneke, Ozzy and Afobe are all potential first teamers.
    Keep the positivity going! COYG

  4. hal

    Dear oh dear oh dear.

    ” Would RVP or Wilshere or Ramsey have been able to flower like they are doing this season if we had not lost our two midfielders?

    Yessir. Jack Wilshere is certainly ‘flowering’ this year.

    Without wishing to reignite an unwelcome debate, this is a blinkered myopic opportunistic piece of AKB rubbish.

    Every Arsenal fan loves the club, and is relieved to see us slowly dragging ourselves off the floor of the early season catastrophes. But ‘relentless winners’? have I been asleep for 4 years in which an Arteta inspired Arsenal have won 3 champions leagues/ If we are ‘relentless winners’ on the back of this mini revival, what, God help us, have the spuds become, with 7 wins out of 8. Talk about overreaction!!! This article is nothing more than an ill-informed, self-serving rant by someone who is part of a significant minority who are in love with an ageing French manager, not the greatest club in the world.There is no perspective in it at all.

    Maybe in that confused little world, Jack is indeed ‘Flowering’!!

  5. Nothing wrong with an ageing manager. Ferguson is the greatest manager in world football, arguably ever. He’s about 93.

  6. Chris

    Well said, wenger knows it all. In wenger i trust. Arsenal for life

  7. hal

    Nothing wrong with an ageing manager. Nor indeed is there anything wrong having faith in Arsene.

    But everything is wrong with blinkered blind faith. Those who consider Wenger has run his course, and has made an absolute mess of the past three seasons have every right to think so, and have a hell of a lot of facts to back them up. It is a matter of opimion

    And every fan has every right to doubt whether the American is the right man to run the club. Unless of course that you consider blind faith in a manager more improtant than the future uccess of the club.


  8. That’s fair enough hal. I can’t say I’m overly happy with the past few season but I have no doubt that Arsene is the man for the job.

  9. hal

    For what its worth SP, I really really hope so.

    No true Arsenal fan wants change just for changes sake. So if we do, indeed, turn into relentless winners with this new team, surely every one of us will be very happy indeed, and I can promise you, that would be enough to put every argument about manager or owner to bed for good!!!

  10. luke

    i do agree we are evolving (or atleased certain players are becoming more refined eg ramsey)and i also agree that maturity has certainly added calmness however, its fair to say right now (i mean the team now not in 6 months) does seem to need some world class spark. ultimately its a catch twenty two. We are soaked in young, young talent that may not have as perfect pass as cesc or may not have the silkyness of nasri but there is no doubt that atleased a few of the kids in the age bracket of wilshire, miyachi and ox (especially those three) will be world class talents with passion for the club and we do have to give them a chance or whats the point in priding ourselves on the fact we are self sustainable?
    i will say this i always thought kozzer was an excellent buy, even last year he seemed quite calm and assuring considering the step up that is the epl. gervinho is also going to be the same next season. he may frustrate but he will continuously work for the space to do something special and he is very capable of doing so.
    jenks is raw but has fight in him which is just so pleasant to see in an arsenal player. if you watch his performances you realise he is always working so hard to get back (has saved us a few times) with his pace.
    but i agree with what was said on le grove at the start of the year that this year is a dud year for us (our trophy is 4th) on the basis of the fact our team still is gelling (we are nowhere near the finished product) and the lack of star power we started with this year. will we have the star power with the squad we have right now in a years time? that is the question that is drawing me most this season and i do believe the future for us is bright and yes we do have a better team then newcastle, aston villa and even liverpool and the tiny totts (ill leave the debate for others). The question is how long will it take for ox, miyachi etc to do what wilshere did last year? and of coarse how long will it take for jack to be on the same level as a player like cesc?

  11. cupsui

    @hal…you’re a twat…go away your boat sailed a few months ago when the real fans decided supporting the club was more fun than listening to moaners (like you) and tabloids spin the anti-arsenal BS. The gunners are flying and we’ll continue to support them is doing so, i hear a band wagon leaving for man city with you name on it…be careful though the oil in the middle east is going to dry up eventually!

  12. And_Arsene_Said...

    @hal…you’re a twat…, well said.
    Supporters support, you call yourself a fan. Must be the type that blows cold air.

  13. Len aged 67and 3/4's

    Hal, when you realize your dream and get rid of the ageing Wenger, who will you personally appoint in his place? Do tell us who’s on your current shortlist……..

  14. Hal…..who has perspective here? You’re clearly an AAA cheerleader and that’s fine, everyone is entitled to their opinion but what I said NEVER implied that Wenger doesn’t make mistakes. I am pointing out the gradual improvements we are seeing under AW’s ¨aging ¨ guidance as you put it. What facts over the last three years are you presenting? the trophy-less years since 2005? The loss of Cesc and Samir? Are you implying that we need a younger manager like Villa-Boas? Why is younger better?
    Your categorizing of my article as another Wenger glorifying rant is unfair, blinkered and proves that you aren’t open to honest and informed debate.
    I don’t question your belief in AFC nor your depth of support for the players but I do wonder about your objectivity and open-mindedness. The season is far from over and only in May will we see whether the evolution of this great team achieves all it promises to, but until then I’ll give AW and the players the benefit of the doubt…..will you?

  15. Lonya

    Thx man for your post. Commenting on the positive side of Afc is success. I support!

  16. Great Article!

    I always believed Wenger debased AFC by building such great club around just Fabregas. For the past four seasons, our play became predictable. Not that Cesc is no great player or ever disappointed but every opposition then knew nothing good happened unless through the masterful Spaniard. So, simply put – stop Fabregas, stop Arsenal! Worse, he added incessant injury woes to it all. We hardly won a match when he wasn’t playing because Wenger would always play, gamblying with any available player until Cesc got back to be injured again.

    This season, though we had that better-forgotten start, I see a team evolving – more direct with frenetic pace. Past seasons Arsenal would always have more piossession in any match against Chelsea yet lost most of them! But at SB this season, Chelsea edged possession(even even by slightest of margins) but we won. Without every player finding Fabregas to intiate attacks, every player now takes the initiative. Believe me, Arsenal is a better team without Cesc than with him. Despite his incredible football brain, Fabregas was about the slowest midfielder we had with the most fragile hamstring in the fold.

    Quite ironic, but if ever Arsenal was going to win a trophy in the past seven years, this year is it. Hate Wenger or like him, Le Boss has done incredibly for this club compared to the quality of opposition. He has put in so much that the law of nature would rather bless him with the exit of both Fabregas and Nasri than the opposite he truly feared. He may not know best but he certainly knows much better than Hal above.

  17. Len aged 67and 3/4's

    It’s over six hours since I asked Hal to tell us all who’s on his short-list for Arsene’s replacement…..he’s gone strangely silent!!

  18. cupsui

    @len…i think he realised he was in the wrong place and jumped on the that band wagon leaving the oil trail behind it

  19. Len aged 67and 3/4's

    Capsui………..I think your oil analogy is very good and very apt……………many seem incapable of thinking long-term

  20. FP-Gooner

    A week before the OT debacle, Wenger publicly stated that AFC do not need any new players. Reading the article, one would think the purchase of Arteta, Santos, Mertesacker, Gervinho etc, was some grand plan of Wenger and not panic buy forced upon him by the humiliation at OT acting as a catalyst to drive supporter fury. No, it hasn’t been a calm and steady evolution as the writer claims, but a concession that after 6 trophy-less years, the methods utilised by AW have not worked. AW even had the gall to verbally smack the loyal Arsenal fans who had started to voice their discontent by stating that ‘in England the solution is always to spend money’. The purchase of the players have certainly improved the team as one see by the results.

    It is utterly idiotic to pigeon-hole supporters who wish to see AFC’s fortunes improve and question the roles and tactics of either AW, Gazidis, Kroenke etc, as being a bunch of whiners, whingers or malcontents. If there are supporters who will idly support the team during 7 or 10 or 20 years of winning nothing and mouth meaningless and sycophantic twaddle such as ‘In Arsene we trust’, that this is their right, it is not for the rest of us to question the ovine and blind faith they may ill-justifiably place on AW.

    The new players have injected a fresh impetus into the team. They were largely bought over a period of a week, before the transfer deadline kicked in. That does not represent an evolution, more of a revolution. AFC are the only team I have supported and will always be the only one, but my loyalty is not to the manager, the owner or even the players. As a supporter and one who pays into the coffers, I reserve the right to voice my protest or even disgust, when required, at tactics or strategy. I invite anyone to tell me otherwise. I must ask the writer whether he has been to the majority of the games we have played this season and if so, how he comes to the staggering conclusion that we are showing ‘signs of rock-solid reliability’ in defence.

    We are at a junction now, we need to decide whether we are content to play beautiful and scintillating football with youngsters, but win nothing or continue buying seasoned and experienced pros such as Arteta and Mertesacker. We need to decide whether we heap praise on ourselves that we are a ‘well-run’ club and are at the top of an imaginary Accounting Standards league or whether we have a passionate desire to win titles and trophies.

    In every one of the last 7 seasons, I have heard talk of promise and potential. Has this been translated into winning anything? No. We are not privy to the conversations going on at board level at AFC to know why it has taken more than 6 years to take concrete action to arrest the decline in our fortunes culminating in the thrashing by Manure. Much was said and written by the media after that humiliation, and for AW and the board to have ignored the crisis would have made their positions even more untenable.

    When players such as Thierry Henry, Flamini, Cole, Toure, Hleb, Fabregas, Nasri etc left the club, it is seen by some, as a good thing, in that it would allow others to blossom. Anyone how rejoices in seeing gifted players as these leave, fails to see a number of reasons and consequences. They leave primarily because they wish to win things, and they cannot be blamed for that. Teams who are strong and have aspirations of winning more trophies have players who stay with the club. In cases where they do lose a player, they strengthen the team by replacing that player by an even straonger one. We do not.

    Always question and seek to improve, never just accept and place blind faith or trust in people. One final point regarding a point made by the writer. “What mid-table EPL manager wouldn’t dream of having players like …Fabianski…..Djourou” ??? Surely, you must mean nightmare. Have you really seen Djourou play this season? Fabianski? The same Fabianski, who treats a football, like it’s a grenade with the pin pulled out?

  21. FP-Gooner,

    I must admit your views are quite interesting. However, what happened at the beginning of this season, particularly that mauling at OT, shouldn’t be placed solely on Wenger’s doorsteps. I blame Barcelona for wiitingly attempting to destroy Arsenal. Cesc Fabregas had been moulded by Wenger into the best midfielder for Arsenal in the world. For how he influenced our play, perhaps only Inter’s Wesle Sneijlder would have come near to like-for-like replacement. And for his true worth our ex-captain would have fetched 60 million pounds. But Barca(damn them and everyone in their City) was playing hardball – trying to snatch Fabregas away at half his worth. If Wenger had got a relacement before Cesc’s late departure, Barca would have had him at far less than they eventually did. Added to Nasri betrayal, Wenger saw himself in a dilemma he later confessed he never faced before in his 62-year history. In the end Barca didn’t pay enough for us to adequately replace Fabregas even if there was time.

    We could do to appreciate the travails of a man whose love for the club and philosophy had seen rejecting countless offers and attempt by moneybags to hijack the club. Some of us may claim to love Arsenal for life but believe me, not many of us would stick to that claim any day Arsenal satrt playing like Stoke City – all in the name of winning. Rewind the years, take stock of Arsenal’s fans before Wenger and after – you’d come to the stark reality that our fan base is hinged more on our style of play than the silverware in the cabinet. Don’t get me wrong, I need trophies too for the likes of Brazil, Barcelona and recently Spain win with beautiful football. However, one is always certain Arsenal would play good football at all times. That should be our first priority. Trophies will come when it should come.

    Destroying the club’s philosophy just because most of us want it quick-fix is rather myopic. It must be commended that where others, including Alex Ferguson, are losing their heads, Wenger has calmly kept his. Mertesacker, Arteta, Santos, Benayoun and Park might look like panic buys but hadn’t Wenger tried all summer to grab the services of Cahill, M’Villa, Hazzard, Mata? Shouldn’t we be giving accolades to Le Professor for having the ingenuity to grab these short-time stand-ins to save our season while waiting for another window to come by?

    We may not have the Messis, Ronaldos, Torres(?), Silvas, Iniestas, etc but who can place a bet against a full strength Arsenal side against any opposition in the world? Certainly none. The only team that defeated Barca last season in Europe remains the Gunners, with Djourou and Koscielny in the central defence. This season, a pairing of Mertesacker and Vermalaen is certainly better than what we beat Barca with.

    Is anybody observing that Carl Jenkinson is gradually turning into one piece of ingenious acquisition? Hasn’t Gervinho been more productive than Torres? Is Arteta not offering far more than Modric? Is Santos not an improvement on Clichy? Which player in the EPL is presently more valuable than RVP? Truth be told – Wenger is a genius. I’m old enough to know trophies are just around the corner. Life is always better appreciated from the point of having the cup half-full.

  22. Anonymous

    only one thing is permanent … dats change …… and all has ups and downs ….but over all v ( arsenal ) r grown and matured ….. keep moving ahead ….. with trophies plz ……

  23. FP Gooner….change your name to FP Goner…….at least until you can bring some objectivity and fair-mindedness to the table. Stick with the AAA cheerleaders and find the cloud behind every silver lining.

  24. FP-Gooner

    weedonald, how long did it take you to think of that wee witticism? you spew out a bunch of cliches and phrases without mentioning anything specific or any details. At least have the ‘objectivity’ to point out the object of your disagreement, or would that be asking too much?

  25. cupsui

    @FP-gooner, you write arsenal are trying to be
    “at the top of an imaginary Accounting Standards league or whether we have a passionate desire to win titles and trophies.”
    I’m sorry but in the real world businesses have to balance their books and make money not lose it, because they go into bankruptcy/admin if they don’t. Is that what you want at Arsenal? Arsenal do not have an oil tycoon attempting to play championship manager in real life to prop up unbalanced books, such as two rather unsustainable clubs i need not mention. nor are they in 100’s of millions of pounds debt such as several other clubs and are teetering on the edge. This are not sustainable models, they are ruining football…NOTHING MORE NOTHING LESS. They have driven up players wages and demands to quite absurd and astronomical levels. Look at Adebeyor, he is on something like 175,000 pounds a week. F@%king ridiculous (with a necessary f-bomb). Tottenham cannot afford this and only pay around half this while he is on loan, and now since he has been paid that he expects it everywhere making it extremely difficult for tottenham to sign him (don’t worry i don’t feel sorry for them at all). So if clubs want the best players they have to pay over the top and begin the fall into debt, something i feel tottenham are getting very close to right now. the Debt chasm goes deep and deeper still if results don’t follow, just ask leeds!!

    Now i definitely 100% do not want some oil tycoon to come into Arsenal and start splashing the cash, as i am totally opposed to this happening in football and i am sure the majority of “fans” would agree. This is something that would make me reconsider my support for the club (not that i think it likely to happen at all). So there are your options FP-gooner, be happy arsenal follows the right model, plays beautiful football, is very competitive, gives youngsters a go, is technically sound, has one of the greatest managers ever, and will win trophies…or go support a team that will be full of greedy ego’s such as the tevez’, nasri’s, adebayor’s, cashly coles, wayne rooney’s that will be at the very top until their tycoons go broke and get bored (getting close at chelsea) or the best manager of all time quits.

  26. cupsui

    p.s. great piece tai obasi lagos

  27. Len aged 67and 3/4's

    Capsui………..Great response and riposte, brilliant article. The only option anyone has is to think long-term and plan accordingly – there is no other way!! Anyone who thinks any differently is living in cloud cuckoo land.

  28. FP Goner …enough posters have spotted and commented on your fallacious and short-sighted, ill-considered opinions to firmly bury you in the AAA graveyard along with the rest of the Wenger-haters. How about you actually presenting some solid evidence for your whines rather than just excreting the same rubbish your AAA mates vomit every week?
    I respect anyone who has an informed opinion and is ready to present hard and indisputable evidence but you simply jump all over my efforts at promoting an open and objective debate about where AFC are headed and in what manner they are driving towards their goals….just like all the other moaner,gloomy-doomers that infest the net.

  29. Sam

    The bottom line is will this team ever win anything more under Wenger? No. The team still has gaping faults in defence and finds scoring without RvP very difficult. Arteta, Mertesacker, Santos (anyone seen Park yet?) have improved the squad, but only slightly. And let’s face it, anything is an improvement over last season.

    Football is after all about results. Winning. This team is not mentally strong enough to win the Champions League, or Premier League. Maybe the Mickey Mouse Cup that no one cares about anymore. Don’t be blinded after a good spell against mediocre teams (and a decent Chelsea that is its worst state since Abramovich took over). Sunderland away on Saturday will be a better test.

    And with a board where the new owner doesn’t say anything (and is a long term shrewd investor who doesn’t want to spend money on improving the club at all) and PHW is satisfied with scraping into the Champions League every season, this will not change. There is no ambition at the top level at the club. 4th is the new 1st. Is that good enough?

    From what I remember, we weren’t pitched that scenario when we were asked to shell out the world’s most expensive season ticket prices, and they went up 6% this season!? Nor was that the goal of moving to the Emirates?

    We seem to be worse off now than back at Highbury. Why let 22,000 more tourists into a new stadium if you are not going to buy players good enough to beat the biggest teams? Might as well stick with 38,000 passionate fans in a ground with actual character.

    I am just fed up with being fed the spin and drivel of Arsenal being good enough to compete with the big boys when this is clearly not the case in reality. Either just come clean and say you really misjudged the short to medium term liquidity of moving the club, and this means 10 years of scraping into the Champions League at best before more money becomes available to spend on players, or just shut up.

    It’s like a Ford Focus trying on Ferrari 458 looks every day. Just face the reality and realise what you really are!

  30. Sam….your negativism is almost pathological. Noone can say AFC won’t be able to compete and win anything under AW, since he has won under less favourable circumstances and while rebuilding, his choices appear to be headed in the right direction.
    Don’t underestimate the Chelsea victory and the 5 clean sheets the Gunners earned since the OT debacle. Your clearly anti-Wenger AAA moan is just another puff of smoke in a hurricane…gone in an instant.
    Mental strength is something they now show in almost every game. This team is radically different from the one last season after the CC, in that they get wins even when coming from behind. The players have ambition and that’s all that matters….they sens they can win something and will do what it takes to win…barring major injuries.
    It take a while for a ground to inherit the passion of Highbury but the fans are becoming more and more vocal and supportive, other than you and your AAA whiners. The players and manager have noticed this as well and the Emirates will have its own mystique soon enough.
    Sad to hear that the expensive tickets annoy you and I share your pain but the fact that we don’t spend like Shitty and that AW still has the knack of bringing in inexpensive but quality players isn’t salient to what’s going on at AFC, as this has always been Wenger’s way and won’t change anytime soon….so get used to it and stop groaning.
    The Arsenal are more like a BMW M3 E46, a classy, competitive and incredibly smooth performer but undervalued by those AAA doomers who prefer, like you, to predict disaster and trumpet defeat from the jaws of victory.

  31. Yido6061

    Dr Martin Luther King, Jr had a dream that one day our black brothers would be equal to us. This week, that dream became a reality. I heard a voice, coming at me in a Brazilian accent, in the back of my head. Whispering at first. But then it got louder. Oh yes! It did. Can I hear an ‘amen’? That voice, coming through as clear and unsullied as my bank account. Sweet and true. And it said, “Sepp. Sepp. It has been decreed by a Higher Authority – João Havelange – that it be you, and you alone, who will solve the eternal mistrust between races”. I believed I had already accomplished this but there are agents of evil among us, my children. And then it came to me as I greased the palm of the visiting Qatari ambassador. The solution that would have saved so many black people being hunted down like animals in America’s Deep South. That would have freed South Africa from the yoke of repression and allowed FIFA to plunder, I mean, embrace it much sooner. The handshake. A simple handshake and it can all be forgiven and forgotten. As our Lord said, “turn the other cheek”. You’ve got to hand it to him. Heh-heh. Say it loud and say it proud! Handshakes can save the world! And it need not stop at issues of black and white, brothers and sisters. Let the power of the handshake into your lives and you will be saved. Imagine how history could have changed. Hitler would have turned his back on the path of destruction he walked, having come to terms with the fact that he was only a mediocre painter. The Twin Towers needn’t have come crashing down because the Bushes and Bin Ladens would have holidayed together in Lake Como. And as for Pontius Pilate, if he’d merely shaken hands with Jesus instead of washing them, he’d have saved us two thousand years of fuss and bother. If only I had been sent to you all earlier! As I speak, I have despatched reverend emissaries among you all to spread the Good News and help enforce the colour blindness to which we all aspire. In the Central lands, you will come across the eminent ‘Big’ Ron Atkinson who will tell it straight and without obfuscation. In the East, the twin apostles of Gray and Keys will smash anything that comes between them and moral indignation. In the North, the Uruguayan Suarez will show you how to get away with sinning, (for we all do), by whispering inaudibly – concealed from prying eyes. And the West will have the England Captain, no less. He will say it and it will be so. No questions asked.

  32. emmanuel oluwaseun

    I as a good arsenal fan i will let let my team to fall or fail i think we need player like (Ahmed musa)and also a player like (Santos) of tothm hotspur
    and a player like( tiago) of Barcelona so as for my team to grow with daniel sturridge

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