Striking at the heart of it!

My mind’s is picturing Arsene as Calvin right now! Do you seriously believe that we need reinforcements? Sorry Arsene, but we do. And it is not due to the scheduling of African Cup of Nations. We just do not have any strikers. Presence and absence of Chamakh would hardly make a difference right now. And I doubt if Arsene even knows whether Park Chu Young is still in the country. But there is one thing similar between Park Chu Young and me- Our chances of convincing Arsene that we can play as a striker for Arsenal. As long as you are going to fail an exam, it does not matter what the margin is. To be honest, I would be gobsmacked if we do not buy a striker. I know geniuses are eceentrically flawed in their beliefs. The more you harp them about any shortcomings, the more they go into their preconceived notions. Ask a United fan about the need for a central midfielder since 1532 BC that Fergie chooses to ignore. Or Arsene telling us that Silvestre is Maldini in disguise. Or my boss telling me to improve the quality of my work. Yet Arsene, I plead to thee- The strikers you signed are not good enough. Let us accept it and rectify it. We still have time to address it. Signing Henry is a stopgap arrangement at best.

Till such wisdom dawns upon us and we are stuck with status quo, whom do we play with in the centre forward position for the next week. RVP has been given a rightful rest and somebody has to step up to the plate. As ridiculous as it sounds, I would give the chance to Theo. YES, THEO! There is no point in playing Chamakh or Park Chu Young. They do not seem to be part of the solution. So let us try something else. For whatever we all may say about Theo, he was a proper striker when he joined us. I have not seen people beat goalkeepers at their near post so consistently as Theo when his head is right. Yes, he looks gloriously out of confidence, right now. But Leeds is as good an opportunity you can get to get your confidence back. Lest we forget, this kid looked the deal as a striker in the Carling Cup final against Chelsea. The move could achieve one of two things

  • Theo scores, gets his confidence back and actually may look like a back up striker in the future.
  • Theo does not score, realizes he is asking for an extra zero during contract negotiations, asks his agent to shut his tramp and sign that bloody contract on the table.

I am a blue tinted optimist, but i see both Theo staying and eventually emerging as a good striker for Arsenal. The time is here, the time is now! Throw the gauntlet to Theo! Can you do the business in this period as a striker? It is better than giving the umpteenth chance to Chamakh, see him conspicuously absent in the pitch, hope he remains the same with Morocco hastening their exit and comes back miraculously playing like Crouch (I seriously cannot even dream that Chamakh can play at a level beyond Crouch!). Oh, and amongst all this milieu, we are also praying that Van Persie is fit through this period. Some interesting stats on the latter- Van Persie has played the maximum number of minutes amongst all Arsenal players in 2011 (Courtesy- Arsenal website). Van Persie (with the notable exceptionn of St. Diaby) has been injured for the maximum number of minutes amongst all players since he has signed for us (Courtesy- My educated guess). So do the math on the latter happening for yourself! Till then, good luck, ye Gunners!

Article written by V. Vikas (

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8 responses to “Striking at the heart of it!

  1. Anonymous

    Agree with you about this time being a good opportunity to play Theo as a striker. Also that we need another quality long term striker. Podolski and Musa Sow please. Oh my god I’m getting carried away. Wenger has Chamak and Park and they are full of belief and desire.

  2. SuperCesc

    Wouldn’t mind seeing Podolski and Dembele (who are we kidding Wenger will go anywhere near the fee for Gotze let alone Hazard) and then Vertonghen. That should carry us through to the top four, but in the summer we need a major look at the club and just what the hell went wrong this year…..but i think we all kwow the answer. The role of Ivan Gazidis, Stan Kroenke, Peter Hill-Wood and Arsene Wenger in Summer 2011 are what have led us to this point. We are regressing, anyone who says different is even a liar or in denial.
    Fabregas – Arteta
    Nasri – Gervinho

    We lost Toure and Adebayor and Wenger did little to replace them in that window despite banking £40 Million.

    Again Arsenal will post a whopping £70 Million profit….1. Who the fuck cares, we’re a football club not a company 2. Where does this money actually go? Not on players/investment in the squad. Are they honestly going to say that the new medical facilities cost £70 Million?

    Me I’d go out and go for this window, Vertonghen, Dembele, Gotze, Hazard, Welliton/Podolski/Remy/Sow(not sure about him only one good year)….if you do the math, it’s very doable, especially if you start getting rid of our Dibay’s/Chamakh’s/Djourou’s/Rosicky’s/Squillaci’s/Alumina’s/Bendtner’s/Denilson’s….the combined wages you save would easily pay for your new much better players.
    But that is why I would never be Arsenal manager, Ivan would look across the board table at me and say ‘but…..our bonuses?’ 😦

  3. SuperCesc

    anyone else paid attention to this welliton guy from Spartak Moscow? Out of 93 appearances he’s scored 57 goals and was the Russian League’s top scorer in 2009 and 2010.
    Apperently he would cost about £8 Million. According to the players there he’s ‘fast, technicial, a predator in the area and an artist all over the front attacking line.’
    His first 9 games for Spartak he scored 6.
    £8 Million? When PSG are offering 10-12 for Chamakh and we’ve got Bordeaux wanting to take him back? The chairman of FC Koln wants £20 Million for Podolski.
    I’d gamble for £8 Million, it’s not as if we’re poor.
    Dembele really impressed me against us and he has done well all year, 6″1′ muscular, strong, fast attacking midfielder. Again, £8 Million. So for £16 Million we could radically shift our flagging attack up a gear.
    Scott, forward this comment to Arsene Wenger would you? 🙂

  4. SuperCesc

    ^ That wasn’t a random stab at two player by the way. Both have been linked so i did a bit of digging

  5. Anonymous

    I don’t think anyone has a clue of what’s going on behind Arsenal, the board and Arsene, just pure guess. Each season there’re fans who want this and that, the truth is we lost Fabregas and Nasri, that’s huge. Never mind if those two players didn’t give us 100% all year, it’s still a big loss and change to the formation of the team.
    Its foolish to think the team now can compete at the top four without some hush feeling that we might just as easily drop out of it as the season ends. If no further offensive player is joining during this month, Arsene is taking a big gamble to rely on the his offensive players to take all the chances to score while the back is holding not to concede. It can be done but like I said it’s a big gamble.

  6. SuperCesc

    Henry just embarassed Chamakh, 10 minutes on the field and he nets a great goal, total composure, more movement and clever positioning at 34 than Chamakh will ever have

  7. Sam

    Awfully quiet around here these days..

  8. SuperCesc

    Get Usmanov and Dein in the club now! Kroenke has just bought a NBL team and its now clear that he sees Arsenal as a way to prop up his failing US teams.
    Not necessarily by using our massive profits but on his portfolio it looks rather good to say my EPL team made a £75 Million profit. he’s thinking like a businessmen not a sports fan who’d rather say we didn’t make a whole lot of money this year but we won the Premeirship and FA Cup!
    Get rid of Gazidis, get rid of Kroenke, read the same for HIll-Wood, Friar, Chips etc all the old boys.
    Get Dein back in to drive the transfers and player scouting, the richest man in Britain and 35th richest man in the world (Usmanov) who has approaching £20 Billion must have a great commercial team, surely one of them would do, he can’t do any worse than Ivan has when it comes to commercial deals.
    Usmanov three years ago offered to write off our stadium debt, buy us Villa and De Rossi create new shares (which he would buy) to generate the club £200 Million disposal profit (FIFA fair play abiding) for Wenger to spend on whoever he wanted….£200 MILLION!! And within the rules!
    Supporters on here and everywhere else said that would be ‘selling our souls’ and ‘we don’t want/need his sort at Arsenal’ do you still feel that? How much would you love to see Hazard, M’vila, Goetze, Vertonghen etc arrive at the club in this window and the summer?
    Booing at the ground is a horrible thing but i feel everyone has run out of options now, Wenger is rude to fans who have waited and stood by him for 7 years of nothing, excuses and inaction, no other top club would have tollerated that.
    Time for a HUGE change at the club, Usmanov in, Dein in, Bould up to defensive coach (right now Wenger doesn’t trust anyone else to coach but him) and I for one would be prepared to see how Wenger did with his old ‘ally’ Dein back and huge sums of cash.
    If not look at Pep who has expressed an interest in our club, Klopp, Ancelotti, Hiddink even Mourinho?
    Had enough now, the arrogance is baffling from the board and Wenger, time to let them know how we feel! I will be attending Villa on Sunday to support my club, not Wenger, Kroenke, Gazidis, Hill Wood

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