Wenger has Gotze to get stuck in come January

It seems no matter where you go what you do you can’t escape Arsenal transfer speculation, even in September papers were linking us to deals in January ‘price agreed’ and ‘Arsenal make contact with’ are titles we’ve all become accustomed to. It doesn’t even seem to be tied in any way to form either, when we were having our worse start for 50 years the flow was as steady as it is now.

One name that has constantly popped up since the middle of the summer window though is that of 19 year old ‘wunder-kid’ Mario Gotze of Borussia Dortmund. The German teen has attracted attention from pretty much every big gun in Europe read, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Milan (Inter and AC), Manchester United, Chelsea (pfft) and of course Manchester City. I’m sure Liverpool were in there somewhere but as he’s not English and ridiculously overvalued ‘King Kenny’ will doubtlessly look elsewhere.

Arsenal are enjoying a real resurgence in form right now, Arsene managed to turn the vibes around at the club after the 8-2 thrashing with a few signings, we had the blip at Blackburn after that and a few slip ups but overall the team is plodding along nicely playing in a way we haven’t seen before.

Some of the technique the o-la-la if you like has gone out of our game but there’s a steady work ethic and real passion to grab the win now. The players seem to be enjoying each win all the more now and under Van Persie’s captaincy they really do look like they’re willing to fight for each other and the fans to get the victory. Though we have lost some of our flashiness it’s nice to see, we all remember the super slick Arsenal shipping four goals against Newcastle, or going 2-0 up against Wigan only to lose 3-2, or going 4-2 up against Spurs only to drop to a 4-4 draw. When Chelsea clawed their way back to a totally undeserved 3-3 at the Bridge this year I doubt I was the only one thinking ‘and wait for the fourth.’ But to my surprise it was us who bagged the fourth and fifth goals to take a historic win.

Some players have really stepped up to the mark and they deserve a pat on the back for it, it’s these guys you need to keep around. When the going got tough they didn’t need to be searched for, they were right there on the line fighting. I’m thinking of Koscielny, Schez, Vermaelen (now he’s back), of course RVP, Arteta, Gervinho. Ramsey is putting the effort in aware that our midfield talisman will return in a month or so. Walcott has stepped up his game now he can feel the breath of the Ox on the back of his neck. Frimpong and Coquelin have done well and brought a freshness and youthful energy to the team every time they’ve played. Andre Santos is improving with each game and it’s staggering how many attacks he starts each week.

But to notice the heroes, you can’t help but point fingers at the villains. Chamakh looks to be heading out of the club most likely to PSG (Le City de Manchester of Francais) and with a fee of £12 Million being talked about I wouldn’t shed too many tears at seeing the weirdly oily back of the Moroccan’s head. He’s been given enough chances and although some of his ball work and hold up play is good, he just doesn’t score enough goals or even look interested in being an attacking threat.

As much as it pains me to say it we need to look to sell Arshavin and bring someone in to replace him, and perhaps this is where young Gotze comes in.

I don’t know how many of you have paid attention to the German youngster since the summer but I certainly have (as much as I can) and he looks like a cross between a Fabregas and a Nasri. He has that killer ball in him, quick feet and a great sense of the game like Cesc. But he also runs the wings, has good pace and bags of tricks like Nasri. From reading up on him, joining his Facebook page he also seems a genuinely nice guy and has nothing but praise for us having played us. His agent said ‘Mario was wowed by the setup at Arsenal. The ground and the fans, the way they play the game is the way he wants to.’

Rumour has it Arsene is ready to break our transfer record and splash £25 Million on the kid. Dortmund want £30 Million but I think they’re playing hardball, though they are in a better bargaining position than say LOSC Lille who want a ludicrous £44 Million for Eden Hazard – another Arsene target.

The window opens in around three weeks and I hope we’re much more organised than we were this summer. What happened in August was nothing short of a complete shambles and it took an 8-2 pasting at Old Trafford to thankfully wake up everyone at Arsenal HQ and they pulled their fingers out.

Let’s hope the fingers are already out, the phones are in use, e-mails and faxes (if anyone does that anymore) are being sent and we are negotiating because we do need reinforcements. These players are trying to so hard and I can see a burn out in the very near future. We can’t expect Robin to carry the team to fourth alone. And we can’t expect Jack to come back and be our Cesc and Samir in attack – talented though he is.

However, I do appreciate you cannot change too much too soon and upset what is a very precarious balancing act at Arsenal. I think most of us can agree losing Chamakh in January would hardly upset the apple cart, neither would the loss of the Squid for a couple of million. Frimpong looks like he’s going on loan to Wolves and unless Diaby (who’s injured again having played five minutes of football) can string a few games together before January I’d be tempted to send him on loan to France with a view to a permanent move in the summer.

We’re not going to bank fortunes, perhaps £15 Million if the expected transfers of Chamakh and Squillaci go through and Arshavin stays put for now but it does mean we’d only have to spend £10 Million of our money (the fee for Arteta) to land Gotze who has made it clear we (along with those Catalans clowns) are his preferred destinations. Please Arsene, don’t do another Mata.

Lukas Podolski along with Damiao the Brazilian striker have been linked with Wenger clearly realising that Van Persie will need a rest occasionally and with Chamakh looking ready to jump ship and Park hardly inspiring confidence up top he needs a good understudy.

I know there are people who still want defensive reinforcements along with a whole host of new talent but I honestly think Mario Gotze and perhaps Podolski or another decent striker will be enough to see us start battling at the top of the table again. Don’t forget Wilshere will be back at the close of the window meaning our options in attacking midfield are mouth-watering.

Should the German arrive do you put him in the middle of the park? Or up top with Van Persie and Gervinho leaving a probable middle of Arteta, Song and Wilshere? That’s the beauty of a player like Gotze.

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Article written by Super Cesc.


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41 responses to “Wenger has Gotze to get stuck in come January

  1. Stefan

    Great article…really like it :))

  2. Anonymous

    guys mario gotze has footballing sense of cesc and dribbling ability of nasri though hs more better than nasri arsen wenger shld go 4 him 100percent no delay

  3. rellends

    finishing 5th and having £50m in the bank should not be an option for us come january.

  4. Anonymous

    A reminder, Ramsey is better than both Wilshire and Gotze. He is fitter than wilshire.

  5. AnoNyMouSe

    Ramsey better than Wilshere? You’re having a giraffe ;(

  6. I have to agree with the last comment, Ramsey is nowhere near as good as Wilshere. Wilshere is in a different planet.

  7. Arsenal manager should not do mario goetz as mata

  8. merkin

    Götze fits all of Wenger’s requirements for a transfer except for one. Götze is technically very good, very quick both in pace and agility, he is young and he is versatile. The one thing that he isn’t is low cost.

    But Arsenal would be a good match for him, in the type of football played, the amount of first team playing time and the ability of Wenger to develop players, particularly young ones.

    But speculation in the German press centers around the two Spanish Giants, in the summer, without a mention of Arsenal.

  9. JR

    Looking at Dortmund’s less expensive options, what do people think of Shinji Kagawa?

  10. SuperCesc

    Thanks Stefan 🙂
    Yeah, I have to say Ramsey is good, but he is not on the same level as Jack Wilshere. Remember we’re talking about someone who at the age of 19 made Xavi and Iniesta look average, he bossed a Barca middle that normally steam rollers teams. Cannot wait to have him back, coupled with the strength of Song, the industry of Arteta our middle will have everything when the creative flair of Jack is added.
    And Gotze does seem an Arsene player, young, gifted, a prodigy for him to turn into a world class player. In a couple of seasons you could have the Ox and the Goat either side of RVP…..thats the kinda cattle i enjoy 😉 ergh that was terrible.

  11. sam

    Ramsey has a few qualities that Jack doesn’t, namely stamina and a Lampard-esque ability to make late runs into the box and finish with composure. However, Jack may also have this to his game and we haven’t seen it yet as he was playing the Arteta role last season so not supposed to be mixing it in the penalty area.

    On top of this, right now, Wilshere has better ball control, vision, creative passing range, ability to beat a man, and a bigger personality. He has also shown great consistency over an entire season. But I love Ramsey nonetheless.

  12. SuperCesc

    sam, dont get me wrong I like Ramsey, i just wish he’d step it up a bit, he could be a fantastic player like Jack. I feel for him after the leg break but aside from scoring a few goals here and there it just feels like every oppurtunity he’s been give he hasn’t seized. Jack went out on loan came back and seized his chance with both hands. Ive no doubt we’re looking at a future England and Arsenal captain in Wilshere.
    I do often think with his stamina he could be an Engine in the middle, if he added defence to his game he could challenge Song which in my eyes is his only real way into the starting eleven once Jack is fit. Arteta is so hard working, he runs and runs and calms the team, he asserts himself when he needs to to slow down the play.
    A full strength squad of, Sagna, Koscielny/Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Santos, Arteta, Song, Wilshere, Gotze, Van Persie, Gervinho (if the signing was made) is as good as any team. When you think of Koscielny/Mert, Ramsey, Walcott, Podoloski/Ramiao/Remy, Gibbs as player on the bench.
    It’s all about the squad after all

  13. Kayode Adewale

    Arsenal is my team and Arsene Wenger is my coach,i will always be with my team and i’m looking out on there success together we shall move to greater heights.

  14. shakir1989

    Wenger has said that he is ready to spend £25 million on a single player, he tried to buy Gotze and M’Vila, He offered a package of something like £30-£35 million during the summer but was rejected due to the late timing of the bid, I think the deal may still happen which is why wenger made the comment. M’vila is too expensive, arsenal offered a package apparently of just over £20 million (25 million euros) but asking for 30 million euros.

    I think wenger is considering Podolski and Gotze. Podolski isn’t priced at £20 million as some papers say because Cologne are trying to tie him down to a new contract, I thinkl £12 million or a £15 million package should be ok.

    Overall, I think gotze wants to come but also waited to see how the season with dortmund would go. No champions league, however i think that if dortmund stay in the title race its probably at the end of the season. If that happens then arsenal will probably miss out if a big club decides to reshuffle their squad.

    We still may sign M’vila. I think maybe if we don’t buy gotze then Marco Reus OR Marvin Martin in the summer is a possibility.

  15. SuperCesc

    shakir1989, agree totally on Podolski 12-15 will do it. Same with Gotze, i honestly wouldnt be surprised if he starts pushing as soon as we reach the £20 Million figure. Wenger likes M’Vila for sure, he’s french for starters and i think he sees him as a better version of Diaby – or perhaps what he always wanted Diaby to be, a Yaya Toure type of player.
    If we can get Podolski and Gotze for decent prices (they look his likely targets) then i wouldn’t be surprised if we saw another ‘big’ signing in the summer most likely Yann M’Vila from Rennes. Wenger’s contacts in Ligue 1 are second to none as well remember, he’s idolised over there, Henry, Pires, Viera blah blah
    If we got M’Vila as well I’d honestly be ecstatic. I think he sees now that investment is needed, City are the only truly strong looking opponents in the big four (dont be fooled by their exit from CL), United have been poor all year, Chelsea are awful, always have been a boring team but now they look fragile and beatable. Liverpool are dire, Carrol and Henderson add up to a £55 Million flop, out of all there players i think I’d take Agger and Suarez, perhaps Reina as back up to Schez.
    Tottenham make me laugh, first really decent spell for 50 years but I promise you, I promise you they will get derailed. Injuries. Dip in form. Hard run in. Or all of the above, they havent had any yet – we have and are still on the cusp of the top four.
    Their best win of the season came against a 9-man avergae liverpool. They have been very, very fortunate with decisions, possibly something to do with Saint ‘Arry.
    As long as we close the gap to say – withing sixish points of the leaders by Jan and reinforce we can make a real nuissance of ourselves until May.

  16. Kayode Adewale

    January is the best time for Arsene wenger to sign quality players like Gotze,podoski,hazard and offload charmack,ashavin etc.

  17. SuperCesc

    I think Hazard is a bit pie in the sky, i really would have a coronary!
    Gotze and Podolski are not too unlikely though, Chamakh Podolski is basically a straight swap (in terms of money).
    There’s a few to sell: Djourou, Squillaci, Arshavin, Diaby, Chamakh, Bendtner, Denilson, Vela, Fabianski, so Wenger has a good selection to raise some extra cash to go on top of our mountain of money

  18. Anonymous

    An even more decent player for good price, and already in the PL – has become an favou´rite of mine. The last two games with Fulham he has been shining,…. i talk about Mousa Dembele. Offensive midfielder.
    Hey, Wenger… look at him..

  19. Keith Adair

    @supercesc… I’ll remind you of your comments and broken promises come May, but your comments are amusing, apart from the 4-0 win over Wigan, RVP has been putting every goal away, who’s to say he won’t fall injured, I’ll be surprised if your lot finish in the top 5

  20. Yido6061

    I never met you. You didn’t play for the club I support or any of the traditional teams that fuel the rivalry of this game of ours. So I never formulated any strong emotion towards you. If I’m being totally honest, you were one of those players who passed me by whenever I watched a game involving you, only for analysts to point out my tactical ignorance by explaining your titanic contributions to the midfield battles that are the crux of any match. And once shown, I would quietly acknowledge that you were a fantastic player who made the best of the skills you were given. What I’ll remember you for is that you were always there. Gary Speed. One of those footballers you grew up with, never seeming to age. Before Beckham, it was the likes of you, Ryan Giggs and Lee Sharpe who the girls had posters of inside their lockers at school. You were one of the first to show that football had moved beyond the preserves of the grizzled comb-over and knobbly knees of the hardmen that took to the field once upon a time. You were dashing. Good-looking. You were cool. You made the acne-scarred, awkward vocal squeaks of adolescent boys in schools up and down the land, seem woefully inadequate. So we started styling our hair and spending our wages from our part-time jobs on clothes to impress. At Topman and Ciro Citterio… It’s hard to imagine that you won’t be here anymore. My thoughts have repeatedly turned to you this week. Whilst people become more and more divided about the state of their pensions and the pressures of the Christmas Spend begin to take hold, I keep thinking of you. It’s hit me harder than any other ‘celebrity’ death, I can remember. This wasn’t an ‘inevitability’ like a pop star hell-bent on self-destruction and it wasn’t a defiant choice to control mortality like when Hunter S Thompson took his life. There was nothing artistic or myth-making about your death. It left me drained, absent and just very sad. And like I said, I didn’t even know you. If you’d witnessed the manner in which your life and times were remembered and celebrated by your former clubs, your contemporaries and everybody who truly cares for this game, you would have been humbled by the esteem we all held you in. Leeds and Forest fans chanted your name for eleven minutes, as if calling out to you wherever you may be, to tell you that you were loved. In the stoic silences and reverend applause in stadia throughout the land, the warmth of the human spirit shone. I’ve just watched David Batty breaking down in tears at Elland Road. Gareth Bale held his boot up in honour of you. I’m not ashamed to admit to crying over you. But as with all things, it didn’t take long for the parasites to scuttle out from beneath their inhumane rocks. Within hours the jokes began, aimed at drawing cheap sniggers from such grief and tragedy. One cannot ever account for the depths some souls will plummet to. There is a place, I’m certain, for humour of the blackest variety but there cannot be anything vaguely amusing about the loss of a husband and a father in such a manner. Nothing at all. And as the week progressed, so the sulphurous odour of innuendo and rumour began to leave its poisonous trail. Would it really serve any purpose for us to know what lead you to commit such a drastic act? What would it achieve? The outcome would not change. We’ll never see you on the touchline ever again. Or being interviewed after another game. The only people who deserve any kind of answer would be your family but things are never that easy. I understand. I will forever be haunted by the image of you talking about the benign banalities of football with such graceful ease, the day before you took yourself away. Reminiscing with a former teammate about your halcyon days in the midfield of a team that won a Championship in a faraway era; in many ways a time of innocence for us all. Whatever personal anguish you were suffering, you masked it with expertise. That’s what shocks and frightens me to the very core about what you did. Because like you, we all wear masks on a daily basis. We go about our daily routines suppressing the demons that life’s journey has foisted upon us. We talk to friends, colleagues, even our families but how often do we tell each other what is truly on our minds, what lies in our hearts? Too many barriers, too many façades, too many other things have to be dealt with. And for the cowardly brave or the brave cowards among us, there can only ever be one way out of the pain we suffer. If anything can be learned from your untimely passing (and I’m not wholly convinced there is), it’s that sometimes we should make the time to ask someone if they’re feeling alright. Is there anything we can do for them? Or just look that person, square in the eye and tell them it’s going to be ok. You might just be saving someone’s life. You might be merely brightening up their day. But whatever it is, you’ll at least be showing that person that they are not alone.I never knew you. But I know I will never forget you. Wherever you are, I hope you have found the solace that this life could not afford you. May you rest in peace. There will always be only one Gary Speed.

  21. SuperCesc

    Keith Adair, you support? Please don’t say spurs

  22. Yido6061

    @supercesc@….KA was my goodself forgot to sigh with 6061

  23. SuperCesc

    Oh no! I live in a house full of spurs supporters, some of the arguments are priceless. However you seem a nice yiddo so i’ll not start anything….I warn you, having battled with so many yids for so many years in my house I’m quite good….just in case, for the future you understand 😉

  24. goonerkam

    supercese, i think this january we will be reinforcing the LB AND RB positions as we have become super thin in those positions. as much as i like Hazard and gotze they are too expensive and we know AW S mo. 40 & 30 mil respectively is just too much to spend on one player. both players have made comments saying the ARSENAL is their preferred destination but i have strong doubts regarding their arrival. as far as the backup to RVP ,i has to come from within. park hasn’t been tried extensively, chamack and AA need some consecutive games to get into their grove. THEo and gervinho( my favored KLINGON) are doing well and need to work on their finishing. all in all we have done well and in fourth place already. one game at a time ,easy does it. shitty and manure have embarrassed themselves by exiting the prestigeous champions league and this will weigh on them mentally. others are or will be dropping points and we have to take advantage of thsee opportunities to close the gap.. the weak link is the LB and RB at the moment.


    & yes, rest in peace gary. our thoughts are with your family. god give them strength in this horrible time.

  25. goonerkam

    new cologne for those playing on thursday nights second rate Europa league..

    Chanel no.5 😉 Lol

  26. SuperCesc

    ha goonerkam ive heard that one, hahahaha. I just love them slagging the Europa when all the lil spuddies think so much of it.
    Arsene has a massive amount of money though, and it’s time to stop being so pious and just spend it. Gibbs is back soon and Santos wont be that long i dont think, Sagna is a month or so away so buying in January wouldn’t make a lot of sense to be honest.
    We need a back up for RVP, sell Chamakh to PSG and use the proceeds in any deal to sign a decent back up, Wenger cannot rely on Park who is a signing I just don’t understand – perhaps it was a marketing strategy by the club for the Asia market.
    We need to add creativity back to the middle either in Gotze or Hazard but i think Gotze is an Arsene player, his arrival along with Wilshere coming back int he squad woulf mean we get all our flair back in the middle because i just think Ramsey doesn’t cut it, fantastic squad player to bring some work ethic into the middle but he WILL lose his place when Jack comes back, no way will he uproot Arteta or Song int he middle. In my humble opinion we’d have a middle with everything, the power of Song as the defensive middle, the industry, passing and running of Arteta and the straight up skill, ball retention, passing, running and finishing of Jack.
    Stick Gervinho, RVP and Gotze up top leaving you the option to bring on Walcott/Ox toward the end of the game to batter the tired defence with pace and in Alex’s case strength.
    If Wenger doesn’t spend and loses the top four slot he will be a villan – especially when Arsenal post massive profits from player sales, that won’t exactly go down a treat with the supporters or ex-players who’ll certainly be very vocal about their dismay.
    If he does I can’t see him losing out on the top four, we’ll have too much for United, Chelsea and Spurs – City are a different kettle but not unbeatable.
    If he does and somehow will still lose out I will have no qualms with Wenger as he would have tried everything. Perhaps he could’ve spent earlier in the summer but…..
    For me he has to go out an dlook to splash abour £50-60 Million in January.

  27. SuperCesc

    god, what was i saying about tottenham’s luck running out??? 🙂 🙂 🙂

  28. goonerkam

    and the Tottalers drop point to the rugby team in stoke. :):):)
    like clock work. wheels coming of. now if chelski can get it up and slay oil shitty, it would make for s perfect hanuka and christmas . HAHAHA.
    Santos and sagna both will come back in five to six week. we have to reinforce. it’s times like this when i can’t understand the selling of Gael and the versatile EBOUE.
    have a great wknd yall.

  29. SuperCesc

    to be honest that is Wenger’s problem, he cannot not reinforce the attacking and striking department because we have injuries i feel, we all knew Gibbs is a complete sick note relying on him to be your first choice LB was suicide. Sagna was very unfortunate as was Santos and Jenkinson – well he’s improved but for the love of god what was Arsene thinking?? A 19 year old with a season of League 1 experience to be your back up RB? Basically he based our seasons on Sagna and Santos on either wing – stupid no other word for it.
    I agree about Eboue who was a versatile player. But selling these guys would never have been a problem had Arsene replaced them. Instead he’s looking at the wage bill going down (thus more profit going into the club each week) and the cash surplus going up and up with each player he sells and doesn’t replace/replaces on the cheap.
    Clichy 7mil
    Fabregas 35mil
    Nasri 25mil
    total- 67mil

    Arteta 10mil
    Mert 6mil
    Santos 6mil
    Park (wtf) 2mil
    Jenkinson 1mil

    total- £25 Million….ridiculous, especially when you think Fabregas was on £100k a week and Arteta is now on 60k which we fought over as well. Mert is on about 50 to nasri’s 80. Wouldnt shock me to learn that Santos is on less than Clichy was, Gazidis et al have some brass neck they really do.

  30. goonerkam

    supercese,, its not about being pious or being tight or any of that. it is about the philosophy of running a club and giving young players with potential their opportunity.
    we don’t buy titles, we earn them. and carl did himself proud with his performances up until the injury. so did Santos. and ARTETA is fast becoming an integral player if not already. the two times park has played for us he was fantastic. even baged a wonder goal. have a little patience. our is the way of the tortoise not the rabbit. slowly but surely and we do it the right moral way. the team has a strong backbone and the supporting cast is working well with the backbone of tommy, alex, sagna and robin. this team still has heights to hit. enjoy the ride, and enjoy the stadium that is almost paid for thanks to barfa and shitty.
    we won’t sell this january and i don’t think we will buy either. if we do ,it will probably be in the fullbacks zone and possibly a temporary loan type. otherwise the team is physically and mentally strong now and we can give anybody a run for their money, at a fraction of their cost… and the product on the field is extra ordinary..

    A R S E N A L

    UP THE GUNS!!!!!!

  31. SuperCesc

    I gotta say then we only have ourselves to blame come May. Our philosophy doesn’t win trophies, that’s it now, so we have to decide what we’re doing in the world of football. As someone who runs a business I understand all about balancing the books but Arsenal don’t. They go way beyond that, they are so cash rich its scary. A lot of that covers the back of terrible decisions made by Gazidis in the commercial world, we have 8 commercial deals when most teams have 20-30 odd. Utd’s DHL deal for their training kits lands them more money than our Emirates one, and they get naming rights for the ground, on our kits and all around the ground and website.
    Arsene is a great manager, no one disputes that, but he isn’t great in the transfer market – not anymore at least. Even players he wanted, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Chamakh etc took forever to sign! Months and months. He can’t seem to go, Ivan i want player A go and get him. And it is that simple because everyone else is able to do it.
    Chelsea took Juan Mata because they were decisive, United got Jones, Young, De Gea in quick swoops because they are decisive.
    We almost lost out on Arteta because we wanted him to take a pay cut. Utterly ridiculous.
    And what happens to all this cash floating around? That’s what I really want to know. Planning for a rainy day are we Stan, Peter, Ivan? Perhaps covering the 30odd million we’d lose not getting into the champions league?
    The lack of ambition is so so frustrating. I just wish they’d be straight up with the fans. Don’t feed them the BS in June about we are title hungry, we have so much ambition – because you don’t, you want them to buy tickets.
    Arsenal has been around for 125 years, it doesnt belong to Ivan or Arsene or Stan. And it will be around long after they have all gone, the one constant is the fan base, and it’s time we were listened to instead of being seen as a nuissance to be ignored.

  32. goonerkam

    CESE, even if we wanted to we could not possibly compete with the moneybag teams that are all around us in the league and even in europe now. why try. we had our way of doing thing before these douchbags came and changed the landscape of football. we are still competing at the highest echelons and we have built a stadium in the process and an incredible fan base around the world exactly because of who we are and how we do things…. even if we could afford it ,i for one would be against investing 30,40,50,60,70mil on any one player. i would rather have a team that ticks on all fronts than two or three superstars. and for every mata or kompany or jones that is stolen from under our noses by the moneybags SCUM there are many others that we can unearth. both domesticly or from afar..
    in other news ,good friends, shitty lose to chelski so we are still the only UNBEATEN, INVINCIBLE TEAM AROUND IN ENGLAND FOR THE FORESEEABLE FUTURE.


    UP THE GUNS!!!
    now to go cleanup the stench of stoke and chelski off of me after pulling for them the past couple o days. i feel so unclean. by the way, the Tots got shafted again and again yesterday by the ref. lol. that much is for certain .;););)

  33. goonerkam

    by the way ,those commercial deals we signed a few years ago were very lucrative for that phase in time and with the new stadium under construction.. when they expire you will see the savy of ivan who wasn’t even on the scene when the current contracts were signed. neither was stan. no one to blame for those. it was just a phase in time and we needed money to finish our project and we took the best deal out there.
    i can’t remember any other team or club that didn’t drop much further than ARSENAL during times of rebuilding and stadium construction.
    have patience. the false castles built by the teams around us will come crumbling down in due time and its relegation time or administration time for a good number of them. here is hoping they can’t all pull a liverpool, like last year. they should be in the league below if there is any justice in the world. ergo, there is a sucker born every minute and the new yank has given them a lifeline..

  34. goonerkam

    where on earth is scotty??
    i miss him very much. happy holidays bud.

  35. SuperCesc

    those deals still have several years to run, Ivan as much as admitted his failings at the AGM by saying ‘we’re looking to renogotiate these deals early.’
    Why the hell would Emirates renegotiate? Pay you more now? When we still have four years left ont his deal…..go to hell……*hangs up phone*
    I know we can’t compete with City no one can without bankrupting themselves, we could if we had Usmanov – but thats a whole different topic thats get a lot of people wuite hot under the colour.
    But for example, Alex from Chelsea, £2-3 Million, great signing. Utility player, can be deployed all the way across the back, great set piece taker and will have a crack from a long way out. A more versatile hard man than Mert, so when you find yourself travelling to the Brittania for example you could deploy 3 CB’s (Verm,Mert,Alex) out of your 4 defenders.
    Ok, gotze will cost money, go into an Aston Martin dealership and the cars cost alot, buy a shitty fiesta for £300 and you get what you pay for, a car that works alright for brief spells but breakdowns alot, lots and lots of miles on the clock and a shady service history.
    I really don’t think Ivan is good as a chief exec, he’s so money-centric, everything he says has his favourite soundbite ‘sustainable business model’, clubs across Europe are following our lead’….are they Ivan? Who?
    Borussia Dortmund ok, but at leats they won the league last year!
    We have a lot of fiscal problems, bad commercial deals (meaning they shake down the fans with high ticket/merchandise prices), stupid salaries for average (at best) players e.g About Diaby earns 12k a week more than Luka Modric, answers on a postcard. Nik B is on 52k a week, we can’t find takers for Denilson either because of his salary, it’s so frustrating!
    I appreciate you are a proper gooner kam (no pun there) but you have to admit there are a lot of failings in the club at that level. I cannot fault the effort from the majority of our squad right now but the backroom staff are crap frankly on the whole.
    And PHW has to go, way way past his best now, out of touch with the game and the supporters on a collosal scale.

  36. goonerkam

    CESE, i agree . the commercial deal can’t be renegotiated unless we were winning titles left and right.
    regarding usmanov, give it up buddy, we don’t want his kind at ARSENAL. 125 years of solid tradition soldout for a couple of tincans. no way. we aren’t in the business of buying trophies. i can’t remember ever exceeding 35mil /year in player transfer fees. and that’s for a few not just on player.
    alex will be sold but not to us, chelski might be dumm mercenaries but they ain’t stupid. i would love Tevez but that won’t happen either. they want us weakened not strong.
    remember ,a few of our current crop of players were marked as Ford fiestas but one it turns out they were aston martins afterall. WE BUY GOOD PLAYERS WITH LOTS OF POTENTIAL AND MAKE THEM GREAT PLAYERS. THAT’S OUR M.O. i want to see a team at work ,not s group of guys with two or three superstars mixed in . this canary, the way it looks, we might be in the market for two positions. a shot term loan deal for one or two versatile fullbacks that have attacking tendencies. just to give our SAGNA and Santos and the backups time to recover from injuries. we are well covered at goalke eper as we have four very good players there. centerback position is the best in perm. if not in europe. DM is covered imo. we should be good there for years. a creative midfielder is on my holiday wish list and also a good ,deadly strikers to backup RVP and convert a good percentage of the chances we create upfront. all together two or three players at 25-35mil total. i think the guys deserve all our praise for pulling the team up the table after the mess CESE and Nasri left us with. the reinforcements will give them a mental boost and they can pushon from there the second half of season.
    enjoy the ride and enjoy the best team in the EPL. don’t let frustrations get the best of you. ARSENAL MIGHT NOT BE PERFECT BUT WE COME DAMN CLOSE TO THAT , . i realy hope we live up to our potential this year and give all the moneybags teams around us a run for their money. this year could be the one. never stop believing. and believe it or not ,its not just ivan saying we are the light onto other clubs in the perm. and Europa. it is true. many many coaches have made statements in the press as to how they all know our model is the best and how they are doing their best to follow in OUR footsteps. THAT TO ME, MY FRIEND, IS AS GOOD AS WINNING ANY TITLE OR ANY TROPHY. you can see for yourself that compared to ten or fifteen years ago, more and more teams have adopted our style of play and management. you will see more and more blackpools and swanase and norwiches . and less and less of wolves and stokes and blackburns. be proud of that, as you should. long live the ARSENAL REVOLUTION…
    UP THE GUNS!!!!

  37. Sorry Goonerkam, I’ve been really busy at work and stuff lately, and I’ve totally slacked off on the blog. I’ll be sure to post regularly after the new year mate. Hope you have a good Christmas and new year and all that. I’ll be back with a bang 🙂

  38. goonerkam

    alright, as long as you are ok.
    happy holidays scott. don’t work too hard…. 😉

  39. goonerkam

    hay, i hear the totts are out the Europa (second rate) cup…
    if true, 🙂

  40. goonerkam

    wheels coming off or what.

  41. SuperCesc

    Yeah but Tottenham are very strong this year. When you look at Transfer fees and agents fees they are third and second respectivley in overall spent behind City and Chelsea in Transfers and only City in Agents fees.
    They have gone all in basically on their future, if they fail to reach the top flight they will have to sell Modric, VDV, Bale etc to ensure their club actuallly survives or go the way of Leeds who pushed for it all and failed, plunging their club into a black hole of debt.
    There’s something to be said for it though, they are the complete flip side to the same coin as us.
    What some call frugality a penny management others might call zero ambition, settling, not wishing to risk it all for whats in the pot. Of course at a club like Arsenal as opposed to Spurs you could spend £60-70 Million in a transfer window and it wouldn’t destroy your club but we wouldn’t do that.
    Ivan, Arsene et al are good at keeping things a float, maintaing the same old same old, but i don’t think any of them have the balls to say ‘you know what, f**k it. We’re going to go for it here because we owe the supporters that much. We’re going to push for the League, we’re going to push for any trophy we can lay our hands on and we’re going to put the money behind that effort.’
    It might work out for Tottenham. It might not.
    Harry wants Tevez, i doutb there’s any way they can negotiate him down from his £198 000 a week salary to something the Spuds can pay, seeing as they can’t even offer Modric £100 000 a week. Should they land him though, and thats a big IF, then forget fighting them for fourth, that’ll be us and Chelsea. That’s just my opinion though, with an up front of Bale. Ade-pay-me-more and Tevez with Modric, Parker and VDV lurking behind them that’s a title contending side and I don’t mind saying it.
    Would be nice to see a bit of ambition from our board instead of ‘oh s**t 8-2, suppose we should buy some players.’
    But hey ho, only time will tell what will happen, this year should be a gooden though.

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