Man City 1-0 Arsenal: Player ratings

Sure, it wasn’t a great result today, but not many teams are going to turn up at Man City and give them a game like that. The Arsenal players should be proud of that performance.

After that performance, you’ve got to fancy Man City strongly for the Premiership title this season. I can’t see anyone touching them if I’m honest. The bookies definitely fancy them, based on the current English Premiership odds. If Man City do win the Premiership, Gareth Barry will officially be the worst player to ever win the Premiership, bar Tim Sherwood.

Arsenal had some cracking chances in the game, but you always felt that Man City could turn it on when they liked.

Onto the player ratings:

Wojciech Szczesny (8.5/10)Man of the Match. Cracking game from the young Pole, and kept us in it early on. Couldn’t do anything about the goal, and prevented an embarrassing scoreline. Potentially the best goalkeeper in world football.

Johann Djourou (5.5) – Once again, he looked totally out of sorts. He really is a dreadful player. We did look all over the place when he come off, but that was more due to the fact that our whole backline had changed, and it wasn’t a straight swap.

Per Mertesacker (7) – He really is as slow as people say he is, but his reading of the game is superb, and he will get better and better. He’s still adjusting.

Thomas Vermaelen (8) – Absolutely solid as usual. Looked great going forward too, and he could’ve pulled the result level late on. Glad to have him back and playing regularly.

Laurent Koscielny (8) – The most under-rated player at Arsenal. Was often used as a scapegoat last season, but he’s got potential to be an absolutely cracking defender. Looked assured, calm and strong all game.

Alex Song (6.5) – Not the greatest game in the world for Song, but he didn’t play too bad either. The early booking was always going to affect his game, but he still didn’t seem to learn from that, and was still putting it about. Needs to be a little less rash in the tackle.

Aaron Ramsey (6) – He didn’t play too bad today, but if he tries one more of those flicks, I swear I’m going to put my first through to the TV screen. He needs to cut that shit out of the game and stick to the basics.

Mikel Arteta (8) – A contender for Man of the Match. Had a solid game in the middle of the park, and I like what he’s added to Arsenal’s play. We haven’t got the prettiest centre midfielders, but they are resolute and a lot of that is down to Arteta. He’s settled in nicely at Arsenal.

Gervinho (7) – I like Gervinho. I like him a lot. He’s a very direct player, and at times frustrating, but you are going to get that with players like him. He attacks the defence, and it clearly scares the shit out of defenders. Obviously it doesn’t come off 99% of the time, but he will keep going.

Robin van Persie (7.5) – Not really sure what to make of RVPs performance today. You always assume he’s had a quiet game because he hasn’t scored, but he offered a lot up front. The reason he gets a lower score than usual is just down to the fact that Arsenal didn’t score today.

Theo Walcott (3) – Terrible performance by Walcott. He’s got this in the locker, where he just goes missing in certain games. Losing possession time after time, and not running at defenders. Certain games suit him, and certain games don’t.


Ignasi Miquel (6.5) – He looked decent enough, and came into the game late on after a shaky start. He’s a young boy, and if he carries on then he’s got a decent future ahead of him. Looks a little too relaxed at times though.

Andrei Arshavin (5) – Not a good performance at all by the little Russian. What an enigmatic player he’s turned out to be. He’s almost the forgotten man at Arsenal.

Marouanne Chamakh (4) – I think he touched the ball once! I can’t really give him any higher or lower than a 5.

Based on this performance, I’m certain that we’ll finish in the top 4. Let’s face it, Tottenham won’t, and neither will Liverpool, so we’re only competing with Newcastle for the top 4 spot.

We’ve played Man City, Chelsea and Man United away from home, so it’s good to get those games out of the way. Even though we only won one.

On a side note, as much as I detested Gary Neville as a footballer, I can’t help but like him as a pundit. He has a very intelligent approach to the game, and he’s one of the few who knows what he’s talking about. I hate to admit it, but I like you Gary Neville.

On another side note, why does Joe Hart save every shot straight at him, and then do a some sort of acrobatic flip? I really wish goalkeepers would cut this out. This was why I loved David Seaman and Jens Lehmann so much; they made the simple stuff look easy. Joe Hart really does make it all look so difficult. And he’s looks like an arrogant little prick.

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7 responses to “Man City 1-0 Arsenal: Player ratings

  1. finch

    why cant wenger give chamberlain a chance? i think he would do better than theo

  2. I want to thank all arsenal players for their wounderful performance aganst man city, they win arsenal beacuse they lost to chelsea if not they will not win arsenal.

  3. SuperCesc

    gotta say with certain players fit and playing, Sagna, Santos, Wilshere I think we might have taken this one. Fantastic game though, so enjoyable.
    Schez, Vermaelen, Koscielny, Arteta and Gervinho were exceptional. I thought Verm’s last rocket was going to nestle into the top corner – was actually getting ready to have heart failure.
    Based on that Wenger needs to add just a little bit in January. Get shot of Djourou, Chamakh and the Squid.
    Get in Alex, Gotze and Podolski (looks most likely).
    But really, really impressed today. aside from Walcott and Djourou everyone of the starters and MIquel can leave with their heads held high considering what happened in our last trip to Manchester.

  4. Anonymous

    we should have won …. it was the test before playing ac milan ….

  5. Yido6061

    How embarrassing. Arsenal’s only ambition is to finish above spurs.
    Wow. The mighty Arsenal used to be happy playing for titles. Now they just want to finish above Spurs. So if Spurs have a loss of form and end up 9th, Arsenal will be happy to finish 8th? Your revenue is near double that of ours, your wage bill far exceeds spurs and yet you’ve got about as much depth as Katie Price. RVP takes your free-kicks, corners and scores all your goals. You’ve got a midfielder sitting at home tweeting about spurs in between wanks and a goalkeeper who can’t shout ‘keepers’ during a final of a cup, you USED TO BE too good for.

  6. SuperCesc

    no one gives a shit about spurs on here. Its you guys who have an obssession with us, when a paper writes a story about Arsenal you can bet the majority of comments will be from yids, now you’re on our blogs, stick to your own.
    And you really don’t want to start talking about money, second in Agent fee’s behind City. Fourth in total transfer fees in last five years, was that Arsenal, or was that Spurs?
    But what’s most annoying about spurs fans is your so boring. You just spout the same crap over and over. Typical little man attitude, ‘you wanna beat us’ ‘you wanna come above us’ ‘fourth place is your trophy’. Jesus christ, people weren’t writing on your blogs for the last 50 years.
    This is our first poor season in recent memory and we’re still hanging onto you having your best in a generation! Ha. Pathetic, pathetic little club. When you actually do something by all means bring the whole posse on here and laugh until that day, shut up and get lost. Many Thanks and festive wishes.

  7. Yido6061

    Around this time of year we’re apparently expected to suspend our natural proclivities for disbelieving. We’re expected to believe that our bank balances are healthy when our monthly statements depressingly prove otherwise, so that we can keep the family happy by lavishing them with cheaply manufactured toot. We’re also meant to believe that a benevolent pensioner in a red suit and a white beard scales down our non-existent chimneys to reward the goodness of children across the globe. Moreover, we’re asked to believe that the Big Man sent down his son and heir to save us all from ourselves on December the 25th, coincidentally synchronising his arrival with ancient pagan festivities. Why consider the boring facts when stuffing ourselves with dry turkey and sugary puddings feels so damned good, right?

    I’m a rational human being. I don’t tend to allow myself to get swept up in trends of thought or passing fads without a fair amount of forethought. In fact, I’m far more likely to disbelieve most elements of received wisdom. And in many respects, my years following Tottenham Hotspur have ingrained a form of self-effacing cynicism within me. I’d sat through the self-defeating civil war of the Sugar era. I’d had to suffer humiliation watching the shambles that was Christian Gross’ tenure at White Hart Lane. The naïve kamikaze tactics of Ossie Ardiles, the nonentity that was Peter Shreeves, the cruel joke that was George Graham and the unfulfilled promise of David Pleat. I could go on with the litany, but you get the gist.

    I’d come to expect that Spurs would always let me down. I’d have to grit my teeth when Hansen and Lawrenson would lord it over Gary Lineker on Match of the Day pointing out that Tottenham would always flatter to deceive. I’d kidded myself into believing Spurs were ‘by far the greatest team, the world has ever seen’ and then look on as they surrendered unassailable leads and threw away semi-finals. And with the blind faith of the religious zealot, I’d lend myself to superstition and think that everything would be fine and dandy because the year ended in a one.

    As this season began, clouded by rumblings of player exoduses and the humiliating defeats to the Manchester pace-setters, I made a pact with myself that I would no longer allow my heart to rule over my head. I’d grown up. I was happy with last season’s Champions League adventure; it was the best I’d ever see.

    And then something miraculous happened. Scott Parker signed. Ledley King began to string together a series of imperious starts. We’d found a goalkeeper who could command his penalty area. And we started winning.

    Our league record since the Manchester Massacres reads: WWWWDWWWWWW. In my lifetime, I have never seen such a gratifying sequence of form. The team is playing some of the best football ever seen at the Lane and is the envy of many. And what’s more, they seem to be capable of mechanically grinding out results when the flamboyant derring-do is in absentia. And backed up by all these facts, as well as seeing Lineker finally get an admission (of sorts) out of those old Liverpool curmudgeons, that Spurs are potential champions, I’m finally, after twenty-five years not only believing but expecting.

    It’s a strange feeling, I must admit. It’s probably how Manchester United fans have approached football matches since 1993. Or Barcelona fans since Xavi, Iniesta, Messi, et al. Or  Manchester City fans as the Project started paying dividends. Why aren’t Spurs conceding goals in the latter stages of matches in the manner of the Keystone Cops anymore? Why does it look as though every attack will consist of a series of intricate, pacey passes ending with the ball nestling in the back of the opposition’s net? Why aren’t Spurs fans at each others’ throats over Harry Redknapp’s suitability to manage? This is all quite fun at the moment. I could get used to it.

    I’ve grown up listening to stories of Bill Nicholson’s Double Winners. First club last century to…blah blah blah. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a part of the club’s history that I’m immensely proud of. But that team is fast disappearing into time’s annals and the cobwebs get a little thicker with each telling. I’ve always been told (by older, wiser heads) that Spurs have never replaced the midfield, ball-winning dominance of Dave Mackay. Well it may have taken over fifty years, but Parker certainly fits the mould. And if you’re looking for easy comparisons with that glorious team of the past, substitute the wing-wizardry of one Welshman, Cliff Jones with that of another, Gareth Bale. As for captains, does Ledley King not play in the same graceful manner so propagated and championed by Danny Blanchflower? No disrespect, but I don’t want to hear about the 1961 team anymore. I want to bore my grandchildren with tales of the 2012 Premier League winners.

    And as Arsenal unveil statues commemorating the achievements of some of their legendary figures, wouldn’t it be a nice send-off for (Sir) Harry, before he departs for the England manager’s job having masterminded Spurs’ title win, to have a bronze bust of him glistening on the Tottenham High Road? Of course it’d be of him leaning out of his car window talking to Sky Sports, but we’ll forgive him his nuances.

    Oh dear. It seems I’ve gotten a little ahead of myself. That’s the trouble with believing. You end up dreaming too. Thankfully, there’s a small part of me, lurking in the dark recesses of my psyche that fully expects Spurs to implode at any moment. It may have already happened. You can’t fully rehabilitate the non-believer, right? Dear Santa, please can you and the Baby Jesus make sure that Spurs win the league and make lots of people very happy?

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