Arsenal vs Spurs

As some of you may know from the comments section, I live in a house full of yids. It’s just a fact that I am one Arsenal supporter surrounded by spurs fans, my mum, stepdad and younger brother are all yids. My family is from Peckham but seemingly all of them support the team even those (women) just vaguely aware of football feel the need to support the club that has been passed down through our family lineage.

Thank god then for my Aunt’s now ex-husband (shock horror) for slapping an Arsenal shirt on me and taking me to Highbury when I was just about walking. From that moment on I have been in love with Arsenal FC, I’ve felt every high and every low, the wonderment of winning trophy after trophy, the disappointment of losing the Champions League final. I’ve seen the league shift and change, title giants like Liverpool fall away to be replaced by Chelsea who rose from obscurity on the back of twenty pound notes thrusting them into the limelight like a papery magic carpet.

For years though a constant of Arsenal life was that our North London ASBO neighbours have firmly lived in our shadow. Anytime they tried to poke their whiskers out and smell the fresh air we’d slap them back into the void of empty dark that is our turbulence.
However this year it seems someone has left the door open and our mischievous little pet has been frolicking in the garden, exposing itself to anyone who’ll dare to look at it. Van Der Vaarting wherever it pleases, showing it’s Bale’s to passing children. Filthy little creature.

The sudden (and possibly temporary) rise of Tottenham from our shadow is something that got me to wondering, what would a North London FC team look like? Who from either side would make the grade and who would be a casualty?


Goalkeeper: Brad Friedel VS The Schez
For me the Schez-man has this one, he’s young, confident, a good commander of his box and makes excellent reflex saves. Sometimes he gets a little hot under the collar, but then so did Brad Friedel – 30 years ago.

Right Back: Kyle Walker VS Bacary Sagna
Arsenal go 2 nil up here as for me there really is no question as to who will take right back. Walker has impressed thus far this year but Bacary is levels above him.

Right Centre Back: Ledley King VS Per Mertesacker
Tottenham gain a point back here as Ledley makes the starting eleven. Since his arrival Mertesacker has done…ok. Not brilliant, not the rock we were all hoping for but ok. His reading of the game and size makes up for his complete lack of any sort of pace and his rather panicky demeanour on the ball. 2-1 Arsenal.

Left Centre Back: Kaboul VS Thomas Vermaelen
3-1 Arsenal, Thomas is the obvious choice again, excellent going forward, excellent defending, great in the air, cannon of a left foot and has the same desire in the first minute as he does the ninetieth which is a mirror for his desire over a season. Great player. Spurs fans it is key to point out this isn’t me saying Kaboul is the opposite, just that he’s not as good a player as Vermaelen.

Left Back: Assou-Ekotto VS Kieran Gibbs
The zany Spurs left back takes the position from our fragile, hit and miss youngster every day of the week. I said Wenger was wrong to bank on Kieran and I’ve been proved right, his constant injuries and lack of focus on the pitch will cost us if he tries to make Gibbs the new Cole. Assou-Ekotto may be a touch on the bizarre side (odd boots and all that) but he is a great player – just sort out the hair.

3-2 Arsenal as we move into the middle of the park. For the purposes of this exercise we will envisage that both sides are playing a 4-3-3.

Right Middle: Luka Modric VS Aaron Ramsey
Tottenham level things up as without doubt Modric far exceeds the Welsh captain. I don’t think there will be an Arsenal fan that will argue this one.

Central Middle: Scott Parker VS Alex Song
This was a tough one, Song has had some great games this years, but then he’s also had some stinkers. For me Tottenham take the lead and Scott Parker takes the holding role. A player I was desperate for Wenger to fork out the poultry sum on and bring to our club and he’s shown why a lot of pundits thought the same. He’d have been ideal at the battling heart of our team. Great professional.

Left Middle: Rafael Van Der Vaart VS Mikel Arteta
I might upset a few people here but Arteta stops Tottenham from winning the midfield battle completely. His industry and willingness to get stuck into everything has made him a real asset and most any premiership middle would welcome him. VDV has had a few dodgy games and can go missing occasionally. But again for £8 Million Ol’Twitchy did excellently here.

We go into the forwards department tied at 4-4.

Right Forward: Aaron Lennon VS Gervinho
The Lille man makes it 5-4 to the gunners, his pace and ability to get at defenders really shone through against City at the Etihad and it’s really that game that decided it for me. If he could add finishing, boy he’d be a player.

Centre Forward: That Bloke VS Robin Van Persie

Left Forward: Gareth Bale VS Theo Walcott
Another no question decision here. Theo Walcott…I jest. Gareth Bale takes the spot over the English winger every single time. He has pace to burn like Theo but scores goals as well (as we saw yesterday) and has good end product, can think in tricky situations and retain the ball for his team by drawing fouls in dangerous areas.

So if my math is right and it usually isn’t, that’s 6-5 Arsenal. But a decision here or there, Van Der Vaart instead of Arteta and you’ve got a different outcome. Tottenham have bridged the gap considerably, I do though, honestly think we’ll finish above them, their legs will go come February and they’ll start to struggle to hold onto 4th but, they’re still above us right now.

If they lose Modric or Bale (less likely) in January it really is over for them, both players are so important. Arsene must look to an example like this and address it, we want an 11-0 whitewash but we need a Modric and a Bale. Gotze and Hazard would be nice – everyman can dream.

Here’s hoping we get over the blip against Wolves, buy some decent talent this coming month and charge all the way to May.

Happy New Year everyone.

Article written by SuperCesc

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131 responses to “Arsenal vs Spurs

  1. Anonymous

    Biased much? Gervinho over Adebayor, Arteta over VDV? lol. Whatever makes you feel better…

  2. Anonymous

    what a wanker

  3. Greg

    Hahahah, Arteta above VdV…what a joke 😀

    And I am not even a spurs fan.

  4. NN

    Walker for Sagna, VDV for Arteta and Lennon for Gervinho. 8-3.

    And get used to it. Every dog has its day and you’ve had yours.

  5. Mark

    The only Arsenal player who would get in the Tottenham side is Van Pussy. You can keep the rest.

  6. Anonymous

    You need therapy

  7. YID and proud

    If this little exercise makes you lot feel all warm inside then you can have it Ha Ha

  8. Anonymous

    you’ve not even mentioned young jack in your first eleven? shockingly embarrassment of an arsenal fan. wilshire/song/ramsey or sandro/parker/modric …. bale/ade/vdv or gervinho/rvp/walcott…. please!

  9. yi darmy

    well done now take your red tint glasses off and do something your good at instead.

  10. JohnnyB

    Sagna over Walker? Behave yourself.

  11. NayimFrom50Yards

    In all seriouslness I’d have Van Persie off yous and that’s about it.

    You never know, at the end of the season we just might…


  12. Ernie

    Haha! The deluded Tottenham fans are on! They really are the most ridiculous fans in world football. Isn’t this an Arsenal blog?

  13. mus

    fack the you make you the stupid somethin you pick the ateta from the vdv and the big head from the lennon when he no play 433 VDV Bale Adebayor you crazy scum i strongle the all you fakin scum

  14. mus


  15. Satan

    Ahahahahahahahahahaahaha Comedy genius. Arsenal better than the Mighty Spurs? Hilarious.

  16. lovely

    Sagna is only the best right back in the Premiership, and one of the best in Europe. You spuds really believe Walker is better??!?! Haha! The debate is over.
    Let’s be honest here. Santos is better than Gibbs, Wilshere is better than Modric, and Song shits on Parker. I make that 9-2 to Arsenal.

  17. Anonymous

    What a load of bollocks. The two teams dont even play the same system, half the starting 11 for both is wrong, and Spurs are no 1 in London. We’ll be flashing our Bale’s at the neighbours for years to come. Get used to it. Also Wenger looks like a Pedo.

  18. mus

    lovely you fakin say the wilshere better the modric my face i strongle you make you the shit team make look the table number5

  19. Jimmy

    For the first time in 97 years, Spurs are above Arsenal in the Premiership at Christmas, and just look at them all come out of the woodwork. As usual, they’ll all go quiet come May. They always do.
    Let them have their moment, they deserve it.
    How many of the Spuds will come back here on May piping up? None! But come August / September they’ll be at it again. Bless their little retarded hearts. Aaaaaaah.

  20. lovely

    @mus, I’ve got no idea what the fuck you are talking about, but I’m looking forward to you ‘strongling’ me. You thick cunt.

  21. Anonymous

    Sagna over Walker?!
    Scezhahznashde67wui1222y over Brad..hahahaaaaaaa
    Arteta or VDV hahahaaaaaaaaaaa
    Gervinihead over Azza hahhaaa

    Keep taking the tablets you lunch

  22. Liamyid

    Pmsl, I can understand it as a gooner, as I would be very much bias towards my team. In my Spurs/Arsenal 11 I’d have RvP for Ade, and possibly vernalen for the beast (Kaboul). I think some gooners are still a little deluded, which is understandable with there birth London dominance of te last 15 years but believe me, Spurs will finish above the Arsenal this year, if I were you, I’d worry about Chelsea!

  23. Wenger out NOW

    Im a season ticket holder at the grove. Been going home and away since the late 60s, so yes I have Arsenal DNA.
    As much as I hate to say it, you have it all wrong. But well done for winding all the spuds up.
    This is by far they’re best (first 11) since the berkinshaw days and thanks to wenger our worst squad since the mid 80s, and yet they are only 5 points above us (with a game in hand) and yet to play all the top teams away. except for man utd. We have played the top 4 all away.
    Until wenger and this board leave nothing is going to change for us, in fact its only going to get worse.

  24. lay off the wacky baky matee come back to reality

  25. cartel

    arteta over vdv??!!!!!!
    sagna over walker!!!!!
    schezeny over friedel???? no thankyou…..

    van persie is the only player that would make it into the current spurs 11. everyone knows that!

  26. Liamyid

    Ahh that’s the one I was looking for. ‘look at the table bitch’ sums it up perfectly!

  27. gary

    Yep, look at the table in December. Typical Spurs mentality. They don’t bother look at the table in May.

  28. We should look at the table for the last 130 years. The same 130 years of boring ‘Tottenham are better than Arsenal’ comments. Let’s look at the table in May and see how many Tottenham fans are still piping up. I guarantee you’ll still get the off few with the ridiculous ‘but we were better than you in the first half of the season’. Deluded.

  29. Cydtheyid

    “look at the table in May” well short of time travel or a crystal ball I can only look at the table in December and it shows quite clearly we are the better team in North London at this precise moment in time. I would also predict we will be in May. As for domination, all domination starts somewhere and ours over you, starts this season. Get used to it.

  30. Mike

    gervinho over aaron lennon… there were a few debatable ones in your list, and i understand you’re an arsenal fan so you’d obviously be a bit a bit biased, but come on, gervinho over lennon is just daft.

  31. Tataruga Jones

    Ha ha ha!

    Whatever mate, if it makes you feel better!

  32. SpurredoninDublin

    The comment I love best is from “Wenger out NOW”, who clearly has something against the most successful manager in your history.

    “This is by far they’re best (first 11) since the berkinshaw days and thanks to wenger our worst squad since the mid 80s, and yet they are only 5 points above us (with a game in hand) and yet to play all the top teams away. except for man utd. We have played the top 4 all away”.

    Well clearly nothing to worry about then? Most of the ratings experts are predicting Spurs 3rd and Arsenal 5th,. The only real disagreement they are having is whether we will be 2 points ahead of you according to one, or 9 ahead according to another.

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  34. Winston

    So you choose the system to benifit Ar*enal and you match the players you like against each other (try King v TV and Kabul v ‘spacker and well take both CB points) and you still have to kid yourself with Arteta being better than VDV.

    Glad you’re worried though 🙂

    Oh and the mugs moaning about Spurs fans on here or ‘mouthing off’ then delink this from NewsNow and you can live in your little own fantasy world without fear.

  35. SuperCesc

    to be clear I left Wilshere out because he hasn’t played all year.
    And the spuds fans who think walker should be in over Sagna…get real, for the love of god get real.
    Gervinho over Lennon any day of the week.
    Some Spurs fans really are pathetic. Ive met a good few who are perfectly nice people and game for banter but i cant find any here.
    Spur Dublin last one i read had you finishing 3rd us 4th. But ive laid £100 on us finishing above you, your legs will go by February. My opinion.
    And rose tinted glasses ? I thought i was fairly fair, VDV as i said can swing either way.
    Half the line-up is wrong…..which half is that? Because i don’t think any of it is wrong to be honest? If you want a go, by all means crack a comment out.

  36. SuperCesc

    Thanks for all the hits Spurs fans as well! So nice of you 🙂

  37. SuperCesc

    Winston, i see your point on the system but i dont follow spurs around so i couldn’t claim i was an expert. If you’re comparing 4-3-3’s to 4-2-3-1’s or 4-4-2 its starts to get messy so i just plumped for the 4-3-3 in wide use.

  38. Yido6061

    @Scott, come back and wright a decent article, this fool’s deluded, no sian Spurs fan disputes that Arsenal have been for many years, the better of the two North London sides, this fool actually believes that the current Arsenal side is superior to Tottenham, anyway some light hearted reading, instead of judging players let’s judge the clubs    

    Arsenal: Vous êtes une vache. You are the envy of many other farms owing to the fact that your grazing area is of superior quality. Your studious farmer has cannily used EU importing regulations to his advantage over a number of years in order to keep your produce fresh. However, you are becoming leaner and leaner and many meat-eaters from down the lane refuse to forget how grinding your cuts once were.

    Aston Villa: You are a cow by Royal Appointment. Not only that but you are also favoured by a famous graduate of Eton college. Because of this apparent class favouritism, you are particularly vulnerable to animal liberationists who might seek to free you from your servitude to the upper classes. They won’t though. Nobody cares about the tenth best breed in the country when there are far more exciting varieties to choose from. You invariably finish last on Match of the Dairy.

    Blackburn Rovers: You are a cow with a crisis of identity, half blue hide, half white. The Farmer prefers to tend to his chickens and has left you to be neglected by a clueless farmhand who you refuse to moo for on a weekly basis. You used to have treats lavished upon you by a kindly old farmer but your present living conditions are very poor indeed. This is sad and to top it off, the tanning factory is beckoning.

    Bolton Wanderers: You are a cow who has been traditionally associated with functional and methodical milking techniques. However, a fresh-faced young farmer took the farm over last year and attempted to introduce a milking procedure that was far more in keeping with modern concepts of pasteurisation. Although this initially paid dividends, the machines are beginning to creak at the joints and the herd is beginning to show signs of wanting to revert to the old methods. Oh well. No point crying over spilt milk.

    Chelsea: You are a fatted cow, grown bloated with success. Though you have won many accolades at Farmer’s Shows, numerous farmers have tried and failed to win you the Top European Prize and you are rapidly aging. This failing may be due to the fact that you were not originally bred for high-end joints but it may also be because you have a habit of cornering and attacking judges. Bad cow.

    Everton: You are a hard-working cow who labours all day long for little reward. Looked after by a loyal old farmer, you faithfully stand by traditional forms of cultivating the land. As a result, your barn although grand, seems somewhat dated and you have been left standing alone in a field as neighbouring herds garner greater attention. You have a penchant for confectionery that cannot be good for you but nobody’s really paying attention, so carry on.

    Fulham: You are a homely little cow with a humble appetite. You clearly do not like to venture far beyond your field and are looked after by an incredibly nice Dutch farmer who is really just biding his time until he can get his old job back up the road. Traditionally, farms commemorate prize cows that have served, laboured and shone but your Egyptian owner believes that different breeds of cow should be given recognition too. Even if said cow never actually grazed in your field. And was a bit dubious. And had nothing to do with your farm. Whatsoever.

    Liverpool: You are a cow who has seen better days. Due to this fact, the Head Farmer has had to re-employ a much-loved former farmhand in a desperate attempt to make you produce at the staggering rate that you used to. Fans of your cuts intrinsically expect superior quality but they are prone to self-delusion despite possessing a famous ‘sense of humour’. If all else fails, at least you can moo ‘You’ll never moo alone’ for the umpteenth time.

    Manchester City: You are a very noisy cow who has recently discovered ways of grazing in your neighbour’s field. Traditionally of an inferior gene pool, your offspring have now been genetically engineered at great expense in the hope of raising standards and bringing success. In years past, many consumers used to look kindly upon your low quality output and bought it regardless. Now they just swallow it bitterly as your prices burn holes in their pockets to the tune of ‘Blue Moo’.

    Manchester United: You are by far the most popular breed of cow in the country. Nevertheless, your meat has a tendency to taste predictably dry and bitter and there’s also a slight hint of prawn that tends to put many diners off.  Over the years, you have developed an annoying tendency of making late charges for the gate. Despite threats from a new breed to succeed your top placing at the Farmer’s Market, you’ve proved that you can win prizes with or without calves and continue to be the envy of many.

    Newcastle United: You are a cow whose moo is unintelligible from all the other cows in the herd. In cold weather, you have an eccentric tendency to skin your hide and wobble your udders for all to see. The farmer has recently taken his branding iron out and has decreed that you will no longer be known as a cow but as the Sports Direct Milk Carrier.

    Norwich City: You are a family cow from the countryside with a tendency to cover your hide in lurid, luminous blankets. You tend to go unnoticed but beware, the farmer’s wife is a dab hand in the kitchen and she’s sharpening her knives for dinner. “Where are you?” she drunkenly cries. “Let’s be having you”. Her Yorkshire puddings are famous the world over. Run away.

    Queen’s Park Rangers: You are a cow who is surprisingly producing produce better than many customers would have expected. However, you also are looked after by a farmer who is increasingly displaying signs of Mad Cow Disease, seeing that he is prone to wild outbursts and attacks on the farm’s regulators. If you’re not careful, such erratic behaviour may lead to your premature culling. Avoid contact with other cows in the West London vicinity at all costs. They may seek to bully and intimidate you by calling you a ‘Friesian ****’.

    Stoke City: You are an overly aggressive cow who takes pleasure in disrupting the natural order of the herd. Not only that, you are also very, very loud. It has been said that on clear nights cows in other fields are woken by your moos that sound uncannily like Tom Jones’ ‘Delilah’. Most cows avoid you if they can; an encounter with you can often lead to the diminishing of the quality of their meat.

    Sunderland: You are a cow whose sole purpose is to best the cow in the adjacent field. You think of little else all year round. As a consequence, your lavishly-maintained pasture has become increasingly less populated over a period of years as fewer buyers return after an initial viewing of your wares. Maybe it’s time you focus on your own cud rather than the cud of others? It cud be your saving grace.

    Swansea City: You are really a sheep who has been mistaken for a cow. It would appear that the mass-producing factory system of a famous supermarket chain mistakenly delivered you to this field sometime in May. Nevertheless, you have managed to adapt well to your current surroundings and thus far avoided detection. Just don’t give yourself away with too much bleating otherwise the mint sauce will be on the table in expectation of a good roasting.

    Tottenham Hotspur: You are a cow who has always wanted to be a bull. You like to tell others in the herd how grass should be eaten in a proper way but nevertheless you tend to have always been looked over when the prizes at the annual Farmer’s Cattle Show are handed out. Never mind, your farmer is always on the look out for ‘triffic’ bargain buys to improve your grazing skills. As long as you don’t move fields, that is.

    West Bromwich Albion: You are a cow that has been known to bounce with great frequency. It is a worrying sight. Your farmer seems to have instilled a greater sense of stability as such an unstable creature would surely not be deemed suitable for public consumption by Defra. You are generally admired by most cow enthusiasts, so it would be advisable not to renounce the things that made you so unique in the first place.

    Wigan Athletic: You are a cow that has been carefully nurtured and given plenty of time to grow by your patient farmer, no matter how weak the milk you produce is. To repay him, you consistently ensure that your output is ready for market in August, year after year. You usually save your best for the last day of the milking season.

    Wolverhampton Wanderers: You are a cow who for some reason thinks you are a wolf. You are not a wolf. You are a cow. A very poor cow at that. You narrowly avoid the knacker’s yard year after year and your farmer perennially moans about the poor conditions you suffer. Maybe it’s time you accept the fact that you will never be a fillet steak and offer yourself up for offal.

    Happy New Year to all COYS

  39. abe

    Spurs fan here. You have it more or less right. I would take vermaelen and van Persie. The rest are equal or weaker than what we have. Btw if arsenal lose those 2 to injuries, arsenal are in a lot more trouble

  40. I’d take your keeper, Vermalen and Van Persie.

    Wilshere is a good player but Modric is better.

    Sagna is defensively very good but so is Walker. Difference is that Walker is excellent going forward as well.

    Your manager vs ours is a good debate. Wenger 7 years ago used to be ahead of the curve. Now he’s football’s Marks and Spencer. He’s not moved on with the times as everyone has caught up on his tactics and his scouting system. What’s worse is that he appears very stubborn. Harry on the other hand is benefitting almost from his own laziness. He has an active, long-established, network of scouts and agents (who he pays very well) to bring players to him (e.g. Sandro, Walker), he signs them and he allows them to express themselves. If they don’t like this approach, he replaces them. Very simplistic but football is not mathematics. Wenger would do well to take note.

  41. I’d also ignore this scottpuffin bloke/female/shemale/puffin called scott.

    He regularly posts about spurs because he either supports them or is desperate for clicks to this website.

  42. Congratulations! You put your story on Newsnow and attracted loads of Spurs fans. I’m with the one who wrote “What a load of old bollocks” I don’t think you’ll be celebrating “St. Tottering Hotspur” Day this season me lad. Not much bias here, was there?

  43. GO back to woolwhich

    Fuck of you gonner scum cant wait to batter you at the emirates again enjoy your battle with the chavs for fourth 🙂

    Forever in our shadow


  44. D

    Sagna is p**s poor and has been for 2 seasons
    Gervinho or a merson calls him ” i cant hit a barn door” Arsenal been sold a proper dud !!! Lille must be LAUGHING ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK WITH THAT ONE.

    Arteta is just a poor replacement for Nasri and Cesc, he came from Everton and did nothing, please dont insult Rafa by even suggesting Arteta is better, Rafa scored more in his first season the Arteta did in 3 seasons !!
    Bottom line is Spurs would take 1 player from the Arsenal team that would improve us even more which would be RVP and maybe a fit Jack
    If Arsenal wanted to improve you would have to take, Walker, Benny, Ledley, Kaboul, Modric, Bale, Rafa, Lennon, Parker. players such as Arteta, yossi, gerviniho,Santos, ramsey, walcott, chamakh, gibbs, kocheniky, mertasacker, arshavin, squallini are all 2nd or 3rd rate players hence why you are in the league, below Chelsea and closer to Newcastle then Spurs. It’s the worse squad in recent years

  45. Most Recent Premier League Results

    Tottenham 2-1 arse
    Tottenham 3-3 arse
    arse 2-3 Tottenham
    Tottenham 2-1 arse

    Your time is over we are the top dogs in London now.


  47. Narrow minded to reflect on the past 4 games. Why not reflect on last season finish and this seasons finish? Or the last 500 results between the teams?

  48. Yido6061

    How embarrassing. Arsenal’s only ambition is to finish above spurs.
    Wow. The mighty Arsenal used to be happy playing for titles. Now they just want to finish above Spurs. So if Spurs have a loss of form and end up 9th, Arsenal will be happy to finish 8th? Your revenue is near double that of ours, your wage bill far exceeds spurs and yet you’ve got about as much depth as Katie Price. RVP takes your free-kicks, corners and scores all your goals. You’ve got a midfielder sitting at home tweeting about spurs in between wanks and a goalkeeper who can’t shout ‘keepers’ during a final of a cup, you USED TO BE too good for.

  49. omar

    Lol I’m suprised why walcott isn’t like that much amongst arsenal fans. Ok I’m not saying that coz you chose bale over him, but walcott plays on the right wing every single match and hees more of a lennon type player than bale, so why would u put walcott against bale? Lol very strange one

  50. Either way, Walcott is better than Lennon and Bale is better than Gervinho. So whatever side they play, both teams get a point.

  51. omar

    Hahaha tottenham fans are really funny like always.. 1 good season and they think they are barcelona or something. Hope they havnt forgotten that they still have to play city,arsenal,liverpool,chelsea all away so if I was them I wouldn’t really be talking too much right now coz were not even halfway in… Unless they’ve forgotten about the lasagna incident lol

  52. SpurredoninDublin

    @Super Cesc.

    The bookie you bet with has already lit up his celebratory cigar using one of the fivers you gave him.

  53. N17

    You f@&king lunatic!

    Friedel, Walker, vdv, Lennon (gervinho is pants) makes in 9-2 to us. And I’m not sure about vermaelen.

  54. On a side note. Did you know that Gervinho has made more assists than any Tottenham player this season. Yep, terrible buy isn’t he?

  55. SuperCesc

    Scott, i honestly thought his would have the exact opposite effect, as i said in the article a change here or there and the result swings.
    But some of these ‘fans’ when they spot sending abuse way are ridiculous. VDV-Arteta i hear their arguement but how ridiculous to say im biased then say ‘walker ahead of sagna’ or ‘im not sure about Vermaelen!’ What are you not sure about? Whether to play his as LB or CB?
    Tottenham really do have some ridiculous supporters.
    Come May I’m going to have to hunt down some of the blogs were these fans graze and be as smug as i possibly can.
    The way they go on you’d think they’d done it already….any fo you yids got the lotto numbers for next week?

  56. SuperCesc

    the funniest one was ‘all we’d take is Van Persie, 10-1 tottenham’….and im sure he’d be over the moon to come over there.
    I can hear the replies now ‘yeah, maybe he’d win something.’
    ‘Bet he would be happy, finishing above his old team.’ Throw a couple of cracks about Cesc or Nasri….Ade-pay-me-more (who they’re not paying) and you’ve got a yid response

  57. N17

    So you’d rather have gervinho because he has more assists than modric. And presumably gervinho is better than van persie because he has more assists. He’s up there with messi isn’t he?

  58. SuperCesc

    N17 that point makes no sense. You got Bale on one side who’s a very good player, Gervinho on the other with a bag of assists and RVP in the middle. Comparing Gervinho and Modric is silly, you may as well compare Vermaelen to Modric because he has more Prem goals….

  59. N17

    The point is this: gervinhos assists are more attributable to van persie being on fire. When van persie will have his inevitable dip in form or injury, we’ll see how “assisting” gervinho will be.

    In truth though the exercise is pointless. We play to our system and you play to yours. The magic of our system is that bale and vdv have “free” roles with everyone else trained to fill in the gaps.

    Your team has suffered the loss of two world class players and aw has not replaced them. I don’t believe that he has so much money to spend. Come on: arteta for fiberglass?

  60. SpurredoninDublin

    @Super Cesc.

    Re your post at 1.51, I take it you are referring to May 2013?

    Seriously though, when you look at the resources we have available compared to yours, finishing ahead of us is no great achievement on your part. Not much to be smug about really IMHO. On the other hand finishing behind us is something to worry about. The comparison would be QPR with their resources finishing ahead of us.

  61. SuperCesc

    N17, i totally agree with you there. 100% my line throughout the summer was ‘im ok with losing them IF they are replaced.’ We have stacks of cash, Arsenal are extremely cash rich but he won’t spend it. I don’t know if you come on here often but that’s been my line.
    In Jan i’d bring in Alex, Vertonghen, Gotze and Podolski/Remy and we’d see massive improvement.
    I fear though Arsene’s plan is to use the Ox when Gervinho goes out for ACN and hope the young lad steps up to the mark instantly – if you ask me that’s unfair on Oxo.
    Had he bought Arteta when Fabregas was playing i think they would have made an excellent combo. Wenger use to allow Cesc free roam in the middle which i suspect will be Jack’s role when he gets back

  62. StevenageSpur

    What a biased twat. “If we lose Bale or Modric it’s over for us”! I think dear fella that if you lose Van Pussy it’s over for you! I agree with Mark that the only player I would take of yours is RVP – The rest you can keep!
    One of the things I’m looking forward to most this season is Adebayor getting the winner at The Degenerates – Now that will be really really funny!

  63. To be fair, you can’t replace Fabregas with any realistic target in world football. He’s one of the best centre midfielders in the world.
    We replaced Nasri with Gervinho.
    As for Gervinho’s stats being down to Van Persie’s form. That is a feeble excuse. That’s like saying Villa and Iniesta are useless without Messi! Check out Gervinho’s stats last season without Van P, they weren’t too bad. Better than Bale’s (again).

  64. N17

    I don’t buy that you are cash rich. Who made aw responsible for gazidis’ money? I don’t think there’s as much money as people think. The team you played against utd was shameful.

  65. Jayme

    Funny how every other neutral fan in the country reckons Spurs play the best football in the league yet Arsenal still think they play better…..ok you think that as you struggle against Wolverhampton Wanderers…..

    You were better than us but Bergkamp, Henry and Vieira left along time ago boys.

    Lets be honest Adebayor kept Van Persie out the side whilst he was there and at least he will give you a full season, RVP has spent his career in the physio room.

    Walker is 21, is faster stronger and better at attacking than Sagna…..didnt he show you that when he banged one past Szcesny who by the way isnt on Friedels level yet….Friedel hasnt made one mistake all season, Szcesny has alot to learn.

    Id go with Szcesny (becoz hes younger)…..Walker (again younger with potential), King, Vermealan, BAE, Lennon, Sandro, Parker, Modric, Bale and RVP…….

    VDV, Wilshere, Adebayor, Kaboul, Song, Sagna and Friedel on the bench……


  66. Jayme

    BTW, I agree with all the fans we would only take Van Persie……one other player who is great no matter who he plays for is Vermealan……

    Other than that nobody from your side is needed.

    Funny how one of your fans SUPERCESC states:
    “In Jan i’d bring in Alex, Vertonghen, Gotze and Podolski/Remy and we’d see massive improvement”

    So OK your team is that great but you feel you need to go and sign half a team…….ask any spurs fan we may want one striker but nothing else simply because we dont need it

  67. SpurredoninDublin

    Being objective about this, I had a look at the PL EA rankings. According to this, you have seven players in the top 100. Spurs have 9 in the top 60.

    This sort of exercise is pretty pointless when you ask a fan to pick from his own payers and outside sources are more reliable.

    Another Index, again has seven of our team in the top 100, but we have 10.

    This is one of those debates where the neutrals opinions are probably far more valuable than yours or mine.

  68. L.L.

    Re: ScottPuffin
    “On a side note. Did you know that Gervinho has made more assists than any Tottenham player this season.”

    I did not know that, no. Probably because I don’t live in your alternate reality as back here on earth he actually has the same amount of assists as Modric, and less than Bale and Adebayor.

  69. @Jayme, Sandro and Lennon ahead of Song and Walcott? Your comment lost all of its credibility at that point. Spurs fans really are comical, I’ll give you that 🙂

  70. summerspur

    heres a different take on things
    pat jennings

    danny thomas
    ledley king


    subs,ardiles, viera, seaman, linekar, wright, fabregas, mabbut

    no offence to older generation players, but cant remember em

  71. SuperCesc

    N17 Arsenal have a cash surplus of £107 Million, thats ours, not our owners, not some sheikhs our money, if we want it. Arsene probably won’t.
    L.L you can’t just make up facts….not cool.
    Season ends in May guys, but probably won’t see you kicking about on here then, back into our shadow you’ll go, we let the kids out to play in the sunshine for a while but then you’ll have a look at your books and realise Ol’Harry did the same thing to Pompey and Southampton…..ruined them. Enjoy 🙂

  72. SuperCesc

    spurredonindublin, i get you, but this is an Arsenal blog. You are more than welcome to trash our squad on your blogs, i personally don’t read other teams blogs. If i went on a spurs blog i know exactly what i’ll find, and that fine, what else would i expect.
    Spurs fans you came to and expected to see a 10-1 squad in favour of Tottenham……i’m trying to think of a word less harsh than stupid

  73. @L.L, I was referring to all competitions. But that is a little unfair as we have progressed further than you in all competitions this season so we’ve played more games. Apart from the Europa League. You got further than us, you went out in the first round. We weren’t in it. Well done.

  74. L.L.

    Re: scottpuffin,
    yes it is unfair, and also quite an inept way of looking at stats.
    You also haven’t progressed further than Spurs in all competitions as you say – I see you are still behind them in the league. Good luck getting knocked out of the big cup again!!

  75. SuperCesc

    All i will say is this, our worst start in half a century has coincided with your best in the same time, and we’re still within touching distance of you having…as many of your supporters pointe dout lost two world class players and replaced them inadequately. Yet still, still we’re right there.
    Don’t worry Spurs fans, your going to be fine, im sure you have nothing to worry about from shitty old arsenal

  76. SpurredoninDublin

    @Super Cesc (4.01)

    I haven’t trashed your squad. What I am saying is that if you repeat the same exercise as the OP but with a Spurs fan writing it, It will almost certainly be slanted in favour of Spurs.

    Trying to be objective, the best way to settle the argument is to look at what the neutrals are saying, and the rankings sites say that we would have more players that you in a North London FC.

  77. To be fair to SuperCesc, he rated your left back above ours and also rated Parker above Song. I don’t think you can get any more objective. Realistically, Modric and Bale would get into out team, no others. If SuperCesc had Koscielny against Kaboul, then Koscienly would win, same with Vermaelen against King and Santos against Assou-Ekotto. He was trying to give Spurs the upper hand.

  78. SpurredoninDublin


    So if 9-2 is realistic, how come we the ranking sites place more of our players in higher positions?

    If that is a tough one, try telling me why we are five points and a game in hand over you?

    You will notice that I have not given my prediction of a N.London FC, because I doubt my own obectivity, but I think the stats will tell you that if you score the debate 9-2 when all the stats say different, your objectivity must be suspect.

  79. So, hand on heart, you honestly believe King is better than Vermaelan, Assou is better than Santos, Kaboul is better than Koscielny, Parker better than Song, Modric better than Wilshere, Walker better than Sagna and Freidel better than Sczezny? Seriously, come on. The only debate amongst the above players is Song / Parker and Wilshere / Modric. Apart from that, it’s as clean cut as it can be.

    SuperCesc gave a very flattering evaluation of both teams in favour of Tottenham. Yet he got slandered for it. This does prove how deluded the average Spurs fan is.

  80. SuperCesc

    Thank you scott, I actually thought before i started writing it I’m going to try and be as fair as possible but i totally agree with you just said, rotate some players and it becomes a landslide.
    And in reference to ‘why are we above you?’ Try selling Modric and Bale at zero hour and going into a season….call it bad management or whatever but try it.
    If not, try selling Bale and having Modric injured for the entire season thus far, then lose all of your full backs so that you end up having to play with a 19 year old centre back at left back.
    I’m not always arsene’s biggest fan but the team deserve a pat on the back, had we had Wilshere from the start and as few injuries as you lot have had (and the rub with the refs) we’d be streets in front of you….and you kinow it

  81. SpurredoninDublin

    You seem to be missing my point. I have not made claims for any player. What I have said is that when this exercise is carried out by a Spiurs or Arsenal supporter, I expect there to be bias.

    Looking at the EA index which is the preferred method of the PL for ranking players, Top 20 GK’s: Spurs 2nd Arsenal 5th. Top 20 Defs Spurs 2nd 9th 12th 16th. Arsenal Only one player ranked at 19th. Top 20 M/f Spurs 3rd, 11th 19th Arsenal 6th 12th 14th. Top 20 Strikers Spurs 3rd, Arsenal 2nd 10th. Based on those figures if you take the highest ranked player in each section, playing 4-3-3 it comes out at 8-3 to Spurs.

    Before you start screaming about it, that is not necessarily my view, but the view of a neutral ranking site based on this seasons form only.

  82. SuperCesc

    Who is Spur’s striker ranked 3rd??? Or does that take Adebayor as your player?

  83. In the EA index that you refer to, can you please tell me the top keeper, defender, midfielder and striker?

  84. SpurredoninDublin

    Yes, it’s the same Adebayor that is playing for us at the moment.You might find it convenient to disqualify him, but the fact remains that he has played 13 games for us this season. I have no doubt that he has been a major influence this season, and without him, we would probably be behind you.

    If you take the view that he should be disqualified, then effectively you are trying to come up with a supposedly objective exercise that only works as long as you are allowed to deselect players. Bang goes your level playing field.

  85. SuperCesc

    my grounds are that Tottenham Hotspur do not pay his wages, therefore i find it hard to qualify him as a loanee to the club, Man City essentially have gifted you a player which is extremely unfair and im shocked there isn’t a rule to stop this happening

  86. SuperCesc

    bare in mind those ‘rankings’ have a lot to do with form not measuring player vs player. Right now your team is doing well and players that may be defined as average will be given a better score because of playing in a strong squad.

  87. SpurredoninDublin

    @Super Cesc

    Re your 10.13 if as you claim, you are trying to be objective, if you disqualify him, you are picking from 10 Spurs -v- 11 Arsenal. The precedent should be Kyle Walker. The record books show that his first England Caps were for Aston Villa, even though he was on loan from Spurs. Villa get the credit because that is the team he was playing for at the time.

    Re your 10.14, that really sounds like clutching at straws. If you want to use an argument like that, then you might want to question where you would be without RVP this year. Yes players do get points from being on winning teams, and if you use that as the criteria, we are 5 points ahead and a game in hand. Usually, the criteria for measuring success is who is in front at the end of the season, and right now, I honestly think that you will struggle to make top 4 this year.

    Like you, our success is very much linked to one player. If RVP is injured for 3-4 games, I think your PL season is over. The same applies to us and Adebayor. except we can probably afford to lose him a bit longer because of our lead over you.

  88. Ok, I think that settles it. Wayne Rooney first, above Van Persie and Silva. This is why stats aren’t quite key in judging a player.

  89. These rankings are absolutely nonsense. Gareth Bale is the second best defender in the Premiership according to these stats. I always thought Assou-Ekotto was Tottenham’s left-back. Interesting. These stats lack credibility.

  90. SpurredoninDublin

    Rooney is having a terrific season, and I say that as someone who dislikes him intensely. You may not like the outcome of these stats, but one has Rooney, RVP and Silva at 1/2/3 while the other has them at 1/2/4. That’s reasonably consistent in my view. If they were all over and radically disagreeing with each other, I’d be inclined to ignore one or both.

  91. SpurredoninDublin


    You can always find something that is far from satisfactory, but if he’s a M/f, he is the 4th best, in the PL, This means that he takes the place of Walcott, while you get a defender into the N.London team..

  92. SpurredoninDublin

    I will be going offline soon. I’ve enjoyed the debate with you, but seriously my point is not to select who is the best team in my opinion, but to demonstrate that when you or I have to deal with this we let our hearts rule our head.

    One stat you really should look at, is that based on results between the current top eight teams, Arsenal would currently be bottom of the league. We would be fifth.

  93. SuperCesc

    scott that brilliantly summed it up. Those stats are a nonsense Rooney better than Van Persie and Silva? Silva is having a dip (like his team at the moment) but he’s a terrific player probably the most threatening in the Premiership because he can do it all.
    The only way you’d ever get a system that works is if you made criteria like pass completion, dribble completion, shots-goal ratio etc and literally stuck to the figures.
    Essentially no one will ever agree on player rating, many people think Messi is the best player in the world in my opinion i’d take Ronaldo over Messi all day long.
    This article was a matter of opinion, mine in fact as i was curious to see what everyone else thought.
    I didn’t expect the abuse and vitriol from it has to be said the Spurs fans as if i am some kind of pundit/expert writing up a PFA North London team of the year and they were enraged at what I’d done, an Arsenal supporters opinion on the North London situation, if you’ve got a different one fantastic, if you think it’s a 10-1 split to Spurs good for you but do not bark and yap and expect to me go ‘oh you know what you guys are right’ because my opinion isn’t changing.
    People could have come on here and said ‘don’t agree with that i think X Y and Z’ fine.
    But of course they don’t, the abuse comes out right away, i respect the fans having a legit argument it’s healthy – but looking back on this thread there are some really nasty Spurs fans out there.

  94. SuperCesc

    spurredondublin, should point out that wasn’t aimed at you as i also have enjoyed the debate and i’d rather see you guys in the top four over chavski any day of the week… long as your fouth and we’re third….or first 🙂

  95. Jay

    How deluded you are. Mertsacker against king and kaboul against verm?! Kings better than verm and kabouls better than mert! Kaboul aint even spurs first choice! Talksport did this very same poll and spurs won. A team combining the two was: Frediel, Walker, King, Vermalen, Assou, VDV, Parker, Modric, Bale, Ade, RVP. Subs: Sczney, Sagna, Dawson, Lennon, Wilshere, Defoe, Arteta. That’s 12 spurs, 5 Arse. – (Best to worst) Centre backs: King, Vermalen, Dawson, Gallas, Kaboul, Mertsacker, Koscielny, Djourou, Bassong, Squallaci. Wing Backs: Walker, Sagna, Assou, Gibbs, Corluka, Santos, Rose, Naughton. Wingers: Bale, Lennon, Krancjer, Ox-Cham, Walcott, Beneyoun, Arshavin, Townsend, Rosicky, Dos Santos, Bentley. Central Mid: Modric, Parker, Wilshere, Arteta, Sandro, Pienaar, Song, Ramsey, Huddlestone, Livermore, Diaby, Jenas. Forwards: RVP, Ade, VDV, Defoe, Gervino, Pavlychenko, Chamack.

  96. Jay

    ### sorry that was 6 to arse and 12 to spurs on my previous comment!

  97. L.L.

    “L.L you can’t just make up facts….not cool.”

    I agree, that was the point I was trying to make to Scott myself. Making up stats to suit a nonsense point is just a waste of everyone’s time, isn’t it.

  98. yido

    ha, i love it. so desperate

  99. Sagna where do I remember him from. Is he the guy who was injured by Benoit.. no that’s weak.. Yeah now I got it the guy who tried to chase bale and fell on his face.. Haha he is so bad that maikon would be going man I have let Bale go through me to score three but I at least tried to chase him and did not make a fool out of myself by falling on my face.

  100. SuperCesc

    Ananthapadmanabhan Krishnasamy, solid point

  101. That’s Sagna. The one who broke his ankle and your fans laughed and booed him. That’s the one. Sums your fans up really. Classless.

  102. yido

    ‘Yeah now I got it the guy who tried to chase bale and fell on his face..’


    Sagna will be forever known as the guy who tried to chase and fell on his face lol

  103. yido

    tried to chase ‘Bale’ that should read. As if you could ever forget.

    Arsenal fans used to think he was fast until Bale humilated him lol.

  104. yido

    Rivalry aside I would like to wish you all, yids and gentiles alike, a very Happy New Year.


  105. Haha! Anyone see the world class Scott Sinclair leave Walker for dead today? Beautiful. The bubble is bursting boys.
    Happy New Year everyone. I’m sure I won’t hear from half of the people who have left comments come mid-2012.

  106. SuperCesc

    haha scott can you hear the yids now? Oh dear oh dear, swansea…hard place to go dont you know 😉
    Happy New Year gooners everywhere!!

  107. yido

    ha ha, we picked up 4 points from two away games while Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool picked up the same amount from two home games so apparently our bubble is bursting ha ha ha

    Next up, three home games in a row while our rivals play away. We’ll be furthur ahead of you by mid Jan.

    Oh, and it was nice to see the greatest manager in British football history recognize Spurs at the best footballing team in the country; just what has gone wrong little Gooners?

    Where oh where did it all go so wrong?


  108. yido

    In fact, no matter what the score is with City today, no team in the top 6 has taken more points than Spurs so far over xmas.

    ‘Bubble bursting’ ha ha ha ha

  109. yido

    So….after our bubble burst against Swansa were are now closer to the top 2 than we were after our win against Norwich. It’s a funny ol’ game.

  110. Haha! Desperate. Love it.

  111. yido

    No desperation here, the facts speak for themselves. We were well in the title race after our win at Norwich and we’re even closer after our draw away at the Swans.

    The fact that you herald an away draw from us as proof that the ‘bubble is bursting’ would suggest just a smidge of desperation on your part though….

  112. Desperate. 🙂 A draw gets you closer to the championship. 🙂 Brilliant. Happy New Year yido.

  113. yido

    Are you still drunk? Of course a draw get’s you closer to the championship if the other two teams in the race lose!

    And yes, Happy New Year….you utter slag 🙂

  114. Wheels coming off, Zamora! COYS

  115. It don’t take long for you boys to appear does it? 🙂 About the same amount of time it takes you to disappear come May.

  116. SuperCesc

    he has to spend some money in January now, we go through this every year but because of our horrific start we can’t afford to have our usual end of seasons lump. The lack of depth in the squad is astounding.
    Rosicky really doesn’t bring anything to the table now, Djourou was clumsy all game and got even the basics of ball control wrong a number of times.
    Someone demanding £85k a week needs to actually be able to cross, pass and shoot…..all theo walcott is is a glorified sprinter. Why wasn’t the Ox even on the bench?
    Can blame the ref (who was terrible 33% decision correct rate on Untold Ref) 2 should have been penalties, the red card, the injuries to the defence blah blah.
    But we need more players, a new winger (unless the Ox has come on leaps and bounds in training and is ready to take Theo’s place) a creative midfeilder (Jack will suffer niggles, Arteta needs rest and I’m not sold on Ramsey) and a couple of defenders.
    Outside of the two clubs who whored themselves out we have the biggest budget in England for January. Wenger needs to use it and not on deadline day, now

  117. Clockworkyid

    So does the Fulham result or tonights result at the Lane bring any bearing on the topic of conversation?

    It certainly brings a bearing on the table and more importantly the goal difference between our respective clubs?

  118. SuperCesc

    in a way yes, in another no, Arsenal have been extremely unfortunate with injuries to our already weakened squad whereas Tottenham thus far have managed to steer clear of injuries.
    The referee at the cottage was atrocious, truly terrible. Summed up when Riise pushed Walcott off the field over the barricade and took the ball looked at the ref waiting for the whistle only to be waved to play on.
    I don’t have a problem admiting that going forward Tottenham are much more of a threat than Arsenal at the moment, when you consider we lost Fabregas and Nasri in the summer and then Jack Wilshere to injury in August and haven’t seen him since. Our only real goal threat comes from RVP and our only real wing threat is Gervinho (Walcott also but only when he decides to turn up).
    Arteta isn’t the creative player we thought he’d be but he brings order and work ethic to the middle. Song isn’t a creative player but is shaping up to be an extremely good holding midfielder. Ramsey just isn’t up to Arsenal first eleven in my standard. If our midfield was at full strength I’d send him out somewhere like Bolton and let him get a lot of experience of having to run a midfield and a team creative centre.
    I think Wenger will bring in two loanees, Henry one and then perhaps Taiwo or another defender for a couple of months which is a big mistake.
    He’s banking on Jack Wilshere coming back staying fit and running the middle like Cesc use to.
    He’s banking on Gervinho finding the net more, Walcott discovering some kind of regular form (and a footballing brain) and banking our defenders stay fit.
    And the board….they’re banking the £60 Million sitting in the transfer pot




    UP. THE. GUNS. OF. ARSENAL!!!!!!

  120. yido

    Mind The Gap


    Aah , mind your own gap. The empty one between your ears. 😛

  122. SuperCesc
    great article by John Cross, i know its the mirror…but pretty much sums up everything a hell of a lot of Arsenal fans are feeling.
    Picture the scenario of finishing fifth yet Ivan Gazidis saying ‘but look, our balance sheet says plus £70 Million.’
    It would honestly be safer for Ivan to be gay and mentally retarded in texas than it would for him to be in and around North London

  123. yido

    What makes you think Wenger has that type of cash?


    So far he seems to be targeting the likes of Bridge and Richardson on loan, not to mention two month Thierry.

    If Wenger had the type of cash it would take to buy Goetze then why didn’t he spend some of it in matching City’s contract offer to Nasri? Or why doesn’t he make RVP a huge offer that he can’t refuse rather than have his hand weakened considerably when every big/rich club starts bidding for him in the summer?

    And Kam…..shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  124. SuperCesc

    Fabregas £35 Million
    Nasri £25 Million
    Clichy £7 Million
    Total Income Summer 2011 – £67 Million + Highbury Development Funds (£25 Million) – £92 Million.

    Arteta £10 Million
    Mertesacker £7 Million
    Santos £6 Million
    Park £2 Million
    Benayoun Loan
    Oxlade Chamberlain £10 Million (possible total fee of £15 Million)
    Total Spent Summer 2011 – £35 Million
    £92 Million – £35 Million = £57 Million budget for January.

    That’s not even thinking about selling Diaby/Squillaci/Chamakh/Arshavin
    Or the lost £40 Million from that mercenary you have up front and K Toure to City.
    And that’s not thinking that the club will add there usual miserly £15 Million ‘January Fund’ to that totalling £72 Million.

    And to answer your question, because that’s not how Wenger does things. That MAY, i stress the MAY because in the summer i thought he’d change and he didnt but it may change because of our precarious place in the Top Four, the fact that we are losing Gervinho to the ACN, the fact that United are weak and will likely spend, Spurs are an injury crisis away from trouble and Chelsea look dire.
    Also as i said before should we finish fifth and even worse behind the Spudlings and our books come out +£70 Million the supporters will go mad, and while Ivan Gazidis (who i loathe by the way, along with PHW and Kroenke and Friar etc) have banked £70 Million they’ll watch admissions and season tickets dive off a cliff due to the already ridiculous price and lack of champions league football.
    I’ve been wrong before, thinking Wenger would splash out and he didn’t, but i can’t see anyway out of it here for him other than bringing in some top talent.
    My list would be:
    Alex £3-5 Million
    Vertonghen £10-12 Million
    Gotze anywhere between £20 and £30 Million depending on how well we barter. I’ve noticed they’ve signed up Reus….possibly anticipating the loss of Gotze?
    Podolski £10-15 Million. It’s the chairmans job to say his player will cost £20 Million – doesn’t mean he’s getting it though.
    If they stick to their guns on £20 Million looked to Welliton £7 Million or Remy from Marseille.
    If they all came for what i rekon they might then we’d look at a January spend of £54 Million, £4 Million more than Chelsea paid for Torres last january for 4 players, two CB’s a creative midfielder and a ST.

    To be clear I don’t expect any of this before people start, i can see us getting a couple of loanees and that’s our lot…..sigh

  125. yido

    It does seem strange that Wenger continually refuses to splash the cash, I think it is because he’s obsessed with youth, that’s his blindspot. Over the past 6 or 7 years I think it was his dream to create a dominant team from all those super talented kids that he snapped up from around the globe. Everyone thought it was flawless plan, buy the best young talent and develop them at an excellent academy, what can go wrong?

    Well, quite a lot it would seem. Yes he has qualified for the champs league every year and kept the money coming in but he hasn’t succeeded in maintaining Arsenal as a competitive force at the business end of the table (1st and 2nd). Out of all those wonderkids the only one who turned out to be really top class was cesc, and he was stolen from a bigger club than Arsenal, something which is clearly a problem because if he turns out to be any good the big club will want him back eventually, the same will happen with Romeu at Chelski.

    There is also the case of Wengers record of buying defenders, or even his understanding of what it takes to be a quality defender. Don’t forget he inherited one of the best backlines ever seen in England…and what has he reduced it to? It’s not just the fact that Arsenal are an attacking team so they leak goals, some his defensives signings have been average at best.

  126. SuperCesc

    Yeah i have no idea what his hang up is with spending cash.
    He just came out and said ‘i expect the market to be market because Europe is depressed. No one, outside a few clubs have massive resources.’
    But that could be a Wenger quote from January/Summer 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006 you get my point.
    Surely if we’re sitting on £80 Million worth of cash from players and property deals now would be the time to spend it!
    Wesley Sneijder’s price has dropped below £30 Million because Europe is in economic meltdown. City are allowing Tevez to go to AC Milan for around £21 Million – because they want shot of him and know Italydoesn’t have the money.
    Read the same for Spain, France, most of central/Western Europe (to a lesser extent Germany).
    I kick myself because i know exactly what’s going to happen, we’ll let players like Hazard/Gotze etc slip through our fingers and then drool over them at Real Madrid or Barcelona or Man City/Utd and bleat ‘we could’ve signed him’….woulda, shoulda, coulda

    An Arsenal supporter posted on Le Grove ‘Wenger is scared to spend money in case we don’t get in the Champions League. And we won’t get in the Champions League because he’s scared to spend money.’
    Painfully true. The lack of ambition at Arsenal is shocking, its just so plain for everyone to see, we see if year on year. Had Manchester United no trashed us 8-2 we’d be looking at a team without Arteta, Santos, Mertesacker because Wenger was begruged to sign them! a combined sum of £23 Million! Not even Samir’s fee!
    We use to be called the Royal Arsenal. Think they missed out a Bank of in the middle there

  127. Yido6061

    I’m married to a Arsenal fan, as some of you already know, Through her, I’ve worked through a lot of my demons to a point where, 6 or 7 years ago I relented and allowed her to plant official Piece of the Highbury pitch on our lawn…(how suburban can one be?). 
    As a North Londoner, I made a choice at a very young age to support my local team. The team that was literally a short walk away from my house. That team was of course, Tottenham Hotspur. My granddad supported Arsenal. He always had, having been brought up with the tales of Herbert Chapman’s all-conquering sides of the 1930s. I never asked him if he ever felt disappointed that I had gone against the grain. Did he ever feel a sense of loss at not being able to take me over to Highbury on a match day and stand at the Clock End as he had done, I’ve watched on as Ian Wright and Thierry Henry tormented Spurs in derby after derby over the years. I’ve squirmed at seeing Arsenal win the championship at White Hart Lane and become ‘invincible’.  I have suffered the indignity of a Tottenham player, the captain no less, choosing to play for Arsenal because he felt he stood a greater chance of success, The rivalry between the two clubs will always be fierce and furious. The acrimony between them even more so. Tottenham are currently seeking two signings to challenge for the title. Arsenal are desperately seeking the depth up front to keep them in the hunt for the top four having given themselves a lot to do to rein in the leaders, Wenger says other teams can no longer compete with Man City, Tottenham have, In fact, they are proving that you can still compete on a smaller budget than City. Spurs have done that by adding a few quality players each season. Harry has mastered it well and we are threatening to overhaul Arsenal’s domination of north London 🙂

  128. SuperCesc

    to be fair though yiddo commit 450 Million to a state-of-the-art stadium and see what happens to Tottenham, theres a reason you’re struggling to do it, because you cant basically, not without selling your souls to some huge corporate empire.
    Im not 100% but i think we have about £80-100 Million left on the stadium, after that (2 Seasons perhaps) we’ll have a 62 000 seater (nearly always full) new commercial deals (if Ivan decides to actually do his job) and merchandise (adding our rapidly expanding US, South American and Asian market) all that cash hundreds of millions.
    We should have an extremely bright future

  129. Sam

    Quite frankly I can’t fathom how you can compare Modric to Ramsey,the former sure as hell ain’t coming back from a serious injury for starters whilst the latter has had to not only endure such an injury but has low self-confidence etc thanks to fans continuously undermining him etc.The dude was getting blamed for Arsenal’s poor performances by some sections of the fans even when he wasn’t playing,says it all really…..

  130. Sam

    please ignore my ‘rampant’ use of etc lol

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