The rollercoaster continues…

First up, this is the first article I’ve written in a good few weeks. The Christmas period got the better of me, then I had a little business trip which kept me out of action for a while, but I’m back now. I’d like to a warm welcome back to my regular followers, even the Tottenham ones. You know who you are.

So, after a few weeks of misery for Arsenal, and our worst run of form for as long as I can remember, it looked like the dip was going to continue, after being two goals down at home to Villa at half-time.

I’ve got no idea what Wenger said to the players at half-time, but it sure seemed to help. The second half performance was probably our best half of football we’ve witnessed all season, and as soon as we scored the first goal, you just knew it was coming.

Unfortunately, we seem to be a team capable of playing wonderful football in one half, and having another half of just not looking like an Arsenal side. Fulham at Craven Cottage was a game of two halves, and so was today’s game.

One player who deserves a lot of credit this season, and one of the unsung heroes in the Arsenal side, is Laurent Koscielny. Our defensive record might not be great, but he’s proving to a very valuable player. I thought he looked quality last season, and was often a scapegoat because he’s not young and British. Which brings me onto my next point – Aaron Ramsey and Theo Walcott! Surely, these two players need to be ‘rested’. They have been consistently poor performers for some time now, and yet they both seem to continue to start for Arsenal. I’m sure everyone will agree with me when I say that I can’t wait for Gervinho to come back from the ACN, and Wilshere to get fit quickly! These two players need to replace Ramsey and Walcott as soon as possible. Gervinho on the left and Oxlade-Chamberlain on the right looks like a decent balance. We miss the directness of Gervinho. Of course, he can be a frustrating player due to the amount of time he loses the ball, but he’s effective.

Last week the fans were going mental when Arsene Wenger substituted Oxlade-Chamberlain for Arshavin. I wonder if these are the same fans who were calling for Wenger’s head when he spent £15m on AOC, because we didn’t need another potential star. The same fans who wanted Wenger sacked because he hadn’t bought experience, and he went out and signed Mertesacker, Arteta, Benayoun, Santos and Park. Just saying, watch what you wish for Arsenal fans.

Anyway, a decent result in the FA Cup, and with Man City and United both out of the competition, and the possibility of facing Sunderland or Middlesbrough in the next round, we could be looking at a decent run this season.

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403 responses to “The rollercoaster continues…

  1. stu

    we are a bit short in quality but i do believe the negative support for the club really hinders us. our fans need to up their game. we have no right to win anything just having a fighting chance is what wrenger gives us even though we really should be mid table the amount of money we spend but yet we seem to be fighting maybe not winning but up there every year. he really does over achieve every year. no one realizes it. it is quite scandalous. its not his fault we have rubbish rules in this country that allows mega rich foreign owners to take control of football clubs. we would of won more if it was not for the chelsea and man city revolutions. our squad has always been competitive. be careful what you wish for thats what i say. look at that idiot running liverpool they spent 100m on downing carrol and henderson. where as wrenger has spent nothing and our squad boasts the finest young british talent in wilshire, ramsey, chambling, wallcott, gibbs, and more in which to build on. i remember fegie spending 30m on ferdinand and wrenger brought toure for half a million. i remember us needing a centre back and him going out and buying vermaelen and kolsheinie who are world beaters for less than 20m. the guy keeps us up there and makes money. pound for pound the best manger out there and arsenal fans should pay attention to what they have. we will be in dire trouble if we loose the man. also 5th is not bad considering we lost our three best players in the summer, wilshire, fabregas and naris. we still have a chance to Finnish fourth and win something lets get behind the team.

  2. Totally agree with you Stu.

  3. MistaKen

    We do have a chance to finish 4th and win something, but our chances would improve with another proven goal scorer

  4. goonerkam

    Netter late than never. Good to have you back and also some of our injured returning. Today’s game was amazing. Always had faith they would come back. We were just not clinical enough the first half. Just have a look at shots on goal stats.
    And plz don’t invite the tottDelers back on the site. Except. For one or two class poster, the rest are delusional wankers with delusions of grandeur after one season of overachievement. This after coming FOURTH in transfer spending tight behind the other ” MISmanaged” and/or sugerdaddy teams. AGAIN, GOOD TO HAVE YOU BACK BRO..
    UP. THE. GUNS. !!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. goonerkam

    . A PORTION OF OUR OWN FANS ARE VERY QUICK TO FORGET AND UNGRATEFUL . as Scotty. Said be careful what you wish for . The man has stayed with us and on course even when he was approached by Real and psg, the buy me a trophy clubs.

  6. Sam

    Jesus Christ, you lot are stuck in the 90’s. Get your head out of your arses and start realising 7 of the last 15 years with Wenger have brought NOTHING (maybe FA Cup this year, but who are we kidding if we can’t beat Birmingham with a better defence?), the board have no ambition (why move and build the Emirates Stadium again? To compete did they say?). If you sycophants in here ran anything more than your own Iphones and Ipads the world would still be in the stone age. Bye bye, Wenger. Go now before your achievements become distant memories.

    UEFA Fair Financial Play? It’s been on the cards and in planning since the turn of the century. They will never curb the big clubs from spending or finsing loopholes to get money to spend. The only thing that will stop this madness of money is a salary cap and maximum 3 year contracts. Too much to handle for most minds, but anyone with a brain realises this is the way to really stop it. Anyhoo, good luck getting out of the 90’s. The rest of us actually have the ambition to win something.

  7. SuperCesc

    if someone else says fifth isnt bad seeing as we lost star players in the summer im going to shoot myself…..who’s fault was that?
    From everything ive read it was robin who put the shits up the team at half time and told them to press early for a goal in the second half.
    Im not Wenger bashing but he’s not a great tactician and has never been a ‘hairdryer’ manager.
    The fact is we’re starting to see a bit of siege mentality from the players, i was at the game yesterday and Arsenal fans are sick of the club, i couldn’t hear one person say something positive about the situation.
    The screen flashed up the ever present ‘in arsene we trust’ banner which was greeted with ‘really?’ and ‘glad you do sweetheart’ from the supporters around me.
    Yes Arsene is a good manager and we have some good players but to argue that we asked for experienced and saw three players from our first eleven sold for £67 Million and then five players come in for £25 Million and that we should be ‘careful’ what wish for doesn’t really ring true.
    You can’t look at out: Fabregas, Nasri, Clichy and In: Mertesacker, Arteta, Benayoun, Santos and Park and think, yep, you’re earning your £7 Million a year Wenger.
    If anyone gets a chance they should listen to Alex Flynn’s podcast interview on Le Grove…..very very interesting from a man of knows more about AFC than any of us ever will

  8. SuperCesc

    btw paid £40 to get a ticket yesterday and then got hardly nay change out of a tenner for a beer and chicken burger! what is that all about?!!!

  9. Yido6061

    @Scott… Firstly its good to have you back, what a comeback yesterday, personally i thought Arsenal where going out if the cup at halftime, anyway……… A manager of Wenger’s standing doesn’t deserve to have his authority or decision-making so openly questioned by his club’s fans or his skipper, but you can certainly understand the frustration felt on all sides. Arsenal’s downfall has been in their refusal to build from a position of strength and has led them to a position whereby they are now attempting to sculpt a side around the likes of Mikel Arteta and Per Mertesacker, who would have been solid squad additions when they were challenging for honours, but simply aren’t the sort of players that win you titles. The next six games could well determine what that future holds for Arsenal. A failure to pick up something near maximum points will see them wave goodbye to a top four place and their only world class player.

  10. @Super Cesc and @6061, I hear you both. I’m just all for getting behind the manager regardless of the situation. Maybe I’m too optimistic at times, but we’ve only had a couple of weird seasons like this in 15 years or so. It’s not all doom and gloom.

  11. People with a sense of entitlement are so annoying.
    Just support and enjoy. Analyse and cogitate ,discuss what you would do if it was your decision to make,by all means.
    But I have noticed that people who demand to be listened too are the less intelligent among fans.The more stupid they are ,the more they think highly experienced and skilled professionals are somehow less suited to run a huge football club than them and their pea brained pals down the boozer.

    If I hear one more idiot say”we moved so we could compete” without being able to acknowledge that the arrival of the sovereign wealth of an Arab nation and a super rich multi billionaire playboy and the out of control spending of United so as not to be left behind,means not only have the goal posts been moved ,but someone has stollen them,fucked of and put them on another planet.
    Also ,anyone.and I mean anyone who reads the xenophobic and racist shit ,spewed daily on the contemptible “Le Grove” has the intellect and understanding of melted ice cube.
    Did anyone hear Ivan Gazidis on Fox yesterday.A hugely intelligent man and pure class as a CEO.?

    People who booed Arshavin’s name on Sunday.should never be allowed in the ground again.

  12. Sam

    At all those who say Arsenal fans shouldn’t boo at matches, they need to realise what kind of closed-in club Arsenal is at the top. AGM’s are pre-vetted for questions they know about and have had months to make up a reply. Some AGM’s the last few years Wenger hasn’t even bothered to show up at. Writing letters to Gazidis won’t help. Writing to anyone at AFC won’t help.

    Being VOCAL at the ground is what Wenger and the board see and hear clearly. It’s the way all clubs let their club’s leadership know how they feel. Sub Ox, the only player creating a comeback against United and looking dangerous for the laziest player Arsenal have had since when? It was insane and showed how little Arsene really watches a game tactically. He had decided before the game Ox was goign to go off for Arshavin, and that needed to happen. Don’t give me that “starting with Ox was a good decision” tripe, it was the ONLY decison as he is in form and Walcott is on the other wing. Playing Djourou against Nani was another amateur decision. Wenger doesn’t think on his feet other that to put on as many attacking players as possible if we are down with ten minutes to go (like any Sunday league manager would). Another prime example is the 8-2 loss at OT. Yes, it was clear all the injuries was going to make life difficult, but playing the high line against such a competent counter attack with an inexperienced unit like that was ASKING for the thrashing, and once again shows how Wenger just sees one tactic and uses it no matter what. A big weakness against big clubs with tactical managers. SAF using Valencia against Arshavin and Park to get at Yennaris was a brilliant change of mind at showed thinking on his feet miles and bounds beyond Wenger.

    Arsenal fans have been more patient than most. In Madrid one bad loss is enough to start asking for the manager’s head (not saying that is good, as that is the extreme that Madrid is known for). Seven seasons with the same old dross defending, same old stuttering in front of goal and bottling big games. It’s more than enough and more than time enough for Wenger to move on to something else. Maybe the financial district and that guerkin looking building?

  13. SuperCesc

    pedantic george, i was there, i didnt boo arshavin or wenger at half time but i support the right of fans to do it
    the club dont allow any banners in that break away from the mainstream ‘in arsene we trust’ what next? Keep tabs on what fans say/do in the ground and bar them later on? Dictatorship?
    The fact is Arsenal have £160 Million in the bank, add onto that the £75 Million profit set to be posted from sales and property sales and you ahve a shedload of money.
    Add to that the wealth of Kroenke and then the immense wealth of Usmanov whos line ‘i love Arsenal like you should a woman’ seem to hold water with a lot of fans now.
    Alex Fynn’s interview is fascinating, he knows Wenger inside out and the club, he talks about the rubbish commercial deals wenger and the board did, the rubbish transfers, the rubbish contracts, the inside battles between Dein and the board.
    How has this bloke gone through the whole of January and not bought? Its astounding! Injuries…excuses excuses, we need stars anyway. We sold one fo the best midfielders in the world for the price of Andy Carrol and another great CAM to a team that at the time were our rivals (not anymore).
    Pedro from Le Grove to Alex Fynn ‘don’t you think Alex, that Arsene has had ample time to buy proven players over the last three years and instead he’s bought Children?’
    Alex Fynn: ‘Yes he has. He’s been indulged in it. He gambled on youth and gave large contracts to unproven youngsters with potential. The contracts are not performance based and so you have the club tied down with average players on exceptional wages. And at the same time he refuses to give big wages to his stars. Exceptional players get exceptional wages.’ So true.
    What strikes me thoughout the whole interview is that Wenger is lord and master at Arsenal, no one challenges him.
    I support my team, always will, but I don’t have faith in Arsene as a manager/coach/exec anymore, I’ve been worn down.

    To back up that point Alex Fynn was making….Arsenal on the verge of signing Eisfeld from Dortmund for £400 000, 19 and just came back from a cruciate ligament tear two years ago! Beyond a joke

  14. SuperCesc

    2 years ago Arsenal turned over £359 Million, the same as Real madrid, so for all those who try to excuse our horrific buys as ‘we don’t have the money’ explain that away

  15. Unfortunately, SuperCesc you are a dimwit.I am sure the only budget you have ever managed is borrowing from your mum until your next GIRO arrives.
    At the latest estimate.We have £40 million surplus.That is to cover purchases,wages and the provision to cover us for the loss of CL income.
    Next you will be asking what happened to the Kolo and Ade money? And claiming Arsene is on 7 million per year.
    Do you believe the world to be flat?

  16. SuperCesc

    good name pedantic george
    as with anything in statistics you can find some to mould to your arguement, dont get personal George, you notice i didnt, you have no idea what i do, im not going to bother to tell you because quite frankly….whats the point? If i told you i was a rocket scientist you could easily say ‘no your not’ and i could well be speaking 100% the truth.
    Arsenal make £3 Million every home game and….you know, i cant be bothered. George, its there if you want to find it, go have a look, the only thiing that held us back was the stadium for the first three years and then the appauling commercial deals Ivan Gazidis signed with Emirates.
    ‘To cover us for the loss of the CL money’ right there is the line that stops me arguing with you…by the way while i think, you arent by chance George Rodger are you? A different alias on here before?…..that about sums up our clubs lofty ambitions doesn’t it.
    PHW ‘not getting champions leauge would not be a financial disaster, we’re ready’ what about the football PETER??? Arsenal FOOTBALL club…..bit of a give away.
    But anyways, im sure you have some witty banter ready 😉 and some facts and figures. You like a lot of Arsenal fans who still hold a candle for Wenger know his days are numbered, he was a great coach left behind in early the 2000’s by the fast moving world of football.
    Grimandi ‘it is diificult to forsee us signing anyone over the age of 23, by then it is too late’ *sigh*
    I dare say george i know more about Arsenal than you, i too have trawled through the facts and figures and was appauled to find that next season (the player sales and property development earnings will go onto next fiscal year even though they were actually MADE this season….if that helps you matey) will be huge. At that point the villagers really will be upset, and the pitchforks may well come out when they see a colossal profit and no champions league. Fun times ahead.
    By the by, where did you pull that £40 Million surplus figure from? Genuinely curious?

  17. SuperCesc

    [audio src="" /]
    A far smarter man than either of us on the topic, Alex Fynn, have a listen and come back to me. I have to say as smart as you sound I’m going mith Mr. Fynn as opposed to a guy with a Meerkat as a navatar, night night

  18. SuperCesc

    Sorry, one more thing only just ready your whole rant at ‘le grove’ that site with 14 500 followers, no doubt run with money they borrowed off of their mothers whilst awaiting the next GIRO instalment. Le Grove today actually lambasted the fans for booing.
    You sound like one of those types who preaches tolerance George whilst then smashing (or attempting to) anyone who thinks differently to you….that about right….breast fed as a child?….I joke, none of my business.
    I respect your right to disagree with me (our manager does not share my candid attiutude to those in opposition) but i really wish you wouldn’t spout off like that against everyone who make you cross….most unattractive

  19. Well SuperCesc
    “he was a great coach left behind in early the 2000′s ”
    what 2002 early?(double)
    or 2004 early?
    You see the stupidity of your remark now?
    Where do you think this profit is going by the way?
    That you think someone should buy a business and then throw hunderds of millions of their own money down the proverbial,in order to win you some silverware ,speaks volumes for you business acumen.Give mt one,just fucking one ,good reason why an owner would want to do that?
    I apologise for calling you a dimwit.Its not your fault.

  20. Super Cesc
    Out of interest .If they ran a poll asking Arsenal fans.Who wants Wenger to go.What % do you think would want him gone?

  21. I pick the one selling his book?
    No agenda there then ,eh?

  22. SuperCesc

    no its not, for all you know I was dropped on my head a lot.
    Left behiind in the early 2000’s (some might say 2002 is early) but i didn’t mean it in the footballing sense, wenger is a master when it comes to making a team of born players play, I meant mainly in the sense of wages, fees etc ‘I cannot imagine paying £30 Million for a player.’ Yikes. The problem is our rivals do spend that sort of money.
    I totally concur with your point about Chelsea and City.
    But Liverpool (ok their pruchases have been dire but they spent it…aside from Suarez) and what about our old rivals Tottenham Hotspur George? Who’s there oily billionaire? *wind whistles*
    Not for one moment suggesting Usmanov would shell out if not in at least a majority holding position but the club has fortunes to spend on its own two feet.
    Gazidis reduced the stadium debt last year by paying off well over £100 Million of it in one whack, at the time i thought ‘genius idea’, we were flying high, had Fabregas, Nasri, Wilshere, Van Persie fit. I thought get rid of that shackle and then invest on what are golden foundations and we can really crack on in the world, rival Barcelona who we did beat.
    But it went pear shaped very quickly.
    A line from Jurassic Park (being a dimwit :/ best i can do) ‘I don’t blame people for their mistakes. But i do ask that they pay for them.’ Fair enough i think?
    Are you George Rodger? You didn’t answer by the way.
    I have not the foggiest what they do with our profit….my educated (sorry) guess would be they place it in a high interest account and are trying to build up a substantial enough amount of capital that the interest they make each month has a real positive effect on the balance sheets, as opposed to hundreds of thousands from that source, millions….like i say i don’t know. Why don’t you ask whoever told you about that whole £40 Million thing? Surely he/she/wiki has the answers you seek my furry friend.

  23. SuperCesc

    In answer George, a hell of a lot more than last year would most likely be a correct answer

  24. SuperCesc

    And i thought Alex was quite fair, ‘the making of a modern superclub’ not exactly ‘arsene’s a tit and i dont much care for him’

  25. SuperCesc

    i have to go to bed now george, you take as much time as you want and i will answer whatever you wish tomorrow. Am i perpetually inexhaustible fountain of knowledge….but only on Arsenal, other than that, dimwit. Night night my friend

  26. Supe Cesc listen to this and I imagine you would ask such questions.
    How many times has Arsene made you endure Spurs finishing above us?
    What do you make of the huge success Livepool have had with their £100million spend?
    How do you rate both of their new stadiums?
    How have you enjoyed 14 stright years of CL football?
    Did you enjoy watching Cesc Fabregas?
    Who made all these things possible?
    Well it wasn’t fucking Alex Flynn,or Pedro or Geoff or any other ungrateful dipshit.I can tell you that much.
    And here is the £40 million stuff you asked about

    What about the % I asked you about?

  27. yido

    Arsene Wenger has put his fax machine on the transfer list after deeming it ‘surplus to requirements”!!!!

  28. Cesc.I am posting something from another blog that i did recently.Try to see it could have been directed at you.Please accept my apologies about my rudeness last night .But I am reaching the end of my tether.

    Arsene has one flaw,And it has royally fucked up the team.
    He thinks that other people will show the same loyalty to him and the club that he has shown toward them.
    I am going to re-post some work from the mighty Muppet from last evening.Sorry if you have already seen it.(it should make even stupid people stop and think)

    Why bother trotting out your usual position. Everybody knows that you hate Wenger, and you want change. What you don’t tell us is how confident you are how that change would deliver results. You accuse all of us as being deluded, but how can your assessment of any change be objective. You would have to point to somebody with a track record of trophies with a similar budget to ours. Moreover, you would have to demonstrate that this somebody had overachieved against opponents with up to twice the budget. There is no other manager in world football who has done this. You can point to Mourinho, but his budget at Chelsea would probably have kept the chief executive of Goldman Sachs quite busy. You can point to Harry Rednapp, but bar his current high place in the league, the only trophy he won with Portsmouth coincided with them nearly going into administration, as he spent over £100 million.
    2003-2004 on DVD and treasure the memories, but how realistic is it to believe that we will ever again have 5, 6, 7 truly world class players in our team ? i.e. the best players in the world in their positions – Cole, Henry, Pires, Campbell, Lehmann, Bergkamp, Vieiria. How realistic is that now ? I’ll tell you how. It is cloud cuckoo land. A fairy tale. Can you believe that we managed to sign somebody of the ilk of Robert Pires in 1998 – a world cup winner around the age of 25. A similar player now would cause a massive scramble amongst all the elite clubs in europe, and would have been tapped long in advance anyway. A case in point, Eden Hazard. A player who is young, but apparently valued at €40 million by Lille. He is not even mature, but it is inevitable that he won’t be coming to us. We have lost our advantage in the french market. Every man and leur chien is there; Newcastle, the italian clubs, the spanish clubs, Chelsea, Manchester United. The game is up. Finis.
    What do you want ? Should we enter the spending race ? Or do you just want to nitpick about supposedly available players who could do better than the current crop of scapegoats ? So you are probably advocating 25 quality internationals. 2 players in every position. So, like Manchester City ? We live in a world of limitations. If it is as easy as all you guys say it is, we would be riding high on the top of the league. As it is, we have 10 players injured. Granted, they are not all key, and our squad does have weaknesses. Actually, I wouldn’t say they were weaknesses. They are just not as strong as some of the other clubs with more financial power.
    If you go on believing that we will capture the dominance of 2002, 2004. Or that the landscape of the premiership is unchanged from 2004 then you will be coming on here for a very long time, trotting our the same arguments, with the usual prejudices. Maybe Wenger will eventually go. A successor will come in, and you will be initially enthralled, but then the limitations and disappointments will set in again. The bottom line is money. You can have an inspirational manager, good tactics – but they would have to perform utter miracles to dominate against teams if their budgets are hundreds of millions below. Look at the evidence. The odd team can perform well – like Spurs, like Porto (under Mourinho), but inspiration will only take you so far.”

  29. SuperCesc

    I see your point George and i agree one of Wengers flaws is his expectation of loyalty. Alex Fynn does point that out how he can’t understand how players cannot love Arsenal.
    I do though think he needs to get better at releasing control to others else he is providing the ammunition for the firing squad.
    The strategy that has really handicapped us though is giving young, untested talent high wages.
    The idea being these guys would develop into stars and their high wages on long contracts would suddenly seem low. But for every Fabregas you get a Denilson or a Diaby or an Almunia or a Fabianski or a Bendtner or a Djourou.
    What i would really, really love would be to see David Dein back at the club helping Wenger in areas where he is weak, namely tough negotiations, sealing deals and trading rough with other clubs. let Dein handle the flack because he does it do well.
    That is the one IN: i would love to see in this window

  30. SuperCesc

    *so well

  31. David Dein is not an option.He well and truly burned his bridges.

  32. SuperCesc

    To be fair to the guy he breathed AFC. I hear what you say, he sold his shares, but we need a different voice in the board.
    PHW is 78, Friar and Chips are in their 70’s, we need a voice that argues for aggressive action as opposed to the sustainability because there has to be a happy medium as opposed to the one sided way the club is being run.
    The reaction to Eisfeld is as terrible as i worried it might. Think when people heard Dortmund, 19 year old attacking mid player they got excited
    Even if it’s not Dein we need fresh blood in that board, but not hand selected by Arsene or Ivan or Stan for that matter. People who know to market the club we need a strong squad and need to be up there winning things!

  33. ” we need a strong squad and need to be up there winning things!”

    Did you read that post? Just kidding.
    I know what you want.
    I think the difference is that I see the last 6 years as Arsene’s greatest achievement.And you see them as failure.
    We are never going to find common ground ,are we?

  34. SuperCesc

    we both do love the club? That’s common ground, where you see the pros of what Arsene is doing i see the cons as more prominent.
    I am proud that when we see Chelsea posting a £68 Million loss and others posting huge losses and mounting debts we are the goody goodies in the corner with an apple for teacher.
    But my gripe with Arsene is what appears to be his total inability to shift his point of view even slighty.
    For me its not about our finish, if he splashed a bit of cash (not fortunes) and we still ran short id say never mind, we’re geared for next year.
    But i am not for one moment saying the man is an idiot or a terrible manager and i 100% believe he loves Arsenal FC

  35. well we are making progress at least.
    I just think people make judgments on him when they don’t know even 1% of the information that you need to make such judgments.
    What on the face of things looks simple. Like why did useless Wenger not fuck Almunia off ,Looks foolish when you find out he offered £20mill+ for Reina.And Liverpool wanted even more.
    Do you get my drift?

  36. SuperCesc

    yeah but there are moments like Schwarzer when he should’ve just coughed up the extra million.
    Last January would’ve been the perfect time to buy. But yes, we cannot know everything that goes on behind the scenes at the Emirates

  37. Thats what I mean though.The Reina stuf was going on at the same time.
    Schwarzer?Something might come out yet.We never know anything like enough.Yet people pontificate as if they do.Your “Le Grove” people being an example.
    Did you see the stuff on finances Iinked?
    What % do you think want Arsene gone?
    I am interested to know,really.

  38. Goonerpower

    Now then Scott been a long time (more than a few weeks 🙂 ) I have to say, my faith is thinning, I still won’t abuse the team, but I’m a little bit nervous Wenger didn’t strengthen. Well we will have to see?? Hope I’m wrong

    Oh and totally agree Aaron and Wally need a break! As for Koz, I’ve honestly always rated him since he came! Hope he stays

  39. I’m not an Arsene hater, Neither do I want our team to lose to prove a point. However I think it is clear that SOME change is needed. If the manager were to recognize the same wether or not he actually was to say so I think this would be a great relief. But we cannot continue to do the same thing repeatedly and expect better results.
    After today’s dismal performance against the worst defensive team in the league we are now back down to 7th place, have long lost all chance to win the league and will be hard-pressed to qualify for the champions league.
    Perhaps as a board member reminds us “this is not a disaster” but it is not very good either is it?

  40. SuperCesc

    But George when your manager starts talking about the recession in europe when asked about the transfer window you know there’s a problem!
    Arsenal have money, we know they do, we sold two stars in the summer and didn’t even spend all of the Nasri money with our new recruits.
    We have an abundance of dross in the squad like Almunia, Diaby, Denilson, Bendtner, Djourou, Chamakh, Squillaci that could be sold not so much for profit but for their wages and squad place.
    So far this season reads: +£42 Million (plus development money of £25 Million) Placing: 7th (and in all honesty not looking a top four team at all.)
    That is catastrophic management of the club, we never recovered from the slump LAST february! And I got to say George, if we have another one of those….we are in big, big trouble

  41. Yido6061

    VOTE… Is Van Persie the best player, outside of the top 6, and will Arsenal manage to keep 7th spot COYS 

  42. SuperCesc

    VOTE…is Van Persie better than any striker in the premiership.
    United, Wayne Rooney and Wellbeck….yep
    Chelsea, Drogba and Torres…..yep
    City, Dzeko and Agerou…..yep
    Tottenham, Pav and Defoe…….yep

    If it wasn’t for us being at the mercy of a madmans whims we would be right up there Yido6061. Alas we’re not and I for one am fully ready to conceed now in February that we will not reach the top four and you will finish above us for the first time since men first used sharpened bones as tools. Fair play, i hope for your sake that Levy doesn’t suddenly become obsessed with the secret fetish that is a ‘sustainable business model’ it has this weird habit of destroying a football club.
    And I pray for your sake Redknapp doesn’t A) become England manager B) becom an egocentric meglomaniac totally devoid of the ability to listen to others and so stubborn that in spite he will ignore sound advie or blindingly obvious facts because that would be admitting defeat.

    Having said that I will be going to the match tomorrow to support the team, players like Koscielny, Oxo Cube, Van Persie, Arteta, Sagna, Vermaelen, Schez and a few others deserve our support. I am also curious to witness the protests first hand both in and out of the ground.
    Wenger says he won’t listen to the protest but i think he’ll have no choice but to if im honest. Fans putting black bin liners on every empty seat (expected to be quite a few tomorrow) and no doubt chants of ‘we want our arsenal back’ ‘spend some f***ing’ money’ though more apt would be ‘you should have spent a lot of f***ing money’.
    Won’t do much good but occasionally beating your fists against a wall feels good for light relief

  43. You can lead a horse to water……..

  44. SuperCesc

    Just got back from the game. Fantastic team effort today. Though has to be noted Blackburn were woeful, really awful.
    Stand out performers were Le Coq and Oxo cube – this boy looks another planet, skinned three defenders in one run and had Arteta not blasted it over it would surely have ranked as one of the goals of the season.
    What he lacks in speed compared to Theo (he’s still very very quick) he makes up for ten fold in strength, technicial ability, finishing and most importantly bravery!
    Was our most threatening player today

  45. which madman bought AOC ?
    Must have had a day when he remembered what a good player is.
    He also must have forgotten to tell them not to score

  46. SuperCesc

    Oxlade looks a bit special and what a lovley down to earth guy as well. Doesn’t twitter, or facebook, or write an autobiography or endlessly talk in the press about ‘how fired up he is’ like another of our attackers.
    And if the Daily Mail is to be believed Wenger has finally broken his silence, perhaps the pressure has finally got to him and feels he DOES actually need to explain himself to Arsenal fans.
    He says, he wants to buy Eden Hazard but he would need to raise the £30 Million from somewhere because he is under pressure from the board to raise £15-20 Million each year in the transfer market!
    It was only a little story but my my my. That is a revelation, what we suspected for a long time is in balck and white now the board are using our players like assests. As if they are their collateral in the club and they are selling them to raise money.
    This is not the way a football club should behave, can you imagine the United board or the Glaziers going to Fergie and saying ‘we need you to make £20 Million in this transfer window’…..Fergie would rightly reply ‘i think you want a marketing CEO, I’m a manager, and i want my players’ or even Levy saying that to Redknapp, he’d tell him to ‘f**k off’.
    It’s one thing to say ‘Arsene, we can’t really afford to splash out £30 Million on Hazard, let alone another £25 Million on Gotze. You’ve got the Cesc Money, but you’ll need to raise the rest through player sales and success on the pitch.’
    It’s quite another to ask the manager to do your job. I’ve always said on here that Ivan Gazidis is useless, he waffles on about rubbish ‘Man City are jealous of us’…..really Ivan? And his commercial deals are the worst (statistically) for a top flight club in Europe. United have 20 deals to our 8 and their DHL deal for their training kit makes them more than our Emirates deal does which we still have to suffer another 3 years of.
    Arsene has come out before and said he ‘wants to buy’ or has ‘identified big name targets’ and we frequently get bitterly dissapointed. It always seems to come round the butt end of the season when seasone tickets are up for renewal…..strange.
    But this article is a bit different. Theres talk of a lot of the old guard, PHW, Friar, Chips etc standing down from the board at the end of the year and Usmanov and Dein being invited to sit at the table. I think that’s best for the club, we’ve got a guy who owns 60 odd per cent of our club who is never there, never seen and only once heard from. He probably couldn’t tell you our starting eleven let alone our squad. he probably thinks Oxlade Chamberlain is some cannonised priest at Westminster Abbey!
    I don’t like Stan, never have, never will. I’m not necessarily saying give the club to Usmanov (or rather let him buy it) but he owns almost 30% of Arsenal and should be on the board along with David Dein.
    Conflict on a board is healthy, Gazidis is always looking out for the money and so are PHW, Friar, Chips etc Dein would look to build a world class squad and splash tonnes of cash as would Usmanov who is also a shrewd businessmen (£20 Billion does not lie).
    Right now the board are in total agreement.
    I laughed at the game on saturday, theres a painting ont he wall ‘we are the north bank of arsenal.’
    Right now we are just ‘the bank of arsenal’.

  47. goonerkam

    AYYAYAY,, DONT NO WHAT TO SAY. Don’t no where to start.

  48. Kam.I don’t either .But I will give it a go.
    First of all it is in black and white , unfortunately it is not what Arsene said.
    He said the club had to make 15-20 million profit .He did not say he had to sell anyone.Just in case people have forgotten ,on the sale of Cesc he said “If he(Cesc)had not wanted to leave ,no amount of money would have gotten him out of the club”
    Now ,Cesc me old flower,you have been telling us Arsene does not want to spend.You have been papping on about how he wants his youth project to come to fruition,and now you are saying it is Silent Stan and his useless puppet board.
    So are you know able to say what a good job Arsene has done given the financial restraints of building a new stadium? No, you think he should have told them to fuck off.Marvelous.Brilliant in fact.
    Now Usmanov ,the gangster,is a good business man? Because he has £20 billion ? Really ? so the Queen and All Capone would qualify as businessmen/women? Dear me.
    Who is talking about Dein being invited onto the board? I would bet my bottom dollar it is not the current board.Dein is a profiteering ,backstabbing glory hunter.And Dein is Arsene’s biggest ally .So he would be the last person the “Venga az lost it” brigade would want on the board,.because he does definitely not want Wenger out.
    It is not rocket science to work out that if your loan repayments cost £15-20 million per year then the club must make that much every year to cover the said costs.

  49. SuperCesc

    The queen, come on don’t be silly, and Usmanov is about to get a whole lot richer with his FB shares, some might say shrewd to invest in FB early on, shrewder than Gazidis because depsite building a new state of the art stadium with 60 000 capacity Cheslea have managed to close the gap between our revenue and theres to just £1.2 Million! Our £210.4 Million to their £209.4 Million, insanity! How on earth can that happen…..oh right our CEO doesn’t know what he’s doing.
    We have to be so careful here because we could enter a viscious downward circle, if Robin leaves do you think Arsene et al will invest the transfer fee? NO. Do you think he’ll see the need to buy any replacements? NO. Nicklas will be back from Sunderland, like a new signing.
    The trouble with AFC right now George, i personally think is the people running it are under the horrible misconception that they own it, and have some devine right to run it how they see fit.
    It’s been around for 125 years, and it will be for centuries after them, you and me are gone and forgotten.
    I leave you with ‘Manchester City are jealous of the position we are in….’

  50. I leave you with ‘Manchester City are jealous of the position we are in….’
    See the trouble is Cesc he 100% did not say that.
    As I recall he said something like “we are still in 3 competitions,City would love to be in 3 competitions” That is true ? No?They would love to be in the CL and FA cup.would they not?
    But you choose to perpetuate lies.If you say it 100 times people will believe he did say it .You probably believe it .But it is still a lie.And you are telling it.
    When our long term deals are up(the ones that restrict us commercially ,the ones that were done whilst Dein was here btw and IG had nothing to do with) we will pull away from Chelsea.
    Ivan was paid a bonus last year,That means he must have bettered his targets So why is he doing a bad job?
    Again he is doing a bad job ,because people who do not know what his job is ,says so.

  51. The trouble with AFC right now George, i personally think is the people running it are under the horrible misconception that they own it, and have some devine right to run it how they see fit.

    You see I think the trouble is that fans somehow think they are better suited to run it than the people who work there.And the more stupid the fans them more they think they are entitled to think it.
    Sort of stupidity perpetuating greater stupidity thing going on.

  52. goonerkam

    I think the sooner we somehow cit ties with Usmanof the better. In a year or two the Grove will be completely paid off and hopefully the financial regulatory system set up by UEFA will have some bite. Then you will see more of an even and fair fight. Then you will see the LONG TERM VISION OF THIS GREAT CLUB. have patience and believe. The era of dominance is close at hand and it won’t be for a short spell. It will be for generations of ARSENAL fans and supporters to behold and to enjoy. AGAINST. ALL ODDS.

  53. SuperCesc

    No, i think there are very few footballing people left high up at Arsenal. Korenke? Don’t make me laugh, he calls it soccer. Gazidis….banker, and a poor one at that note the whole Chelsea revenue thing. PHW, Frair, Chips – all over 70.
    And Kam, our age of dominance has just been ’round the corner’ for the last five years.
    You think the corrupt directors and chiefs at UEFA are going to stop City/Chelsea/Madrid/Barcelona etc spending fortunes that make them fortunes in all kinds of advertising, television rights etc….wake up!

  54. goonerkam

    No CESE ,I don’t think uefa will do much to curtail the spending by the moneybag teams. I can only hope on that front. It seems though, that you are the one sleeping bro. You want to bring on board our own sugerdaddy and get on with being a cancer. On the body of the sport ,just like all the teams around us. A gangster no less who by all reports has blood on his hand. and throw away everything this club had stood for , in the last 125 years. NO THANK YOU. I WOULD LIKE TO SIPPORT A TEAM LIKE ARSENAL AND WHAT IT STANDS FOR.
    bring on the blackcats. It will be lights out ,at the STADIUM OF LIGHTS, before half time.


  55. don’t address any of my points.
    You just spout the standard Le Grove drivel and half(at very best)truths.
    Is Usmanov a football man?
    Good grief man.Why do you want football men running the business side?
    You arguments are ill thought out at best.

  56. goonerkam

    Good morning George.
    You get around so fast. Reminds. Of THEO. 🙂

  57. SuperCesc

    George, because the businessmen have done such a great job! The revenues are not ‘half truths’ they are there in black and white and Chelsea will soon overtake us despite being in a much smaller aged stadium. Perhaps because there backroom staff can organise commercial deals?
    Kam so fast it to reminds me of theo, good retort speed but frequently blazes the ball over or tries something he really shouldn’t that doesn’t pay off!
    George, if you would, i apologise if I’ve missed any of your question, if you’d like to give me a list I’ll have a crack at them.

  58. SuperCesc

    ‘There is this constant thing that the Emirates is bleeding the club, that we’ve got these repayments — it’s total crap – look at our accounts and you will see our net payments are £20m and the revenue increase from the new stadium is close to £50m. Explain to me how the stadium bleeds the club if it’s producing an extra £30m a year’
    That’s Danny Fizman on the stadium repayments compared to what it generates for us. You believe Danny Fizman right? Because i have to admit i thought that was the genius plan to begin with, a debt that pays for itself? So surely, surely our loss in revenue, or failure to capatalize and close the gap on fourth in the top ten (instead of being chased by sixth, quite similar to our season) must be a mistake uptop? Bad deals? Stupid contracts for the dross? Tottenham’s wage bill is half of ours and their squad looks a hell of a lot better and it physically destroys me to say that!

  59. SuperCesc

    Credit were credits due yesterday, three subs all worked, Aaron Ramsey the butcher of N5, those stats are freaky, scores bin laden dies, scores, steve jobs dies, scores, gaddafi dies, scores whitney houston dies….for shame aaron!

  60. Cesc
    I leave you with ‘Manchester City are jealous of the position we are in….’
    See the trouble is Cesc he 100% did not say that.
    As I recall he said something like “we are still in 3 competitions,City would love to be in 3 competitions” That is true ? No?They would love to be in the CL and FA cup.would they not?
    But you choose to perpetuate lies.If you say it 100 times people will believe he did say it .You probably believe it .But it is still a lie.And you are telling it.
    When our long term deals are up(the ones that restrict us commercially ,the ones that were done whilst Dein was here btw and IG had nothing to do with) we will pull away from Chelsea.
    Ivan was paid a bonus last year,That means he must have bettered his targets So why is he doing a bad job?
    Again he is doing a bad job ,because people who do not know what his job is ,says so.

    did you miss that or do you just want to keep on thinking Chelsea will catch us because of our poor management.?
    I think you probably do.

  61. SuperCesc

    But George his targets, what were those targets? Clearly they are not tough enough because Chelsea are catching are revenue stream up, they are within £1.2 Million of it now with a much smaller stadium! George i cannot fathom how you can argue against that! He has a brand new state-of-the-art stadium, 60.000 capacity, all the interest that brings, a much larger fanbase and history to play with and he’s losing a lot of ground.
    Revenue has nothing to do with debt either before anyone says that, it’s the money you make in the pot at the end.
    Thank god R&W holdings increased their stake today, I have to agree with Usmanov when it comes to Van Persie ‘hand him a blank cheque’ as opposed to our current models which saw us lose Adebayor, Nasri and Fabregas in recent years, add onto that Flamini and missed oppurtunities in some really special players who trialled here or were negotiated with and it fell through because a club offered more money. Cristiano Ronaldo is a great example, or will you say that is media bull and he never came here? Juan Mata? Gary Cahill? Those two are just this season.
    I think it’s not really on that the club are banging on about Eden Hazard now, we all know they have no intention of signing him. Don’t deflect AFC, actually answer the hanging questions. What are Ivan’s goals that he gets bonuses on top of his £1.7 Million wage per annum? What does Stan Kroenke think of the rapid decline of the club?
    And finally 3 competitions? What three? The EPL….wow. CL….even wower. FA Cup is the only realistic one.
    Could you answer me George how Tottenham are so far ahead of us this year with a wage budget half that of ours? Is it that Redknapp is better than Wenger? Levy better than Gazidis? Their squad better than ours?

  62. Rapid decline?
    Oh please.
    I give up.

    Go support Spurs then.

  63. SuperCesc

    Ahhh, the last refuge of the beaten, ‘go support Spurs then.’ Checkmate, was a good sparring match though George

  64. t

    Without wishing to stir things up amongst the locals the fact that we (Spurs) are ahead of Arsenal with (arguaby) a superior squad operating on half the wage budget does put rather a big hole in the arguments of the Wenger apologists who insist he is doing the best possible job with the resources available to him.

  65. goonerkam

    ” when it comes to RVP , just hand him a blank check”. lol. must be kidding me. Lol. would have thought he has never had a company of his own own and always was a employee. Of some one else, if I didn’t know any better. :-]

  66. goonerkam

    since .mr.Redknap took over at the totts. They are 4TH in the EPL as far as expenditures. Relating to TRANSFERS. Only two year ago they spent in excess of 155million on new players coming in. That’s about as much as ARSENAL spend on new players in six or seven years. Arsenal Is. Eighteen th on that. Table . spuds buy success. ARSENAL TRIES TO EARN THEIR WAY.. (;-).
    spuds— a flash in the pan. Simples.

  67. yido


    Indeed you are kam, indeed you are.

    Spurs generate their own money. We don’t have any outside investment like real sugar daddy clubs like Chelsea or City. Try and get that into your head.

    We have spent more than Arsenal in the past few years but then again so has everyone else.

    The fact is that Wenger has chosen to invest the large amounts of money at his disposal in wages.

    As has already been pointed out your wage bill is DOUBLE that of Spurs.

    If you brought your wages down to our level you’d have more money to spend on transfers, but then Wenger is obsessed with his perpetual youth projects, and you regularly blow other clubs out of the water when it comes to wages for youngsters. So much so that clubs twice, or three times as big as you can’t keep hold of their youth when Wenger starts making offers that their famiies can’t refuse.

  68. yido

    According to the latest Deloite money league Spurs have the 11th highest revenue in football.

    Yet we have one of the lowest wage bills amongst the big clubs. Half of that of our rivals Chelsea and Arsenal.

    Economy is about making the most of the resources available to you. We keep the wage bill low so we have money left over for transfers (welcome Eden Hazard) whereas you on the other hand invest almost every penny you can find in your Chelsea and City style wage bill.

    Both clubs do that generating their own money. That’s what makes your transfer spending league so pathetic.

    So what if we’ve spent more than you on transfers? You could have spent the same as us but you choose to invest it in wages instead.

    Neither is right or wrong as far as I can see. Both models are entirely admirable because they operate without being propped up by an outside investor. That’s quite a rarity these days.

  69. goonerkam

    What a moron and deluded TOTTedeler you are dildo. Delusional as well. Hazerd to totts. I’m having a laugh. All this is EDEN’S crying out to ARSENAL to come get him. He has never ever mention your second class club before. He has always mentioned ARSENAL on his comments. To the media before. He wants to play for us and we won’t go for him due to TRANSFER. FEES IN EXCESS OF 35MIL. he knows we can’t and won’t go for him and he gets frustrated. You want him go for it. Pocket change for Alan SUGER and your board. Lol.
    You can’t even afford that whore ARSENAL reject Adeeee. Go for Eden by all means. I would love to see the psg’s, chelski’s and Shittie$ of this world. Bend you over the table and have their way with you.
    So much Bolshevik in your post . But hardly worth it my time to bang heads with a dummy like you.twat. Open your eyes . WE CHOSE NOT TO BRING IN READY MADE. we chose to rely on our YOUTH PROJECT. we chose to have a long term vision. We chose NOT TO BUY SUCCESS AND FALSE GLORY. we chose this even though we can ,if we want too,, outspend any of the above basterd ,no history ,clubs. we chose not go be part of the cancerous growth you seem to want your club to be a part of. Don’t you dare compare. Model with me you fool. I’ll take you to the. Cleaners. You were nothing till three years ago when you spent enough in one year to make Roman and Mansour to blush. Top ten finish if at that. You will have to achieve. Consistently for the next fifty years to achieve. What we have now. This one year is nothing but A FLASH IN THE PAN. SEE YOU IN THE LOWER DIVISION IN THE NEXT FEW. YEARS. Just when our LONG TERM vision starts coming. To fruition, you FRUIT CAKE. You might persuade. Other weak minds but not this GOONER.

  70. SuperCesc

    If Tottenham sign Eden Hazard i will kill myself! Every Arsenal fan knows we should buy him, even Arsene Wenger has admitted it, if he lets this guy slip as he did Ronaldo then Wenger is a moron!
    And Kam, ‘would never have thought this guy had run his own business’ he’s far richer than you or i will ever be, he’s almost twenty times as rich as Kroenke, a major player in Blue Sky so I think he kind of knows what he’s talking about, if you compare your bank balance to his i think you’ll see what i mean.
    Thank God he now has a cast iron right to sit on the Arsenal board and to look at our books, that should make for some very interesting reading, finally someone who doesnt tow the ‘sustainabilty model’ line will be able to let us know what is really going on, is there money? Is there not? Is it being horded? Is Wenger refusing to use it? Answer WE DESERVE at last, its our club! Not there business play thing and have had enough, no way should Spurs have a better squad than us thery’r revenue stream isn’t even in the top twenty in Europe – ours is fifth!!! How on earth can Tottenham (with a far tighter wage structure than ours) be looking at Hazard and we’re not!
    Kompany, Enrique, Reina, Cech, Schwarzer, Jones, Yaya Toure, Juan Mata, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic, Drogba all players Arsene has let slide through his grasp!
    Drogba could have bought for £300 000! Didn’t.
    Yaya, he didn’t know where he would play him, was afraid of ruining others career so he let him go!
    Cristiano, he had three, THREE meetings with Ronaldo and his mother and failed to seal the deal!!!
    Wenger and the board just cannot make decisions! Mata this summer was the perfect example £18 Million excepted by Valencia and we waited to see what we’d get for Cesc, enter Chelsea. Get them out of our club!!

  71. yido


    So you are willing to discount the success of the ‘invincibles’ since the vast majority of your starting XI were brought for money from other clubs?

    Not to mention your current team. How many of your first eleven at the weekend did you again buy from other clubs for cash?

    Every single one of them.

    Your position is beyond absurd kam, but you do make me laugh, I’ll give you that much.

  72. yido

    Cesc “Spurs have a better squad than us thery’r revenue stream isn’t even in the top twenty in Europe – ours is fifth”

    Spurs are eleventh now.

    Although your point does still stand.

  73. SuperCesc

    yido i apologise but you know what i mean. Gazidis and wenger constant flirting with the idea with have no money and should be cautious is total crap! In the last seven years Arsenal have made the fifth most from the Champions League as well £299 Million!
    Your wages are half of ours but thats because guys like Diaby get 60k a week and Bendnter 52k a week.
    Anyway hopefully Usmanov getting to 30% yesterday means that he or at least David Dein will be back on the Arsenal board, David Dein a man who said ‘when i wake up in the morning and look in my mirror to have a shave i say the words ”must build the greatest team in the world” stamped across my forehead’ i think Ivan’s cranium has ‘must build greatest bank in Europe’.
    Basically Arsene’s excuses are out of gas now, there are very, very few Arsenal supporters left who back the current admin all the way to the hilt, rewinf a year or two and you would have been lambasted for speaking ill of our glorious leader.
    Times change but Wenger doesn’t, it’s player power now, player power and agent power.
    I still wouldn’t mind Andres Villas-Boas next year. I think he has the potentially to be the attacking version of Jose Mourinho he’s at the wrong club, wrong club, wrong owner, wrong players.
    Arsenal need to build around, Schez, Vermaelen, Sagna. Wilshere, Oxo, Van Persie add to that players like Arteta, Koscielny, prospects like Myiachi but add star power, Hazard, Gotze, Cavani, Hulk, Hamsick, Vertonghen blah blah
    Money’s there, we’re still one of the biggest clubs in Europe despite the current boards best efforts, no excuses anymore.

  74. goonerkam

    Cese, I tried my best to explain about the Uzbek lat April. You excepted then that the ARSENAL should cut their ties to this guy as soon as possible. Here we are ,almost a year down the line and you have come back harping about spending the way. All the teams around us do. I give up.
    we DON’T. own the club mate
    we are just supporters. We either chose to stay with them 100% or we are free to chose other clubs and miss out on European domination yet to come. We can’t demand shit from the board or AW. We either chose the long term vision they have for the club or move on. And to kill yourself over a transfer. Take it easy man. It is just football after all. Entertainment. Not. Worth your life or any other
    there will be exceptional players coming through. All the time. Eden will not be the first nor the last. If he is money. Motivated we will be out of luck. As many others. But I don’t think in a million years he will chose a club like Spuds. No way he will chose a club that hasn’t played champions league on the past twenty. Or so years. And he won’t come to us either, probably. 40mil for one player. Get real. We are not moneybags. And he knows it. Unfortunately, he will end up playing for one of the usual suspects. And that is what is pissing him off. For three years he had ARSENAL on his mind, and its not gona happen. End of.
    You make me laugh also . Tit for tat I guess. Or is it tit for TWOTT. 😉
    and don’t even mention the INVINCIBLES you dope. That legacy is just for us true gooners to cherish and enjoy. You just enjoy the temporary top four finish you will achieve. . At an incredible high cost of 250 mill over the last four years.

  75. SuperCesc

    The very very least i hope for is that someone from red and white holdings tells us what’s happening in terms of the books they will now get a look at.

  76. goonerkam

    sorry, that should have been
    Tit for. TOTT
    tit for twat (;-)

  77. SuperCesc

    Kam i have never ever said we should cut our ties to Usmanov, ever, i want him in – at least on the board.
    Hazard ‘money motivated?’ How about success motivated? How about excited about coming to a team where he knows he will have the players around him to win things?
    Why would you want to play for a team where the manager thinks he is the biggest thing at the club? Above critisicm, no one tells Arsene ‘No’ or this is not acceptable Arsene.
    Kam Spurs are pissing all over us this year! You think to be a true Arsenal fan you have to say ‘Spurs are shit, we’re much better.’ I’m going to the game against them in a couple of weeks and i fully expect to lose.
    That’s the first time i can remember thinking that.
    Does that make me less of a supporter than you? Hell no!
    Im a realist, if we get Champions League it’s because Chelsea have fittered away their points and we put in a string of decent games. Spurs are streets ahead of us Kam! And it makes me ill to say it!
    Modric, Bale, Parker, Van Der Vaart
    Arteta, Walcott, Song, Ramsey!
    Alright we have Van Persie, greatest striker on earth! If I was him I’d be telling my agent to put into any contract negotiations a list of players that Arsene wants to bring in to the club – and not a load of bullshit names he has no intention of signing!

  78. goonerkam

    the PRINCE will sign. He is no whore like Nasri. He owes us and AW FOR STANDING BY HIM THROUGH ALL HIS INJURIES. and if he doesn’t and goes for big payday, then I would be wrong.
    CESE, one game at a time. AC IS UP TOMORROW. wish the crew and AW well ,like a proper gooner. This much I expect from you mate. We will deal with the tottedlers when the time comes.

  79. SuperCesc

    I will always, always support Arsenal, Arsenal, not Arsene. I would never boo him or tell him ‘he doesn’t know what he’s doing’ but i will not partake in ‘only one Arsene Wenger.’ But absolutely, i repsect the Arsenal fans right to vent their fury but support your players, by all means let the ones who are slacking off know about it but get behind your club

  80. SuperCesc

    I knew wenger would bottle out of playing Oxlade tonight, ‘to give cover to gibbs apperently’….its worked well then

  81. SuperCesc

    So remember when i said Wenger is hopeless at tactics 😥

  82. yido

    Let’s hope Hazard wasn’t watching last night Kam!

    Your proposed “European domination” certainly seems…..unlikely, to say the least.

  83. goonerkam

    If and when he comes he will have to contribute. And earn it with what players we have available. It won’t be presented to him on a silver platter.
    And as far as last night, no one said it will be easy. We have a mountain to climb and it has more obstacles on it than any other team around. Everyone knows the road we have. Picked is longer and more arduous than those who chose to buy their glory or mortgage it. We are in it for the long haul and I for one believe in it and will be patient.
    You on the other hand ,concern yourself with your Thursday night games and when and if in ten years time you have even 70% of
    THE ARSENALS TROPHY HAUL, feel free to include yourself one of the big boys and come in to join discussions. Until. Then SPUTNIK, you are not to compare yourself to the GUNNERS.
    more comparable to chronic mid. Table teams. Like villa ,Everton and such. Enjoy the flash in the pan.

  84. yido

    Oh I am enjoying it thank you. For the record we were in the Champions League last season. We actually played AC Milan in the last 16 and knocked them out, beating them in the San Siro in the process.

    I don’t claim that Spurs are a bigger club than Arsenal. But we are a big club. We’ve won more European trophies than Arsenal or any other London club for that matter.

    We are doing things the right way, without any outside investment. We spend within our means, have a state of the art trainging centre being opened this summer and a new stadium on the horizon.

    Everything is in place for us to be an established top 6 club for years to come. We already have over 30,000 people on a season ticket waiting list. We have the 11th highest revenue in football, imagine where we’ll be in years to come with more Champions League football and a new stadium….

  85. goonerkam

    :). LOL

    Delusions of grandeur
    GET to where we are without spending. 250mill on transfer fees in less than four year and then COME TALK SHIT. till then ,wack a do wack a do , for. You. 🙂
    And for FFS change your name to something less loaded. Racially. That is. Ta Ta.

  86. yido

    And Kam, my old pal, do you not think it’s slightly hypocritical of you to talk about clubs who ‘chose to buy their glory or mortgage it’ when your club essentially sold the soul of their new stadium to the highest bidder?

    What’s the difference between you lining your pockets with Emirates oil money and what Man City are doing?

  87. yido

    Kam, we haven’t spent 250mill in the last four years. Do you even believe that yourself? Or do you just keep repeating it to make yourself feel better about the fact that we’ve overtaken you on the pitch?

    Everything we spend at Spurs is according to a set budget.

    Levy is a very shrewd operator and never risks the long term future of the club for short term gain.

    Check our financial results, we post a profit. Why? Because we only spend what we can afford.

    The fact that we post a profit WITHOUT outside investment entirely negates your attempt to belittle the progress we have made.

  88. yido

    I’m going to post this again for you kam because I don’t want you to miss it and I’m intrigued to hear your defense.

    ‘do you not think it’s slightly hypocritical of you to talk about clubs who ‘chose to buy their glory or mortgage it’ when your club essentially sold the soul of their new stadium to the highest bidder?

    What’s the difference between you lining your pockets with Emirates oil money and what Man City are doing?’

  89. goonerkam

    Where in the table did you end up before nappy head and his spending spree??? And we have soul. Probably the only team in top six that does. And I for one would have. Prefered to clsr a contract with another company than the Arabs and oil money. I wasn’t too thrilled with gallas and silvestra transfers either. But you can’t always get what you want. If I were you I would get rid of any ideas about matching the ARSENAL in building a new stadium or any area football related. You will end up getting administered. Or relegated. And you know it… in AW we have a visionary who did all that and KEPT US COMPETING TOO. And in a few years when 450 million is all paid off , that’s when we will. Fuck anyone in sight. We are the club. That had transformed the face of English football more than any other. AND YOU KNOW IT. Get over your inferiority complex and while you are at it, your obsession with the ARSENAL
    .UP. THE GUNS. !!!!! TOTTedler.

  90. goonerkam

    Asked and answered.

    And don’t you ever try to draw a line in sand for me. You are just below shitty, chelski and Liverpool. ..2006-2011.
    Three years ago ,in one year, you put even shitty to shame

  91. yido

    ‘Soul’ and ‘oil money’ do not go together I’m afraid. You took the money so you lose any pathetic claim to moral superiority you may aspire to.

    We’re not trying to match Arsenal with our new stadium, it’s just the natural progression for a club that sells out week in week out and with 30,000 + on the season ticket waiting list.

    As everyone knows in football, Levy is a financial genius, if and when we get the ground it will be because we can afford it. Unfortunately for you he’s the polar opposite of Peter Risdale. He’s a Jewish numbers whizz kid with a first in economics from Cambridge.

    Think where Spurs were 6-7 years ago. Who would ever have imagined that we could overtake Arsenal on the pitch without Man City style outside investment?

    No-one believed it, but Levy did. And he’s made it happen without selling our soul for oil money. That must really stick in craw Kam, it really must.

  92. yido

    Kam, your stats are bullshit mate, utter guesswork, I might make my own transfer spending league, stick Arsenal at the top of it and present it as proof.

    No-one knows what Spurs spend on transfers BECAUSE THEY ARE ALWAYS LISTED AS UNDISCLOSED.

    All we do know that is that while our playing staff improves, so does our revenue and our profits. All without outside investment. THAT is how you run an improving football club.

    How do think a ‘small club’ like Spurs could spend that kind of money and still stay in profit?
    We can’t afford to spend that kind of money. We’ve spent about 10 million since January 2010 for Christ’s sake!

    We did spend a bit in 2008 but we brought in about 80-90 million through selling Carrick, Berbatov, Defoe and Keane.

    That’s’ how football works, you buy and sell, hope to keep the playing staff improving and the finances in the black. Unfortunately for you Wenger is alright at the finances part, but not so good at improving the playing staff. Fabregas and Nasri out with Arteta and Gervinho coming in = the worst bit of business in transfer history. Not to mention Ballsacker, Park and Santos lol.

  93. SuperCesc

    Yeah but Yido they do have to tell the authorities, its just the media they can leave it undisclosed to, and of course HMRC know 😉
    And we didn’t sell out for the stadium, its a bone of real contention actually that Gazidis organised such a crap deal, Emirates pay £15 Million a season for the name of the stadium and having their names on our shirts, he locked us into that for about ten years!! When you think United’s DHL training kit deal nets them £20 Million a season over 4 years you see what i mean!
    I would much prefer Levy over Gazidis any day of the week, the fact a rookie like Ivan got anywhere near a club like Arsenal is disgraceful.
    You hold onto what you have Yido, but be warned, Usmanov got to 30% this week, that means more than likely your old foe David Dein will be back at the club sooner rather than later, the northerners have dominated football for a long time, perhaps when we get the Uzbek on the board and Dein it will be the turn of North London to rule the roost….i say North because i dislike the Chavs over in the West with a real passion! 🙂

  94. SuperCesc

    And i must pick you up on Santos! I think he’s actually alright, i don’t mind Clichy for Santos, his defending is a bit sketchy but as an attacking full back i think he’s one fo the best ive seen, great feet, great pace, great passing and can finish as well.
    Arteta wasn’t bad, it’s just he should have been playing WITH Fabregas last year instead of ‘replacing’ him.

  95. goonerkam

    Laugh at yourself and your club, dildo. The table is right there in front. Of you. Accomplish something before coming here and talking. Bolshevik. I m done with your sorry a••. :]

  96. yido

    Cesc, selling naming rights is a reality of modern football. Spurs will be doing the same.

    I’m just trying, one step at a time, too get Kam to realise that his claims of moral superiorty over the other clubs in the top 6 is way, way, way off the mark.

    I think the fact that he’s declined to comment furthur suggests that it might just have sunk in.

  97. goonerkam

    Dein made that deal not Ivan. He wasn’t. Even in the picture. And its AW that makes the decisions not Ivan. Even to this day. Even the board takes the back sit to the MAN. the ARCHITECT. LE PROFESSOR. it was the best deal at the time. DONT LOOK BACK. as far as players, whores will come and whores who will go. Can’t be right about the character. Of every player that comes in. And Fabregas gave us. Eight glorious years. No complaints. He decided winning the easy way was his future . Only regret the manner that he left and to the team that he went too. Its the adypaymores, and Na$ties of this world that piss me off. Weak fucking Basterds with no loyalty and no sense. Of who made them what they are.
    they deserve to play for the shit teams they play for . Good fucking radiance.

  98. SuperCesc

    Kam, Ivan Gazidis negotiated and signed off on the Emirates deals! He has the easiet job in world football, he has negotiated 8…8! commercial deals to Manchester Uniteds 20! And getting weaker on the field means we have less leverage when it come to negotiation.
    Im sorry mate but we are in decline, freefall and im not sure anyone at the club knows how to recover from this stall.
    I understand you are a passionate supporter of the club mate but you cannot defend the indefensible and what has happened to Arsenal this year is just that. Selling Fabregas and Nasri and bringing in Arteta and Gervinho! £20 Million spent to replace two players we got £60 Million for!
    Mert £7 Million, Santos £6Million, Park £2 Million (Lol), Benayoun Loan, Oxo £4 Million (possibly rising to £12Million).
    Mert just isn’t fast enough, good player, good defender but his speed lets him down, Santos i like, Park WTF, Benayoun WTF, Oxo i adore and should be in the team ahead of Forest Gump.
    Last January had we added Parker and a centre back, perhaps a youngen in Phil Jones who could cover across the back (rumour has it Jones had two meetings with Arsene Wenger in the summer) i think we’d have won the Carling Cup and pushed on to at least win the league.
    Now, we need MAJOR surgery.

  99. goonerkam

    Even with the massive undertaking of the new stadium, that guarantees is a marvelous future, we have come very. Close to winning the league and other cups. Damn close. If it wasn’t. For the Basterds. That came along and changed the landscape of football by trying to buy it, we would have run away with all them trophies. AND YOU KNOW IT. even if we have TWO potential SUGAR daddies, we won’t play that game and won’t be a cancer of the body of this sport. AW will not allow it. It will be done the right way and in due fucking time.
    MORALLY. SUPERIOR. god damn right. We are and I wouldn’t have it any other way. You wish to have had a club that doesn’t sell out its history/tradition and its future. You all wish for club like ARSENAL & AW. long live the ARSENAL in the top leagues and thank god for the person who made it possible.

  100. yido

    but you’re not morally superior are you?

    your club sold its soul just like every other team who tries to compete.

    The only top division who could lay genuine claims to moral superiority is Athletic Bilbao. they only play and sign Basque players and they’ve never been relegated in their history. That’s some achievement.

    Kind of puts you to shame when you consider that every one of your starting XI who played against Sunderland were brought in from another club for money because your own glorious youth products aren’t good enough.

  101. goonerkam

    Hay Cesc, I’m ok. In it for the long haul. Just hate ass••••• that come on over after a painful lose and try to gloat. Fuck that .ill put him in his place everytime. What a nasty obsessive personality some have. Same as the shit for brains who boo their own players in the MIDDLE OF A GAME. MANURE GAME NO LESS. fucking Aholes. Hope they fucking jump ship . The halfass sons o bitches. The club doesn’t. Owe them anything and doesn’t want them anywhere close to the stadium. Shameless Basterds booing the man in the stadium built on his vision and most of the boards. Piss off the bin baggers.

  102. SuperCesc

    Kam, i gotta say though, I think Wenger’s times up now, whether he moves upstairs or not remains to be seen. Did you see how he looked in the dugout in the San Siro? No water bottle throwing, no tantrums just resignation – and ive never heard him attack his players like that before describing it as ‘the worst performance’ he’s ever seen

  103. goonerkam

    I couldn’t be PROUDER of the crew that play for us and the club I support. These young men that get mauled to death at the hand of 30-40-50 million dollar mercenary pricks. Broken limbs and all. They are putting out sweet and blood and I won’t abandon them.
    As far as your concerned, your club joined the game the cancers where. Playing when nappy joined you and started spending like he always does. Administration. And next step. Relegation. But your use to it. You been there. SELL YOUR SOUL FIRST AND THEN TAKE YOUR ASS TO THE CORNER TO SELL THAT TOO. DELUSIONAL. GLOATER.

  104. goonerkam

    He will move up when the time is right and he has accomplished what he and the board set out to years ago. Till then he will endure and differ like we all do . I just worry for his health. We have no money to bring the superstars in yet. So any replacement to AW will be in the same boat as he is. And don’t forget, the majority of our players signed due to him and if he is forced out ,they will be gone too. So I’m staying with and when the debts. Are paid and we can compete on apple to apple bases with these fuckers then we will overtake them and leave them in the dust. WHO GIVES A SHIT ABOUT A BOUGHT TROPHY AND FALSE GLORY ANYWAYS. I DONT WANT ONE. DO YOU??.

  105. yido

    Kam you have a very….peculiar outlook on the game.

    You talk about mercenaries but do you not realize that you take young prospects off the hands of the clubs who brought them up by OFFERING THEM MORE MONEY?

    The only difference is those clubs give the money to the top pro’s wheras Wenger gives head-spinning contracts to his flock of younglings.

    You do realize that your wage bill is astronomical? Comparable to Cities and Chelsea’s? Double that of Spurs who you have the nerve to accuse of trying to buy success.

    You make as if Arsenal are like Dr Barnado’s FC. Some charitable organization where players play for free and out of the goodness of their hearts.

    It’s pathetic really. Cesc see’s right through it, that much is obvious.

    But it’s all fine by me. I hope you keep the faith and that Wenger stays so he can lead you into the Europa Cup next season.

    The last thing I want is a competent manager coming through the door at Arsenal. You might actually be a threat to us then.

  106. SuperCesc

    Kam we have over £100 Million int he bank generating interest, whihc looks good on kroenke’s portfolio. All his sports clubs fail on the field, look him up.
    The American press has got wind of this storm now, the Denver post has run an article on Stan getting mauled over here so change is coming like Bob Dylan says:
    ‘Your old road is rapidly agin’, please get out of the new one if you can’t lend your hand, the times they are a’changin’ very fitting for Arsenal

  107. yido

    A Bob Dylan fan?

    You continue to rise in my estimation Cesc!

    I think Kam should listen to some Blood on the Tracks or Blonde on Blonde.
    It may civilize him a little.

  108. SuperCesc

    Bob Dylan is the man, desolation row i think is one of the best written songs ever!
    ‘Cinderella she’s seems so easy, well it takes one to know one she smiles and she puts her hands in her back pockets, bettie davis style, here comes romeo moaning, you belong to me i believe, and someone says your in the wrong place my friend, you better leave! And the only sounds that left, after the ambulances go, is cinderella sweeping up on, desolation row’ i think is my favourite verse of any song, just an amazing wordsmith.
    Bit of topic but….theres always time for a bit of Dylan, still breaking down barriers with his music ey? 😉

  109. goonerkam

    Stan and the board are on the same wavelength with AW. SUSTAINABILITY. AW does. NOT want to play the game others are playing. He has respect for the sport ,others don’t. All they care about is winning at whatever cost. and don’t fall for this fools lines. Hypothetically speaking, if AW was to be forced out ,there are at least ten clubs and national teams. , TTOWTS INCLUDED, the would want him to come in and do what he did for us. For ARSENAL
    the club and the project he loves. He had been offered more than double what he get with us but he is a man of honor and high morals. And he LOVES THE ARSENAL. As opposed to the whore that is twitchey. Two clubs he had put in relegation and administration and if the right offer came along ,he will fuck the TOTTS TOO.
    Moral superiority??? GOD DAMN TIGHT ER HAVE IT AND NO ONE ELSE.
    ARSENAL ,by. The way had the number one youth development in the EPL and probably in top five in Europe, thanks to AW. look around the league, . It is full of ex gunners who unfortunately where. Not good enough to play for us . No one else comes close.and yes , we do buy young prospects from other teams with the blessings of the player and club since they either reach a dead end with their current club or said club needs the funds for their operations . NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. another miss DILDO.

  110. yido

    Hi Kam. Wasn’t the same negotiation reached for the transfer of
    Nasri and Fabregas since they both felt they had reached a dead end at Arsenal?

    Both clubs and both players had to agree to the terms for the transfers to go through.

    The only difference is, for the first time, you know what it’s like to be on the recieving end of losing your best young players. And you don’t like it, you don’t like it all.

    I suppose you think the selling clubs were delighted to lose their best talent before they’ve even kicked a ball in the first team to a team who offer wages they can’t match?

    Get real.

    The football world is dog eat dog. You fuck the little clubs to get where are you are and the big clubs fuck you to get where they are.

    If you still think, in light of that, that you’re somehow morally superior to the clubs who can afford to take your players off you because have they happen to have more money then I’m afraid you’re sorely mistaken.

    You keep up with this line of argument and you just come off as a rank hypocrite. there is no difference between what you do to a small French club who have brought up an exciting young player and what City have done, and will do again, to you.

  111. goonerkam

    You don’t know football and you don’t know Dylan. At least I see him once in. A while in the synagogue he built for the community here. See how stupid you look now. Comparing our deals with players we buy to shitty and yourself and chelski. ??? you are as clueless as fifteen year old on his first real date. Try not to put it in your own mouth.. 🙂

  112. goonerkam

    no ones turning anyone’s arm to come play of the ARSENAL you cretin. The interest is always mutual and its hardly about money. It about AW and wanting to play for a club THAT HAS AND WILL TRANSFORM THE FACE OF FOOTBALL DOMESTICALLY AND INTERNATIONALLY. SIMPLES….. END OF… listen to the words of standout players in the media everyday. Its a cry of help ,COME AND GET ME ARSENAL ,PLEASE. COME , I WANT TO PLAY IN YOUR SETUP. Who the hell is man united or spuds for that matter.

  113. goonerkam

    and one last thing DILDO. the proverbial. Dagger on your heart. YOUR CHAIRMAN, MR. DANIEL. LEVY , OF FAMED TOTTERINGHAM HOT SPUDS IS A. CONFORMED

    Hope it didn’t sting too much. You will forget this pain, of betrayal, when you grow up. No doubt.


  114. SuperCesc

    A lot fo Arsenal fans are coming up with an interesting tactic on other blogs, attack Kroenke, even though the majority of fans out there now know Wenger has lost it there are still same (yikes) who think Arsene Knows Best. Attacking Arsene in the ground (not literally of course) will cause a divide amongst fans and no one wants that.
    Attacking kroenke is a much better way, i think near on every Arsenal fan must at least have a dislike/mistrust for him if not hatred. And its all relative because gettign rid of him will see Usmanov buy his shares.
    Kroenke realises that the fans don’t want him, he sees his business venture (because that’s what it is, he has done nothing footballistically since arriving) go up in smoke as fans refuse to fill the ground, merchandising goes down, site traffic.
    Suddenly Usmanov will pitch up with an offer hundred and hundreds of millions of pounds for his 60 odd per cent and he’ll take it and scuttle back off to America to buy another MBL or NHL, or NFL team to add to his collection.
    Remember that gooners, we are one of a collection of clubs that are not doing very well on the pitch yet all have these sustainable business models!
    Usmanov in will see the arrival of Dein and then it owuld be up to a guy like Ivan Gazidis to decide if he wants to stay in a commercial role, in a team with some of Usmanov’s Blue Sky guys or if he wants to follow Silent Stan to the USA. Couldn’t care less really i think Ivan has been an awful signing for Arsenal.
    Wenger is tricky, if loves working with Dein, his yang to his ying but i don’t think he’ll like working for a guy like Usmanov who WILL hold him accountable for on field performnaces, WILL NOT let him dabble in finances and the commercial side and will be charged with winning something every year and having to spend a large slice of money on transfers.
    Not only to increase our potentcy as a force but to increase our internartional exposure.
    Arsenal sign £30 Million Hazard would be news for days on end, increases your exposure, Wenger loves Neymar, he’s said so he thinks he’s the perfect player. Usmanov would hand Arsene all of Arsenal disposable cash in theory he coudl go and get the players of his dreams thus more exposure, more winning, more trophies (can’t exactly be less of them) and more revenue.
    8-2 United, 4-3 Blackburn, 4-0 AC Milan have set wheels in motion that neither Kroenke, nor Gazidis, nor Wenger can stop now. Dropping out the FA Cup and losing to Tottenham at home would probably finish the current admin off.

  115. goonerkam

    So that we can be exactly like all the others around us. Brilliant.

    Rest assured, this won’t come to pass.the powers that be won’t sell us out to the UZBEK DARK HAND. why change course now when we are almost at the finish line. illogical.

  116. SuperCesc

    hahahahaha, kam what? Almost at the finish line? With total averageness and thursday nights awaiting us – at best? I admire your ‘brighter side’ style of looking at Arsenal but it’s game over Kam. They’ve had seven years to make project youth work, to make the ‘sustainable business model’ work and its has failed massively! No trophies and now the one goal Arsene Wenger is targetted with each year which in itself is an absolute joke is under extreme threat. Fabregas is now Arteta, Nasri – Gervinho, what’s next Van Persie replaced by Walcott.
    Sad news though, Guss Hiddink has gone to Anzi 😦 I wanted him as Arsenal manager desperately!

  117. SuperCesc

    Quite the opposite of ambition reading statements from Ivan Gazidis and Peter Hill-Wood make me think they have been planning a gradual drop in expectations since our move to the Emirates ‘dropping out of the champions league would not be a financial disaster’ of course not Peter because you have been hording money for the past three or four years! And anyway what about in terms of football? Living up to the history of the club?! Having some accountability at long last for shoddy results! Arsene answers to no one! Ivan answers to no one, neither does Peter Hill-Wood, there’s no one there telling them this simply is not good enough.
    If they are not up to the job thats fine, it’s not their fault, but bugger off!
    Telegraph have an interesting article, you vote for the players you want rid of, so far it looks like:
    Are for the chop, if it were up to the fans anyway, add to that obviously Bendtner and Denilson who we were unable/unwilling to actually sell.
    What an absolute mess our club is in.

  118. yido

    Hey kam, the, by all accounts highly reliable, France Football confirmed today that they believe Hazard is off to Spurs as they are the only club who can offer him guaranteed first team football and a chance to play in the Champions League.

    It’s gonna hurt you so bad when he actually signs, we already have a quality team, with Hazard we will be awesome.


  119. goonerkam

    He is a special player and I would love for him for the club of his choice (ARSENAL) which he hasn’t stopped. Talking about for two years. But I won’t be hurt st all if he goes elsewhere and I’m sure it’s not going to a second rate club like yours either. SEE YESTERDAYS POSTS. mother one of us is stopped or rich enough to get into a bidding war with the REAL money bags. We won’t spend 40million on principal on any one player and you, your just a wane be like money bag teams. You don’t star a chance. get it through your thick delusional head. you will lose a bidding war. EVERY TIME.

  120. goonerkam

    All EDAM is doing is showing his knickers around to get us to make a move. Sadly he is out of our range. Anyway we have. JACK WILSHIRE. NOT TOO SHABBY.

  121. yido

    Hi kam. If you read Eden’s recent quotes you will see he has stated quite clearly that he wants to play for a club where he is guaranteed playing time.

    he won’t get that at Madrid or Barca. Nasri’s predicament at City would suggest he won’t get it there either. The same principle could also be applied to Chelsea (Lukaku) and Utd don’t seem to be in the running at all.

    He’s said he wants to come to England, so that leaves Spurs and Arsenal. You are going downhill fast and probably won’t even be in the CL next season.

    So, that just leaves the mighty Spurs. A fine choice for young Eden if I may be permitted to say so. I’m sure he thinks we’ll do the same for his career as we have for Bale and Modric, polishing them from rough diamonds to flawless gems.


  122. goonerkam

    Hahaha. &. Haha
    You mean the same modric that is being forced,yes forced to play for you. If you believe this shit you write you are dummer and more delusional than if thought. Maybe in your drug induced dreams you will over take us as an organization and/footallisticly. Enjoy the flash in the pan buddy. By next year this time all your castles will be crushing down all around you. By all means make him an offer and see the other.teams come in late and make fools out of you. They will bend you over the table and spank your poor wanebe ass. by the way you think MR. DANIAL LEVY AND HIS SON might renew their season tickets to the ARSENAL this season??
    Seriously, we can use the PR and I can sure. Use a laugh.
    UP THE GUNS OF. ARSENAL!!!!!!;! spudnik

  123. SuperCesc

    Tbf Yido he did say this morning ‘Arsenal of course is of great interest, they have a lot of French players a French manager and of course my international partner Thomas Vermaelen there already. They play the football I like’ having already visited our ground to watch a game earlier in the season and loved the Emirates (as did Mario Gotze another target).
    With Wenger, Gazidis and Kroenke at the helm you would probably snatch him, but if Dein comes back in as is expected along with a much more influential Alisher Usmanov the balance of power will return to the status quo.
    Tottenham have made leaps and bounds under Ol’Twitchy no doubt about it, this season you ar eplaying much, much better attacking football than us and your passing is much better.
    However as much as a compliment as that is it’s also a sever denigration of Arsene Wenger, Kroenke and the Arsenal Board for allowing the rot that we all saw (look back over the years on here to the articles I’ve written) to set in and eat away at the core of this club.
    You have got to imagine Tottenham with Arsenal’s shite board in charge, imagine selling Modric and Bale and not replacing them, then imagine one of your two remaining real quality players being injured for the entire season – then imagine that your whole defence continuously gets injured and never settles because of it.
    We have had a tough year, however I believe the reason you’re having success is A) the quality of players like Modric (who you did excellently to hang onto to), Bale, Parker and Van Der Vaart B) A great bit of business by Harry with Ade-Pay-Me-More as much as i hate him. Your not even paying his wages so, quids in….literally! C) Buying players like Kranjcar, Saha, Pienaar etc not necessarily household names or stars but sat on your bench, boy-oh-boy your squad has depth. Wenger would have said they do not improve our starting eleven, quite right (though they might now) but that’s not the point! £3.5 Million for Pieenar is great business 10X the player Forest Gump is. D) Levy has to reign in Harry, Harry tracks his targets (Guissepi Rossi) and asks for them and Levy decides if he can do it. If not he’ll try and find a suitable alternative (Adebayor).
    Might seem strange I’m ‘praising’ Tottenham and it is. I hate Tottenham as much as the next gooner and hope we royally stuff you next week! But, I can’t call you sell outs (who have you sold out to?) or Manchester City, if you’ve spent your money fair enough.
    I fucking wish Arsene would spend the fortunes at his disposal at the fifth highest grossing club in Europe! Im sick of this bullshit from Arsene the board and Arsenal fans about being morally superior because we pay shite like Diaby 60 000 a week to do nothing instead of booting him out (along with a load more) and paying the money for real talent!
    Someone show me how to polish moral superiority and put it in a trophy cabinet! Who gives a toss? We’re a football club, not Ghandi here to educate the world on rights and wrongs. I don’t work all week, shell out money to go and watch a load of disinterested Arsenal players on big fat salaries kick a ball around.
    You ask the average Arsenal fan would you rather have a summer that see’s Gotze, Hazard and Vertonghen arrive and you kick on to win something. Or be morally superior and buy no one and repeat the last seven years! I’m sick to death of it, and im sick to death or Arsenal supporters afraid to have a go at the only thing they’ve ever known.
    If we are the only team doing it this way (in the top flight aside from Borussia Dortmund) what does that tell you??? It doesn’t work!!

  124. goonerkam

    Hahaha SC, beginning to feel that maybe you are on DEIN AND USMONOFS PAYROLL
    JUST KIDDING OF COURSE. I know it’s frustrating. Just bear with the plans. Or the easy way, find another team or organization that is more in line with your level of morality. Be sad to lose any gooner but you have to think of your health also.

  125. yido

    Kam, you’re embarrassing yourself with this talk of ‘morality’. Honestly, just stop it.

    I’ve already pointed out your preference for ripping off small clubs for their best talent (at least Man City have the decency to pay top dollar when they take a player off you).

    Aside from that your wage bill is £124.4 million per annum yet you only have one world class player!

    Cesc has already mentioned Diaby being on a 60 grand a week wage. How many other below average players are the moralists at Arsenal turning into multi millionaires?

    To put your vulgar, exorbitant and quite frankly ‘immoral’ spending into perspective, the team who are currently ten points ahead of you in the league have a wage bill of roughly £67m!

  126. SuperCesc

    Kam I wish i was on Usmanov’s payroll! I’d be set for life, just spread the word on blogs for a few Million a year….so Usmanov if your reading 🙂

  127. yido

    Oh yeah, not to mention the fact that Arsenal charge their fans what I believe is the second highest ticket prices in world football!

    Just where is this ‘morality’ exactly? because it’s not evident in your dealings with other clubs (one of the reasons you won’t get Hazard is because you shitted all over Lille when you signed Park).

    It’s clearly not evident in the way the fans are bled dry for the privilege of watching their team.

    You don’t have any loyalty to the historical Arsenal as an English football club (Wenger has completely destroyed, much to your detriment, any semblance of an English identity, you’re more French than Englsh now).

    So what is this quality that makes you so morally superior to every other club?

    Really, I’m all ears.

    (advance warning; if you say ‘because we’re Arsenal and we’re the best’ then I may be forced to regard you as an idiot)

  128. goonerkam

    Who is embarrassed? Not me haha. I love my ARSENAL. best fucking club in the world if you ask me and no. ROOSTERS on our kits. Lol.
    I will hang on to my supposed moral superiority, and you hang on to your TOTTdelers. You will NEVER achive anything anywhere equal to our titles and our history. Long live the GUNNERS. and long live. LEVY THE GOONER. LOL.
    TA TA

  129. goonerkam

    Hahaha CESC, I think I know. You better than that. You are neither a YES MAN nor a. MADE MAN. you won’t be very happy selling your soul to the. Devil. 🙂

  130. goonerkam

    Lol, DILDO you are such a revisionist little basterd. Today’s ARSENAL in its new glorious reincarnation is all due to the clubs long term vision and we are very lucky to have the perfect man ,a visionary in his own right, in AW to be leading the cause. You wish in your wildest wettest dreams to have a person like him at your dysfunctional. Club. Lol. With a president of the board who is a confirmed season ticket holder. And his gooner son too. Talk about embarrassing. Take your gloating and right piss off. Spudnik. 😛

  131. yido

    Hmmmm, I freely admit that Spurs are a smaller club than Arsenal. I’ve been through the bad times and I’m not naive enough to think (unlike you with your claims of ‘european domination’) that we’re guaranteed any good times in the future. For that reason I’m able to enjoy our current success in the present, and when you consider the resources of the clubs we compete against it most certainly is success.

    Football is, and always has been, about what happens on the pitch. That’s why we fell in love with the game. If we beat Arsenal them I’m over the moon, if we lose then I’m gutted. Same with the final standings in the table.

    To try and shift achievement from what happens on the pitch to financial results, or even worse, something as intangible as morality is beneath contempt to be quite honest.

    Why? Because you’ve had the good times, more good times than most, and if you only accepted that you’re not very good now, for reasons of your own doing such as poor use of resources as pointed out with your astronomical wage bill, then I think you’ll find you will go back to enjoying football for what it is, rather than for what Wenger has brainwashed you into believing it is which is apparently some kind of virtue pissing contest, where only the biggest hypocrites are granted admittance.

  132. goonerkam

    Your a good supporter DILDO, delusional but a good supporter. I do enjoy my football. Both watching it and playing it and teaching it. And financial stability does translate into success on the pitch. And yes I am blinkered by the club I support. We are one of only a handful teams in the. World holding up the virtous honorable side of football. We are a super special team with a glorious past a present. AND THE BEST IS YET. TO. COME.
    So go on . Hide your wives, sisters and mothers. In a short time we will be playing domination on your behind and any other club fool enough to stand in our way. WE ARE SET FOR THE NEXT ONE HUNDRED YEARS. ARE YOU??
    IN the words of the immortal. MR.T
    I. PITTY THE FOOLS THAT DARE STAND IN OUR WAY.. have a blessed weekend all. And enjoy the pure game. THE BEAUTIFUL GAME.
    stop the money bag teams now.. cancers one and all.

  133. Spurs are doing well.They may finish above us for the first time in Arsene’s tenure.
    Dont see what the fuss is about myself.
    Why should it not happen once in a lifetime.?
    Perhaps the stars have aligned or some such shit.

  134. Perhaps Spurs will win a cup or something And then go into adminisration twice in two years.
    Harry has form you know

  135. goonerkam

    Hahaha, tag team. Now u in trouble.
    Good old harry, you can set your watch by him. Its fuckup time. Or is it ,WAMBAM THANK YOU MA,AM. I hear AVB IS available as of today DILDO. why not give him a call.

  136. yido

    Kam, old buddy, The Mighty Spurs are one of those ‘handful (of) teams’ ‘holding up the virtuous honorable side of football’ too.

    We compete with Shiekh’s and Oligarchs without outside investment while posting a profit. That’s some achievement and one that doesn’t deserve to be belittled even in the midst of rival club partisanship.

    I respect Wenger for the titles he won, the football he plays and his economic vision, we pretty much copied the economy side after all. At Spurs the last straw for Levy was Rebrov. From then on he only invested money in young players with sell on value, that secures the financial future of the club and keeps the playing staff fresh and youthful.

    But Wenger has his faults too. Scouring the globe for the best young talent is good for you but the smaller clubs always suffer. There is no virtue to be found there.

    He also seems to have a blindspot when it comes to constructing a new team. his best sides inheritted a character from the old dour George Graham days which served to add steel to Wenger’s silk.

    That is gone now, it’s been gone for years. All the fans and pundits scream out for strength and experience but he won’t compromise.

    That is obstinacy for me and it isn’t serving the club well.

    Look at Fergie, he admits that he has had to adapt to stay relevant. That’s something Wenger seems incapable of doing and the longer he fails to remedy this, the more harm will be done to the club and to his legacy.

  137. SuperCesc

    you know what kam i think AVB is actually quite a decent manager who just made a terrible call in the summer, he should’ve stayed at Porto for a couple more seasons.
    Can’t remember where i heard it this week but someone said ‘Chelsea have been through X amount of managers in the last few years and guys like John Terry, Frank Lampard and Didier Drogba have always remained, they need to change it up.’ Very true, Villas-Boas wanted to sign guys like Falcao, Modric and Pastore but for whatever reason couldn’t.
    Anyway, I think he’ll come good, I maintain Chelsea are the most boring team to watch, I would probably go to any other ground in the Premiership (and possible Championship) rather than watch a game at the bridge. I pray to God that the Sturridge rumours are true, what a belting player! Oxo and Sturridge playing together, young, fast, agile, quick feet an eye for goal and can easily change positions all over the attacking third. Wouldn’t say no, but we cannot award Walcott a new contract, Wenger has to tell him you have until May to prove to me why we should give you a 4 year deal (and even then he shouldn’t get close to £90 000 a week!).

  138. SuperCesc

    Yido I think to be honest that’s a very good point, adapt to survive or become forgotten in the pages of football history

  139. goonerkam

    Good enough buddy. Keep following. And coping the ARSENAL MODEL. you might archive a portion of the success we have had. But remember. The MASTER will never teach all his tactics to the student and as such you will always be in our shadows. Just stop being a wanebe anything. You are not shitty, chelski nor manure. Find your own way. As far as ferret. Face Ferguson, give me 850million and mortgage. The club to the hilt. Jeperdising its very future and I will buy you some cups and titles too. He is NOTHING special…

  140. SuperCesc

    “When you don’t win anything for years, people understand why you leave like Cesc Fabregas. Football is all about winning. If you don’t win you want to go. I don’t know Robin personally but I remember him from Holland and what a talent he was — now he is complete.’
    Zlatan Ibrohimovic on Robin Van Persie and saying that he should ‘go’. Makes you angry, wanted to grab his ponytail and tell him to STFU. But what’s worse? He’s right, we all know it to. Fabregas has strolled into that Barcelona team played all over the place and not had an injury. We let him go for the price of Andy Carrol 😦

  141. goonerkam

    I know. I was concerned with AVB move to chelski over the summer.thank god he is in the wrong team at the wrong time. Bunch of toxic old pensioners. Agreed also on DANIEL S. his is a explosive player and a gooner to boot. I like THEO . I want him to settle. Down and play. He was great last year and suffered. Some this year due to our completely. Overhauled midfield. But it is his time. Mo doubt. Hunker down and knockem in WALCOTT. DO IT.

  142. goonerkam

    Shit happens CESC. he wanted to go and only to BARFA. I say thanks for the years and good by. AW LOVED HIM LIKE HIS OWN SON. he was never ever going yo force him to stay ala modric. Players are human beings aftersll not slaves. It was like a dagger on AW back when he realized. He will lose the one player. The team was built around. Adyee and Na$ri are just whores. Enough said

  143. SuperCesc
    February 18, 2012 at 1:39 am
    Yido I think to be honest that’s a very good point, adapt to survive or become forgotten in the pages of football history

    Like Harry adapted at Portsmouth?

  144. Cesc.This could have been written especially for you.Enjoy

  145. SuperCesc

    Yeah george I read that yesterday, like i told you i read everything any news sites can offer me about Arsenal. Just another journalist (of whom the number is dwindling) who call us ‘ungrateful’ and that ‘we’ve had years of Wenger’s successes. But as Robbie Savage pointed out (I know!) when you start reminiscing you know the manager’s time is up.
    Why should we be grateful? Grateful we pay the second highest ticket prices in Europe so guys like Johan Djourou and Abou Diaby can have big fat contracts?
    Like it’s Wengers club and he’s so kind as to allow as entry into his mad-hatter world?
    I see the club spouting their crap about who they’ll sign has started early this year. They normally wait until our dismal March until they start feeding us ‘Wenger knows what has to be done’, ‘Wenger eeady to offload fopls and bring in star trio’ what a load of cobblers! He will do exactly what he’s done over the past 8 windows sweet FA!
    You guys be grateful to Wenger, George, Kam if you think Arsene knows best then cool, good for you guys and would not try and disuade you from that it is totally your opinion and you are 100% entitled to it.
    What i don’t like is the fans who have expectations of one of the best paid managers in the world, expectations of a billionaire American, expectations of a very well paid CEO getting smashed for being ungrateful!
    We’re not a family, we’re not here to live off what Wenger last did in 2005, we’re not a business nor a bank. We are a football club, and football clubs strive to win things.
    You want to be Aston Villa? Everton? Liverpool? Newcastle? And win nothing, that’s cool I want the club I love to be one of the dominating powers in Europe.
    Time for change and if Wenger can’t do it or won’t, he needs ot get the hell out of the way of progress!
    One of my mates put it best about Wenger he said ‘Wenger’s kinda like that moment you take your Grandad into a shop and he see’s a iPad for £800 – ”how bloody much?!” he’d shout thinking it’s ridiculous to pay £800 for such a thiing when he has a Dell from the mid 90’s at home that will do some of the things the iPad does only a lot slower and with less power. Wenger does the same when he sees £25 Million for Mario Gotze and then remembers he has an Abou Diaby at home.’
    Brilliantly put, exactly right!

  146. SuperCesc

    George did you get a chance to read any of the stuff from Bergkamp? Adams? And especially Petit? Guys much more in the know about our club than any of us and certainly any snotty media outlets

  147. Yes Cesc I have read all of what they say and you can add the criticism of Winterburn ,PV4,Keown and Dixon.
    But here is what you ignore ,They all ,to a man ,say Arsene is the best man for the job ,he should continue as manager and he is the best they have known.So do you just accept it when they are critical of some of the clubs policies and ignore what they actually say about Arsene Wenger?Because that what it looks like to me .Dennis Bergkamp said “I really fear for Arsenal when Arsene leaves”
    What is your answer to that?

  148. SuperCesc

    That is their opinion. They all owe Arsene a lot and were at Arsenal during the glory days. But a bit like Henry got universally panned by the papers and fans after his outburst against the fans at Swansea; we stayed, we are forever, they are not.
    Henry went to Barcelona, why?
    Fabregas went to Barcelona, why?
    Nasri went to Manchester City, why?
    Clichy went to Manchester City, why?
    It’s easy for them to sit there with their winners medals from their respective clubs and say ‘oh arsene is such a great man, he’s the man to lead Arsenal out of this mess.’ What they forget is that HE is the man who led us into this mess, it’s the very least to expect him to walk us out of it and then say goodbye!
    Even guys like Venables who has backed Wenger year after year today said in his column I’m starting to side with the fans who want him out.
    ‘Arsenal players must repay fans’, ‘Arsene Wenger demands a reaction from Milan defeat’ yeah yeah yeah we’ve heard it all before.
    Johan Djourou tells ‘we can do better, we owe the boss’ could be an article from any point in the last three years.
    George, no other manager of a top flight team, with the fifth highest grossing revenue in Europe, with a huge fan base, huge history and huge stadium would have been allowed to have gone 7 years without a trophy. Not just that but outrightly refusing to budge from his philosophy of buy young sell high.
    We’re a selling club, banking £60 Million from Fabregas and Nasri and using a tiny slice of it tells you that, add on Clichy and Eboue as well. We did the same with Adebayor and Toure and the former now is one of the reasons the spuds have totally overtaken us!

  149. SuperCesc

    I don’t want it to sound like I’m arguing with you buddy cause I’m not, i respect your opinion but i just feel Arsene is a great man, was a great manager but you cannot stop progress, you either move with the times which he outrightly refuses to do or you get left behind. But i wish he would go before he tarnishes his beautiful legacy

  150. Yes Cesc but the times are owners who write off a billion pounds .Arsene is not able to compete with that.
    If you remove the oil money from the game we are always second .Apart from this season when the Spur’s stars have aligned and one season where Liverpool shone
    It is you that has not understood how things have changed ,Not Arsene,he knows

  151. yido

    So Arsenal are as strong as ever it’s just that you been outmuscled by the oil money clubs?

    What about your thrashing on Wednesday night then?

    Or your mauling at OT?

    You think the best Arsenal teams of years gone by would have ever put in such gutless performances?

    You talk about Spurs ‘one season’, but we knocked AC Milan out of the Champions League last season, with an inferior team to the one we have today.

    So what does that say about the Arsenal side who got humiliated by Milan on Wednesday?

  152. Yido It says it was a bad night.
    The oil money has changed the game ,We are weaker because it has taken our players and the opportunity to get players that previously would have come to us.
    You cant see that?
    Yes we are weaker .
    For now.Who is disputing that?
    For the first time in two generations Spurs may finish above Arsenal.Hardly something to wet your knickers about,

  153. SuperCesc

    ‘It is you who has not understood how things have changed, Not Arsene, he knows’
    George 4, 200 fans travelling back from Sunderland might just disagree with you, utter fucking disgrace. And I don’t normally like using foul language but Arsene Wenger and the current board should be fucking ashamed of themselves

  154. yido

    George, the game has changed and Wenger hasn’t.

    It’s not just the oil money that has had an impact on your recruitment policy. 15 years ago Wenger was way ahead of the game when it came to his continetal contacts and it showed with the players he managed to bring in.

    Today the whole of Europe has caught on to his scouting network. There are no unkonws anymore, if there is a good player playing in France every big club knows about him. Look at Newcastle ffs, Alan Carr’s dad has the bargain French market cornered.

    Look at Hazard, in years gone by he’d be a nailed on Arsenal player. By the looks of things now he could end up at Spurs.

    Wenger is stuck in the past where he could pick up quality players for peanuts. That’s not possible anymore, You can pick up good players for relative peanuts, but not quality ones.

    It’s not as if Wenger doesn’t have the money for a Hazard, a Goetze, or a Yaya Toure, an Aguero or a Silva from seasons gone by. It’s just that he’s afraid to spend such huge amounts because he knows he won’t have any excuses left if he still finished behind City or Chelsea.

  155. SuperCesc

    Yido i detest to agree with a yid 😉 but ive said that for years, if he buys thats it ‘why didn’t you win anything?’ Suddenly the answer is down to the manager not the playing staff! If we lose to you lot next week I tink that’s it, Arsenal fans have had the patience of Saints with Arsene Wenger and project youth, 7 years, we’ve paid our debt for his success’ and now it’s time for him to go and so can Kroenke and Gazidis.
    Lose to you lot next week that will read Milan 4-0, Sunderland 2-0 FA Cup and a loss to Spurs at home….if he has a job after that we truly are a laughing stock. A lot of AKB’s need to really have a long think before defending him without question because of the invincibles. That mere fact they’ll bring up to defend him proves that he (and them) are living off past glories, football has changed, Wenger hasn’t. Move on AKB’s!

  156. yido

    I think you’ll beat us next week. I don’t know why, it’s just a feeling I get.

    Right now I’d take a draw. Whatever happens I still think we’ll finish top 3.

    We have a quality team and I think Chelsea and Arse will drop a fair few points between now and May.

  157. It must have been a coincidence that Arsene became incompetent at the same time oil money tipped up and he had to fund a new stadium.
    Strange that!

  158. SuperCesc

    whatever George, carry on supporting Arsene if you want, I told you so never tasted sweeter. You adapt to outside influences, oil money? Tough shit really, adapt and survive. new Stadium, thought that was meant to help us compete with Madrid and Barcelona? FUNNY THAT!!!
    Yido your squad is far beyong ours, we’ve got Robin Van Persie who is absolute quality and Oxo who is a real gem, then guys like Vermaelen and Koscielny, Sagna etc but your midfield kicks ours arse.

  159. yido

    You have one world class player, which is one more than 90% of the teams in the league.

    For that reason i’m by no means confident of a victory. It would be different if we were at home, but any team can go away from home in the prem and get beat if they’re not at their best.

  160. Cesc If City win the league ,or when,tell me this,How will United and Chelsea adapt to the new conditions?
    How are Chelsea adapting this year?
    How did Spurs adapt last year?
    How have Liverpool adapted since 1990?

  161. goonerkam

    HOGWASH, fucking hogwash . A mountain to climb and to deal with all this weak ass half ass give me give me give me section of the fan base.
    No team can compete with money bags. If you can’t see that EPL is now apples and oranges you are blind. What a bunch of A.D.D. ME ME GENERATION. get behind the club you claim to support 100%. No ifs buts .

    A. R. S. E. N. A. L.

  162. yido

    Not competeting with money bags is all well and good, but what about when you don’t even compete against Sunderland when your seasons on the brink of going down the swanny?

  163. goonerkam

    Look at the big picture you dope. Not just one game. God you people are thick. Oh well, this summer when they come by and rape you of players you have. Worked on for a few years you will see it more clearly. Your club just hasn’t evolved enough yet to be a target yet. You will see soon enough.

  164. Yido6061

    @Yido….having watched both Arsenal games, this week, and witnessed a lot of players, playing badly, I’m confident of getting the 3 points at the Emptycrates next week, they seem to be a side in a little bit of turmol at the minute, #longmayitlast COYS

  165. yido

    Errrr we’ve been getting targeted by bigger clubs for years.

    We were on the brink of realliy challenging for the top 4 after finishing 5th two seasons in a row before Utd and Liverpool unsettled and then subsequently bought Carrick, Berbatov and Keane from us.

    Not to mention the Modric saga this summer.

  166. goonerkam

    So if you know what the fuck is up, then. Shut the fuck up . SPUDNIK

  167. are right so you should accept what an effect the loss of your best or vital players is.
    What do you want here ?
    Do you want to be told that your team is preforming better than ours?
    Well here it is .They are .The league position tell us that much.
    Enjoy by all means.
    But I have not been on a single Spud site in the last 15 years gloating when every year we came out on top.
    What does that tell you about yourself?

  168. yido

    But we have still managed to improve despite all that outside interference. Thus there is a flaw in your logic.

    If Spurs can continue to improve on a 67 million annual wage budget then why are you going backwards when you spend double that amount?

  169. yido

    George. I originally ended up here last January when an article mocking at Spurs popped up on the Tottenham news feed on News Now.

    It’s funny how things have panned out in the space of a year.

    Back then it was ‘enjoy your big outing tiny totts’, ‘modric and bale will leave in the summer when you don’t qualify for CL’, ‘spurs aren’t even our rivals’ etc etc

    He who laughs last, laughs longest.

  170. Yido,
    Enjoy,really make the most of it ,You star will not shine that bright and it will not last long.

  171. yido

    So (Arsenal fans) keep saying.

    We were meant to disappear this season after missing out on CL.

    As it is you made top 4 but still lost two of your three top class players. The third one will be leaving this summer.

    Shame that.

  172. goonerkam

    Up until now you haven’t really been targeted as now one takes you seriously. You might very well feel it up the back side this summer. One season of doing well on the back of massive massive transfer spending doesn’t eclipse a quarter century of dominance from the only real LONDON TEAM. again, enjoy the flash in the pan and. Mind your own bloody business. We can take care of our own. tottDELERS.
    GEORGE, I wonder why the spuds didn’t play an FA CUP game today. Is it on another day or did they get shafted in the earlier rounds.

  173. And Yido I say that not because you are a Spud ,But money talks loudest in the end .
    And if the board at Arsenal open the purse strings then ……….well you know.And Chelsea.
    Plus I do think you will lose Bale and Modric ,Sadly.
    You see I am not a London man so the local rivalry does not effect me .
    I admire footballing clubs including Spurs Newcastle and W’ham.

  174. Yido playing only for the PL is a huge advantage for you this year.
    You wont have that next year
    Or some of your stars ,Probably.

  175. yido

    I know where we’ve come from as a club and I know where we’re going.

    Our finances are in impeccable order. we have a state of the art new training complex opening this summer and the only thing that needs to be sorted out regarding building the new stadium is the naming rights. Levy is financial genius, he will get it sorted soon enough.

    We rejected 40 million for Modric from Chelsea. Both him and Bale are on long term contracts.

    IF they do leave, teams will be paying upwards of 40 million for each player.

    With that in mind do you really think that is going to make us that much weaker with an injection of something approaching 100 million in our coffers?

    And kam, with all due respect, fuck off with your ‘massive massive spending’.

    Since summer 2010 (when you were way ahead of us), we’ve spent money on VDV, Sandro and Parker. THAT’S IT.

    It really is pathetic and typical of spoilt brat Arsenal fans that they can’t recognize when other teams have achieved something for themselves. Every other club who compete with or beat Arsenal must have done so by cheating. I know I’ve used this phrase in connection with you before but it really is beneath contempt.

    And you really sum up your all round football knowledge when you ask if Spurs have been knocked out yet. Shameful stuff, really shameful.

  176. goonerkam

    Hay GEORGE, do you also admire gloaters that stick their heads out the hole they have been hiding in for the past quarter century. Or the whole century and quarter. What the hell i say, lets round it off.
    Would you rather them take the title as opposed to either the scum. Mancs.??

  177. goonerkam

    LEVY is a genius. Right down to the fact he and his son are ARSENAL season ticket holders and gooners.
    The table doesn’t lie moron, you are fourth. In transfer spend since. 2006.
    And this site isn’t tot svile so if anyone needs to fuck off its you. Dildo

  178. Kam Yes I would.
    No matter what we say they have done better than the established clubs they have overtaken .And they play better football than Chelsea ever did.

    Or Liverpool for that matter.
    And Yido is right ,they have done it on a budget.
    You don’t have to like someone to acknwledge their achievements.
    Call it what you like, Luck circumstances,whatever .They are doing very well and have every right to feel pleased with themselves.
    If you cant give a club credit for doing a good job how the hell can you expect to be given any for ours?
    I have no problem with Spurs fans .
    It is our own disrespectful bastards I don’t like.

  179. yido

    ‘The table doesn’t lie’?

    Are you serious here?

    There is no such thing as a fucking transfer spending league you moron!

    All of Spurs’ transfer deals are undisclosed so how would anyone go about compiling such a table?

    If you want to diminish what Spurs have done by talking about spending then go and take a look at our finacial results. That’s the only way you’ll know who is overspending and who isn’t.

    At Spurs we post a profit each year.


    How many times do I have to say that for it to penetrate your thick skull?

    If we post a profit then we only spend what we can afford on transfers. that much should be obvious for anyone with even half a brain.

    But what’s the point, I’ve been going back and forth with you enough to realize now that your knowledge of the game is virtually nil.

    Yesterday you said Feguson is ‘nothing special’ citing the mortgage against the club, completely ignoring the fact that the Glaziers leveraged that debt against the club making Fergie’s job infinitely harder than it had been.

    You’re American aren’t you kam?

    Just admit it and I’ll know not to bother discussing things with you that you can’t possibly be expected to understand.

  180. yido are not your books closed and “off shore “.
    the profit is just hear say.
    Not having a go at you or your club,Just saying

  181. yido

    ‘off shore’?

    Am I the only sane one here?

    In what fantasy world do you inhabit where you think a English Premier League team can hold it’s assets ‘off shore’.

    We are a PLC so are therefore obliged to publish annual financial results.

    Here’s 2011’s results, starting on page 33

    A tidy profit as always with Levy.

  182. I cant open that .But I accept what you say.Just been led to believe differently.
    You can have holding companies based off shore.
    You know that ?Right.

  183. yido

    ENIC, who own THFC, are based off shore but that’s neither here nor there really!

  184. SuperCesc

    Missed a lot here, went to see that Woman in the Black, adivce….don’t, its a waste of two hours of your life.
    This argument really makes no sense, the fact that Kam and George you are trying to pick apart how temporary or ‘flash in the pan’ Tottenham’s success is really just shows how unwilling you are to enter into a debate about Arsenal. The fact is that Tottenham are streets better us, yes they may get raped for players this summer, yes Redknapp might take the England job coupled with the mentioned raping and Spurs will sink.
    However that is suposition, guess work. It MIGHT not happen and Spurs MIGHT add to their squad with the £30 Million they get from the Champions League.
    Please stop calling Arsenal fans who dont ‘heil Wenger’ ungrateful, it makes your arguement sound pathetic. We should swallow the crap that Wenger shovels down our throats and say ‘ohhh bless, but he did form the invinicibles and win the league and FA cup double back when yaddah yaddah…’
    Shock horror guys, Arsenal existed…..before Wenger!!! I know, i know, scary stuff. And we had eras were we were good, very good.
    George Graham had great spells and his last season incharge he did a dismal job before getting ‘the boot.’ Sound familiar?

  185. ok,it matters not a jot to me .
    Just saying.
    But you call me someone who live in a fantasy world .And it turns out I don’t.
    Effectively if the owners are off shore then the figures can be massaged.Because they can inject money without it being earned by the club .Thus making it appear profitable when it is anything but.
    But equally they could do the opposite.
    So I don’t know either way

  186. Cesc I think you should go back and read what I said .
    I have indeed given Spurs credit .
    And indeed at this moment they are ahead of us.
    You really are convinced you are right .Perhaps you are ,I just don’t think so.
    And yes you should be grateful for what he has done ,and continues to do for us.That you are not speaks volumes on your character.

  187. SuperCesc

    Oh dear. Wenger has started using phrases like ‘I’ll fight on’. Stories starting to circulate everywhere about wenger being ‘moved upstairs’ admist fears that he is now damaging the global brand Arsenal FC

  188. SuperCesc

    Continues to do for us? George are you for real or are you like one of those guys who goes onto forums to wind everyone up?

  189. SuperCesc

    George the writing was on the wall for Wenger when Cesc Fabregas his poster boy for project youth left

  190. goonerkam

    Clueless wanker. In one year 08-09 your club spent more on players coming in than shitty, chelski and Liverpool. First year harry took over. and you have tried to play the moneybag teams game. Just a wanebe club. Try to do it the right way not by bringing in mercenary whores to play for your club, salaries of which you can’t even afford. FERRETS. FACE Fergusson a good manager?
    He had cosistantly spent upwards. Of 30-40-50 mil on players year in year out. Manure. Is the original club in EPL that fucked up the landscape. Its an apple to orange comparison. The league is not even ,moron. Those teams who have achieved. With out resorting to out spending. Their closest rivals have achivments to their name and should be applauded. Not the cancers on the body of sport. CAPIUOSH. NUMBSKULLS.

  191. Ok Cesc you believe the rumours.
    There is a clever boy then.
    Who will replace him,You? Pedro,Jeff
    Sorry but you are a moaning winging slapped ungrateful child,
    Beneath contempt.

  192. SuperCesc

    Well, I’ll leave you to stew, because you’re becoming insulting again aren’t you George? You have quite the problem with that when your arguements runs dry. Though I’ve yet to see any concrete arguements aside from you and Kam repeating the same crap over and over. Think you two, along with Kroenke, Gazidis and Wenger might be the last few left in the bunker. Who;s going to be the one to ‘do’ themselves?
    We’ll see who’s right next season won’t we?
    Arsenal were valued today at £1.1 Billion, Kroenke would double his investment money if he sold to Usmanov. Extremely rare for an investor to do that, and we all kow how much investors love to show off and be oh so clever.
    Funny, Usmanov’s 10% shares in facebook are about to be valued at almost £5 Billion totally new, disposable cash. Some might call that timely…
    In which case you’ll change your alias and laud Usmanov and Dein, whoever the new manager is and say what a great move, a historic move its been for the club.
    Night Night

  193. yido

    George, for Christ’s sake man, just type ‘spurs financial results’ into google if you can’t view my link.

    Every bit of income and expenditure is accounted for. It would be corporate fraud to ‘massage’ the figures to make the PLC seem more healthy than it actually is.

    That’s essentially rogue trading, it’s the kind of thing people go to prison for.

    I think it’s pretty unfair to accuse the club of something like that, with no evidence to back up your assertion and with the actual in depth figures just a fingers click away.

  194. yido

    kam, you’re an idiot. in that season 08-09 we brought in HUGE amounts in transfer fee’s by selling KEANE for 20 odd million to Liverpool. DEFOE for 15 million to Pompey. BERBATOV for 30 million to Utd. and CARRICK for 18 million to Utd. Not to mention the 20 million Levy managed to swindle out of Sunderland for Andy Reid, Malbranque and Tainio. We also generated more money by selling the likes of Kaboul, Mendes and Pamaorot to Pompey for fairly big amounts.

    But that doesn’t matter to you does it? You’ve convinced yourself that Spurs have spent fortunes to make yourself feel better about Arsenal being shit. “It’s not our fault that we’re not very good anymore, it’s everybody else’s for spending money they quite rightly earned by buying and selling players” boo fucking hoo retard.

    Again, I don’t know why I’m debating this with you. Anyone who accuses Spurs, who operate on the tightest wage budget in the top 6 of being where they are by outspending the teams around them is either incredibly bitter, or has no understanding of the game whatsoever, perhaps both in your case.

  195. goonerkam

    Wonderful. Super. Of shore company as owners. A gaffer being tried. For tax evasion on the bungs he had received. A self confessed illiterate. And a chairman on LEVY who is a season ticket holder at blood rival with a son who is a complete turn coat. YOU CANT SCRIPT THIS AMY BETTER. lots to be proud of there, here everywhere. 🙂

  196. yido

    At least those things are true (apart from Levy although I really don’t care if that’s true or false).

    But when you resort to making things up it makes me think that you genuinely don’t have anything to throw at Spurs, and that makes me sad for you.

  197. yido

    And Harry was found not guilty kam. I don’t know if that piece of info reached you all the over there in the US.

  198. goonerkam

    super. Sorry. Cesc. I don’t see any of that shit you predicted coming true. I’ll be da•••ed if ARSENAL falls into the. The hands. Of the dark hand. He is locked out in the cold and let him stay there with the backstabber DEIN. FROZEN IN TIME. Your best bet is to continue disrespecting the club, players and. The manager on and off the pitch. DIVIDE AND CONQUER, the mottos of the boo boys. Will there be any bin bags. At the next home game ,you think??

  199. goonerkam

    As they say, fucking google it. I won’t do your research for you . Fucking LAZY ASS DILDO.

  200. yido

    re Levy?

    I already have. Couldn’t find anything.

    I think I heard something about his son being an Arsenal fan but he’s at Spurs a lot too so….

    All I know is that Levy was big mates with Dein. They’re that close there was even talk about him coming to Spurs a few years ago when he left Arse.

    But I repeat, it doesn’t bother me. I’m not as stupid as you to believe that everyone who works for the club supported Spurs their whole lives.

  201. goonerkam

    You stupid fool. Harry is a bungman. . I suspect the same as you. Same with GG YOU DOPE. wakeup and smell the fucking stench around you. Jeeeeeesssss

  202. yido

    Not guilty according to the Crown Court.

    I’ll take their word over yours, or googles for that matter.

    Clough also liked a bung, but it doesn’t stop him from being a legendary manager. I assume you have heard of Brian Clough? Or do you think football started when wenger pitched up at Arsenal?

  203. goonerkam

    Good , admitting the facts is the first step to recovery you prick. Compared to the ARSENAL you are run by a bunch of slimy and disloyal characters. Explain it away any which fucking way you want. And

  204. O J Simpson and Michael Jackson were also found not guilty.

  205. yido

    What’s your point?

    It took them four years to build a case, the evidence was heard and the jury decided unanimously that there was no case to answer.

    Bringing up OJ is almost as low as suggesting, apropos of nothing, that Spurs massage their financial figures in order to post a profit.

    Clutching at straws.

  206. Perhaps it was Rosie who put him up to it and he just went along with it in a “peer pressure” sort of a way.Them both having similar IQ’s and what not

  207. yido

    Harry has the IQ of a dog and Wenger is a professor yet we’re sitting pretty in the table while your club is falling apart at the seams.

    Not quite sure what that says about your hero to be honest.

  208. No, Rosie was more than a dog.Harry told us that,I would never be so cruel.
    Wenger has built a Mega Club.Harry has bankrupt three up to yet,
    But yes, For the first time in 16 years Harry has more points than Arsene.What does that tell you .Arsene is 15 times as good?
    Perhaps not.But a lot lot better.

  209. yido

    ha ha

    That’s one way of looking at it.

    Another is that Harry has been at Spurs for three years. When he arrived we were in the bottom three and you were an established member of the Sky 4.

    Fast forward three years, Harry has beat Wenger three times in the league to Wenger’s one solitary league victory over us. We’re third in the league, ten points ahead of Le Prof while operating on roughly half the wage budget.

    Aside from that your club is very much falling apart. No more Cesc, no more Nasri, RVP will leave for a club who challenge for trophies in the summer.

    All in all it’s a victory for the underdog and the downtrodden. Snobs like you who think less of Harry because of his working class cockney roots are forced to eat their words when he steers Spurs to a comfortable top 3 finish while you’re scrapping for the future of your club with your old Sky 4 buddies, Chelski and Liverpool.

  210. Yes you are right.
    30 years in management and the FA cup and perhaps a 3rd place finish tips it in Rosie and Harry’s favour.
    For sure?

  211. yido

    Not the brightest button are you George?

    I clearly made the comparison between Wenger and Harry from the start of Harry’s tenure at Tottenham.

    Harry isn’t ‘all that’. He’s no Mourinho or Ferguson.

    The fact that he’s been able to overhaul Sky 4 Arsenal in the space of three years says all you ever need to know about later day Wenger.

    But please, keep the faith. With the revenue you generate you’d be a threat to us if you had a manager who wasn’t so afraid of failure.

  212. When he wins the league you might ,just might have a case,
    But he wont ,ever ,so you never will.Will you?

    3rd or 4th is a trophy now is it?
    Funny how it used to be no achievement at all.In fact we were told for 15 years consecutively it was not an achievement.
    Strange that eh?

  213. yido

    It’s not an achievement for a ‘mega club’ George, of course it’s not, although Wenger and his followers have certainly dined out on it often enough.

    But are you seriously suggesting that it wouldn’t be a monumental achievement if Newcastle were to finish top 4 this season? Of course it would.

    Spurs are like Newcastle, just a bit more advanced.

    Achievement is always relative. For Spurs to finish top 4 with the wage budget we have, at the expense of the Sky 4, is a huge thing. You’d realize that if you hadn’t been spoilt rotten over the past 15 years.

    I’d suggest that you may well see the importance of a top 4 finish to a non sugar daddy club this summer, when RVP leaves and Gotze, Harzard et al all sign for Champions League clubs. x

  214. Bollocks,I was having fun.
    Will have to find another fishing hole now,

  215. yido

    Yeah, me too.

    I think I’ve said enough here.

    peace, love and prosperity to all (even you Kam).

  216. goonerkam

    DITTO DILDO. HEALTH,HAPPINESS,PEACE AND SUCCESS. for what it’s worth ,I am on Georges side. Rather you bunch win it than the fucking northern monkeys.
    The Basterds corrupting the game I love and slowing down the club I support.
    Now to go shower and clean that off of me.

  217. Goonerpower

    5pur2 😉

  218. goonerkam

    Yes,yes,&yes……. 😛
    A bit longer for. AW HATERS to wait before succeeding in pushing him out.
    AARRY. get your check book out. You been properly spanked.
    SHAME on those reactionaries who booed THEO. shame shame shame. Absolutely. No class to them. Hope they think ,next time, beforehand of what they do. our club doesn’t need their kind around .. we don’t want that sort associated with the name. THE ARSENAL….
    Humble pies all around and plenty for all you doomers and gloomers and spudniks. 🙂

  219. Goonerpower

    Yido, when 9 became 4 🙂

  220. yido


    It’s ‘sweaty bollocks’ time as Fergie might say.

  221. goonerkam

    Indeed, time to see if your team has balls o brass.
    Wish us luck against the cheating Italian Basterds tomorrow. 🙂
    Bring your A GAME. GUNNERS AND GOONERS.. this is what it all about. I predict penalties. At the end. With my boy. WOJO. coming out the hero of the night.

  222. yido

    I wish you luck. You’re certainly going to need it!!!

  223. Goonerpower

    Woooohoo when 9 points became 1

  224. Goonerpower

    Think it’s time you wrote a wonderful article for all the wonderful Spud fans out there Scott! 🙂

  225. goonerkam

    no longer worried about barcodes and pool. As far as the SPUDNIKS, ‘. coming right behind you. LIKE A CHOCHO TRAIN…this is the day 12 points became. One..
    long live. AW.

  226. I really believe that now Arsenal have believe in themselves and will have a very strong end to the season. Recently they managed a great string of performances and results, both in the league and in their last match in the Champions League against AC Milan.

  227. goonerkam

    Thank god fabrics muamba is stable. I had feared the worst. Hail the paramedics and the medical staff at. WHL
    . thank god countless times.
    Once a gooner ,always a gooner.

  228. goonerkam

    Thank god fabrics muamba is stable. I had feared the worst. Hail the paramedics and the medical staff at. WHL
    . thank god countless times.
    Once a gooner ,always a gooner.
    Certainly puts things in perspective

  229. Goonerpower

    Ooooooh yido……….are you thereo………..?

  230. goonerkam


  231. Goonerpower

    Oh dear oh dear oooooh dear. I was convinced of a bad run for spurs, but this is foooking wonderful. 3 points ahead of the pikey bastards.

    Where is that yido….wonder why he’s shut the fuck up strange?? Hahaha

  232. goonerkam

    16 POOL
    6. CHELSKI
    AW. KNOWS!!!!!
    watch out shitty, lookout manure .HERE COMES THE FUCKING JUGGERNAUT AS FORETOLD.

    UP. THE. GUNS. OF. MY. ARSENAL!!!!!!!!

  233. pedantic george

    All is still in Yido land

  234. yido

    All that matters to me is top 4. That ensures the secure future and the status of the club. If we can finish above Arsenal then great, if we can win the FA Cup even better. But, as I say, as long as we get top 4 I’m happy.

    I don’t think anyone, even kam, envisioned seven straight wins for Arsenal. And, let’s be honest, you’ve had a fair slice of luck in that run too. But fair play, seven wins in a row takes some doing.

    This summer will be interesting. RVP, if he’s got anything about him, will undoubtedly leave. He’s at the peak of his powers and can command untold wages at any one of the biggest clubs in Europe. How Wenger goes about replacing him will determine whether this late run has been a ‘last hurrah’ or the beginning of kam’s predicted ‘European domination’. Personally, I’m leaning towards the former.


  235. goonerkam

    Oh, how wrong you are. First and foremost about kam and all gooners like him. We always believed and always will. Proud of each and everyone of my gunners specially my manager. The best in the world and the club. Again the best. We will continue our great form and count on the scum buckets mancs ,of the blue or red Varity, to drop their share of the points. If anything we will succeed in scaring the crap out of them. And a fair warning regarding how we will treat them next year. Like the shores that they are. Under the guidance of our captain of captains. ,the prince of Persia, ROBIN ,THE MAN, VAN PERCY.
    IF YOU DROP OUT OF CL SPOTS, 5pur2 won’t be able to hang on to no one.
    Prepare. To get. DOMINATED.

  236. yido

    Oh dear! Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!

    What happened kam old buddy? Does your European domination not quite stretch to West London?

    You’re like Kim Jong Il, or Comical Ali, Comical Kam lol

    I really think we’ll finish above you now.

    Spurs have played all the big clubs home and away, including the likes of Stoke and Everton.

    Our home fixtures are against Swansea, Norwich, Blackburn and Fulham.

    You still have the likes of Chelsea and City to play. My money is on you falling to pieces, like you do at the end of every season.

    Oh, and we still have a nice little trip to Wembley to come.


  237. goonerkam

    Dildo, you are a complete and utter asshole. Go fuck yourself with your stupid chemical Ali comparisons. Fucking cunt. How dare you piece of shit.

  238. goonerkam

    Mind the gap, Fucker

  239. yido

    The Comical Ali comparison was only intended to highlight your fanciful claims. I wasn’t suggesting for one minute that you spend your spare time gassing Kurds.


  240. goonerkam

    You have a shit sense of humor.
    Fanciful?? Damn right. And why not. The team I support isn’t bottling it. the them I support hasn’t pissed away a sizable 13 points in the wind. You are the ones choking and you can’t stand it. you live and die by ‘. We will finish above you for the first time in fifteen years’ . are does really your goals as a club?? How pathetic is that.
    and what a fool you are gona look like when finish out of the top four. Go play with yourselves and leave the serious game of football to the adults, TOTTedlers!!!!!
    I haven’t. Taking spudniks seriously as rivals in ages and I sure as heck am not gona start now when you have decided to buy yourselves a trophy. Piss off.
    Earn on like a respectable team does and then we will talk. Delusional punk.

  241. yido

    Oh, you’ve started up the ‘buying a trophy’ nonsense again. You must have a head like a sieve mate.

    Yes we’ve spent considerably more than you on transfers over the past decade but your what you continually fail to appreciate is the fact that we have a strict wage budget which allows us to invest what we save on the wage bill into transfer spending.

    You call us TOTTedlers (hilarious btw) but it’s you who acts like a big baby. Crying because other clubs have used their resources better than you. Go and take a look at the Arsenal Trust website. Levy’s shrewd use of resources compared to the TENS OF MILLIONS Wenger spunks up the wall EVERY SEASON on the wages of average players were one of the main points they raised with the board at a recent AGM.

    You talk about ‘buying a trophy’ yet where has your handful of cash got you after you sold the soul of your club to the Arabs for oil money?

    Emirshites Hypocrite.


  242. yido

    You spend 40% more than us on wages. Yet if we beat Swansea at home tomorrow we’ll be level on points with you after 31 games. Also, and I doubt I need to remind you of this, you wont be winning any trophies this year while we’re on our merry way to Wembley.

    40% more than us on wages. That’s not just a couple of million, we’re talking huge amounts of money. TENS OF MILLIONS. EVERY SEASON. PISSED DOWN THE DRAIN.

  243. goonerkam

    You are nothing but a chelski wanabe.
    You were nothing before spending as heavily as the moneybag them do .
    You will finish below us again this year as in the past fifteen years.
    You will lose those players of yours who want to play in the champions league.
    You will have to spend heavily again to be part of the big boys club.
    You will go bankrupt.
    You are nothing but A FLASH IN THE PAN. FUCK OFF.

  244. goonerkam

    Walcott, Gibbs, oxalde chamberlin , j.Wilshire just to name a few. We have a youth program that not only rivals but surpasses some of the best club academies in the world. Who the fuck is in the national team from your side.
    We are a conveyor belt of talented youth coming through year after year and that is costly but a better way to allocate resources. You go buy yourselves some more ready made players and if you can afford it a few more ex-gunners and get yourself a few more shinny pieces of metal.
    You- a flash in the pan.

  245. goonerkam

    And that is the truth of it you delusional dimwit.

  246. yido

    No offence, but you really are a complete tard.

    Oxlade Chamberlain cost 15 million from Southampton. Walcott 12 million from the same club. That’s 27 million on two 16 year olds. Now who’s buying trophies? Not Arsenal of course because neither have won jack shit under Wenger the genius.

    But anyway, you’re getting boring now. It’s quite sad really to see the culture of whining little cry babies that Wenger has brought up at Arsenal. The achievements of other clubs don’t count at all to you do they? if Utd win something, they bought it, likewise Liverpool, likewise City, likewise Chelsea and of course, likewise Spurs.

    The only club who’s trophies count as actual achievements are Arsenal’s. The club that allowed a Frenchman to systematically destroy their identity as an English club by being the first to flood the squad with foreigners. The club that sold it’s sold to the Arabs so they could line their pockets with oil money. The same club that spends the GDP of a small country on the wages of average, trophyless players each year. The same club that is owned and run by a Russian and a Yank whose only connection with Arsenal FC is that they have sackfuls of cash for you to get your grubby hands on.

    You’re pathetic mate. And I’ll laugh in your face when we finish above you this season.


  247. goonerkam

    What is sad is you choking under pressure and pissimg away a thirteen point GAP. mind it ,by the way. You missed talking about Gibbs and Wilshire. Oversight??. nooooo. you just chose to see. What. Fits your agenda wackoff. So now your acadamy is as good as ours?? You are so full of crap.
    And yes ,any trophy bought is worthless in my book but obviously not in yours GLORYHUNTER.
    why not just go and wackoff to your bought glory and bother your own with the shit you ooze. ill laugh at where. You finish this year as I have the past TWENTY. years or more. TOTTedler.
    Don’t. Mess with the GUNS. YOU. 5PUR2.

    UP. THE. GUNS. OF. ARSENAL!!!!!!!!
    for decades to come in the most beautiful state of the art stadium. WHL????

  248. goonerkam

    Just a little advice asshole, try comparing same with same when you do. Only a dimwitted spud compares. Apples with oranges. So any team winning something without whoreing themselves are to be commended. All trophies won by cheating are worthlessssssss. Hope that clears ot up spudnik.

  249. yido

    Oh god. How have Spurs ‘whored themselves’?

    What we spend is done within a strict budget. Unlike you we don’t have a sugar daddy. Unlike you we haven’t whored out our history and tradition to the Arabs.

    But what’s the point. You’re clearly an idiot. Other posters on here at least recognize that whatever Spurs have done they’ve done it without being propped up by oligarch or an Arab like Chelsea or City. Whatever we’ve achieved, we’ve done it while maintaining a sound and prudent financial model without jeopardizing the future of the club while setting aside funds for a state of the art training complex and new stadium.

    You’re either just very, very bitter about the way things have gone for your club over the past few years so are unwilling to give any credit to any other club or you’re just not particularly bright. I think a little bit of both to be honest.

  250. goonerkam

    Nah, not bitter. Happy and very optimistic about the future and can’t wait to see how we will make mince meat out of all of you so called glory hunters in the next upcoming campaigns. Funny thing is I get the vib. That you know this deep down and are secretly crapping yourself. Now go on boy, piss off. You’re boring me. At least you soon to be ex-manager is a laugh a minute,even if the rest of yous have a shitty and inappropriate sense of humor.

  251. goonerkam

    Go on SWANS. teach these delusional wanabes a fooballing lesson. I say 3-2 SWANSEA. OO I forgot levy wants Brandon to replace jail bird NAPPY. harry red nappy.
    Ok. 2-1 SWANS.

  252. yido

    You’re a complete nob-head. If we lose at home to Swansea today I’ll never post on here again, that’s a promise.

    As for gloryhunters. If I was a gloryhunter why the fuck would I choose Tottenham? It never ceases to amaze me the amount of bollocks you speak Comical K. It’s like you use the arguments reserved for use against Chelsea and Utd fans and just recycle them and throw them at Spurs.

    Next you’ll be calling me a thieving Scouser and accuse me of stealing your hubcaps.

  253. goonerkam

    No but I will call you boring piece o dog shit. Piss off.

  254. Goonerpower

    Yido. It’s not bitterness we just hate your smelly, little gipsy, peg selling team! I would rather Chelsea win the league 5x in a row than your dirty spud fuckers finishing above us!!

    You my little dick snot are a tosser of the highest order, oh mighty wanker that you are!!

  255. yido

    I’d be bitter if I were you. You’ve been sold a lie. Second highest ticket prices in Europe, sold the soul of your club to Arabs, Russkies, Yanks and no trophies to show for it.

    Without RVP you’d be mid-table at best. WHEN he leaves you really will be fucked.

    Till next weekend fuckos.

    ta ta

  256. Goonerpower

    Blah blah blah same old bollocking turd words from a bitter spurs fan. Can’t wait to see you lose your Manager, vandafart, monkey fuck wants and said to play for Spain!! Oh what an exciting summer for u me thinks 🙂

  257. Goonerpower

    Foooking get in there!! I’m buzzing that
    1 – we are in front of 5pur2 🙂 🙂 🙂

    2 – we beat dirty Na$ri sshitty

    3 – we are in front of 5pur2 🙂 🙂 🙂

  258. goonerkam

    Hehe, could have been 3-0 or. 4-0. Goonerpower.. we are going to ramrod this league next year. Oh, fuck. Man united. And fuck ferret face ferguson. Quadruple F’S

  259. yido

    Ha, Comical K, you wally.

    Congrats on beating Citeh, you came out on top in the battle of the of Arab money grabbers. Fair play.

    Gutted about today. Classic Spurs. Still, if we can finish top 4 and win the FA Cup it will have been a great season. Need to get our act together asap though…


  260. Goonerpower


  261. goonerkam

    Piss off dildo, you bore me. Arab money. ?????Even a delusional bitch like you knows your not on solid ground on this. You were thirteen points ahead and pissed ot away. Against the wind I might add.
    Good for the Canaries. To screw. The Roosters. Even with a penalty not being awarded to them.
    You and I are both laughing our ass off.
    As for the FA CIP. My money is on Everton. Fourth on league goes to BAR-CODES. You heard it hear first.

    UP. THE GUNS. OF. ARSENAL!!!!!!!;
    pride of LONDON.

  262. pedantic george

    Just in case anyone has forgotten what they had to say.
    February 18, 2012 at 9:02 pm
    whatever George, carry on supporting Arsene if you want, I told you so never tasted sweeter. You adapt to outside influences, oil money? Tough shit really, adapt and survive. new Stadium, thought that was meant to help us compete with Madrid and Barcelona? FUNNY THAT!!!
    Yido your squad is far beyong ours, we’ve got Robin Van Persie who is absolute quality and Oxo who is a real gem, then guys like Vermaelen and Koscielny, Sagna etc but your midfield kicks ours arse.

    February 18, 2012 at 9:46 pm
    You have one world class player, which is one more than 90% of the teams in the league.

    For that reason i’m by no means confident of a victory. It would be different if we were at home, but any team can go away from home in the prem and get beat if they’re not at their best.

  263. yido

    George, our squad is better than yours. You just have a miracle worker of a manager. Whereas we have cockney spiv ‘arry.

  264. pedantic george

    Yido.I think Bale would make our first team for home matches.That is about it.

  265. yido

    I think you’re wrong. But you’re an Arsenal fan and I’m Spurs so we’ll never agree on this. Most of the players are very similar. Sagna and Walker, Ekotto and Gibbs. Modric and Arteta, Sandro and Song, Vermaleen and Kaboul. Koscelny and Gallas.

    No one can really say that one player is that much better than the other. It all comes to down to personal preference or, more likely, bias.

    The only stand-out players from either side are RVP and Bale.

    I wouldn’t get too carried away, we’re not a great side, but with a better manager we’d have picked up more points this season and would be above you.

    I think I’ve said it a few times already but when RVP leaves you are going to be in trouble. Players like him don’t come around too often. At least our one truly outstanding player Bale has fours years left on his contract.

  266. yido

    George, an Arsenal fan, say only Bale would get in your team but you could easily make the opposite point that only RVP would get in the Spurs team.

    In fact Henry Winter did exactly that in his article in the Telegraph a couple of months back.

  267. Goonerpower

    Can’t believe your calling twitchy a shit manager!!?!!?!?!?!! What planet are you on? As much I’m biased towards Arsenal he ain’t a shit manager! Which makes it all the more sweeter when you lose him in the summer!!

  268. yido

    Harry isn’t shit. He’s been great for Spurs. He gave us back our belief.

    Harry is good at the intalginables in football. Generating a good team sprit, getting the players to believe in themselves. Managing the ego’s of temperamental prima donnas like VDV and Adebayor. Wringing the last bit of quality out of experienced pro’s like Friedal, Gallas and Parker. And taking a pragmatic approach to player recruitment.

    But when it comes to tactics, and implementing a style of play, he’s left seriously wanting. He admitted recently that you can’t get away with playing 4-4-2 against the top sides as you get overrun in the middle. But that wasn’t until he played that very formation against City, Arse, and Utd, losing all three games. I could have told him that before those games and then we might not be in the position we’re in now.

    Levy, the Jew genius, has built a fantastic squad at Spurs, I don’t need to list the quality we have, it’s well documented. If had a coach like Brendan Rogers, who plays a fantastic brand of football with limited players we’d be far better than we are now. Harry as taken Spurs as far as he can and I, and most other Spurs fans, will be happy to see him leave in the summer.

  269. yido


  270. pedantic george

    Seems you have had a rethink since you said this
    February 19, 2012 at 7:40 pm
    Harry has the IQ of a dog and Wenger is a professor yet we’re sitting pretty in the table while your club is falling apart at the seams.

    Not quite sure what that says about your hero to be honest.

  271. pedantic george

    I think Harry has taken Spurs further than anyone else can.
    I is downhill from here on in.
    Anyway ,where is SuperCesc?
    I want him to eat some huge dollops of humble pie and admit that I know better than him.
    Yido and Yido 6061 I understand and respect .But that ungrateful wretch??

  272. yido

    George, what about me saying ‘Harry has the IQ of a dog’ suggests I’ve had a re-think?

    There is plenty of scope for improvement for Spurs. We open what is purported to be the most state of the art training complex in Europe this summer and we will get that new 56000 + stadium built sooner rather than later.

    FFP is going to hit sugar daddy clubs like Citeh and Chelski hard and when that happens, only Arse and Utd are better placed than ourselves to take advantage.

  273. pedantic george

    Yido,I sooooo wish you were right about FFP.We would both be happy.Sadly I think it will make not a jot of difference.
    Your new stadium will push you backward as well .Remember we only
    stayed competitive because of Arsene’s genius.And you have not got
    someone like him.
    “George, what about me saying ‘Harry has the IQ of a dog’ suggests I’ve had a re-think?”
    I just meant you were dismissing Arsene and bigging up Harry .Now though you seem to be doing the opposite.

  274. yido

    Come on, you have the fourth highest wage bill in the league. Third highest before Citeh came along, second before Chelsea. With that in mind do you really think it’s so miraculous that Wenger has maintained your position in the top 4 since you moved to the Emirates?

    What would have happened if Wenger wasn’t there? With your means you still would have been in around the top 4 every season, and who knows, you may have even won a trophy or two in that time.

    The problem with building a new stadium is that your finances seem to be restricted in the short term, (before being vastly increased in the long term which is the obviously the entire point of building it in the first place). That’s something I’m not too worried about, we have the shrewdest chairman in the league in Levy and with his ability to sell average players for high amounts while bringing in better ones for lower prices, we’ll continue to compete in the top 6 for a long time to come.

  275. pedantic george

    Yido ,I hope you are right .Honestly I do.
    Wages 3rd highest ? Perhaps but our “net transfer spend” has been the lowest.No one else could have changed an entire team ,with a net spend in the minus figures,and stayed anywhere near competitive for seven years,Jeez ,you could not manage it for 6 months hardly.
    Dont forget ,we have many more players on our books ,who earn a lot but get nowhere near the first team .They are assets and get sold on as such.
    A better comparison would be the wage bill of the first team players.And then your lot and us would not be so far apart,Yet you hugely outspend us “net” in the market.

  276. goonerkam

    Ouchee. Hehehe. Oucheeeeee.

  277. yido

    Still laughing Comical K? No? Thought not.

    I am though, heartily. Little Wigan, ripping the piss out of Arsenal at Arab Rent Boys Stadium. Such fun.

    It seems 24 hours is a long time in football.

  278. goonerkam

    Yes ,I’m still happy and laughing. At your sorry ass.
    My gunners are going to achive what I expected of them this year and we are going to own the EPL next year. I didn’t come on gloating and predicting thing past few months . You did!!!!
    Now your eating shit and might not even make the top four.
    I told you a while back, Dildo. Try to be a bit more humble and gentlemanly. Try to achive something before you come on public forum and making an ass out of yourself. Now piss off 5pude2.
    And for your sorry ass information we don’t depend on banks or the effin Arab money. Your an ass to think so and about the only one too. We are known for being self sufficient and we live within our means . The only fucking team in top six that does. Every one else is sucking on some dick whether Russian or American or Arab. Get you fucking facts sorted moron.
    Now piss off cunt.

  279. yido

    Wow, touched a nerve did I Comical K? I really don’t know where to start that post.

    First off “I didn’t come on gloating and predicting thing past few months”

    Oh really? Oh….really? So it wasn’t you that has been predicting ‘European domination’ for the team that just got roundly beaten at home by little Wigan? That was you wasn’t it? I think it was.

    “My gunners are going to achive what I expected of them this year”

    What’s that then? Fuck all? You have the fourth highest wage bill in the league and are a club that, in your words, are on the brink of ‘European domination’ finishing Top 4 is no help to you. It didn’t help you keep Cesc and Nasri last season and it won’t help you keep RVP this year.

    “I told you a while back, Dildo. Try to be a bit more humble and gentlemanly. Try to achive something before you come on public forum and making an ass out of yourself. Now piss off 5pude2.”

    I think anyone with an IQ above an ant can see the contradictions and absurdities in this statement. No need to say anymore.

    “We are known for being self sufficient and we live within our means . The only fucking team in top six that does. Every one else is sucking on some dick whether Russian or American or Arab.”

    So you’re major shareholders aren’t Russians and Yanks? Are you also telling me that you weren’t the first club to sell a major chunk of its soul to the arabs?

    Spurs are just as self sufficient as you are. Check our financial results. We post a profit each year without outside investment AND WITHOUT SELLING OUR SOULS TO THE ARABS.

  280. goonerkam

    hahaha, you expect me to read all that boring crap. Loser. Piss off.

  281. yido

    I actually don’t Comical K. I know your mental capacity doesn’t stretch that far.

    Enjoy your European domination. I hope you don’t find it tainted by the fact that you sold out the history of your club to the Arabs. I wouldn’t let it bother you, such is the modern game. Some sell their souls and hit the jackpot like Man City, other cash in at the first opportunity and find out later that they got the shitty end of the stick, like Arsenal.

    Unlucky. Mini Man City. 😉

  282. goonerkam

    Keep talking out of your ass tiny tott. Its out there for the world to see who is the delusional idiot in all this. As for me, can’t wait for next year to tear a new asshole for the EPL and teams in it.
    You just enjoy getting shafted by the pensioners at chelski. piss off. 5pude2. hehehe.

  283. goonerkam

    MIND THE GAP!!!!
    The other one too. The empty one in between your ears.. LMFAO

  284. goonerkam

    Forget the shafting by chelski. Forget the one by manure and shitty too.
    STOKE 2-1 totts
    NORICH2-1 tiny tiny totts.
    Having a laugh alright. Best totterinham team in fifty years. LOL

  285. yido

    1-2 Wigan lol

    How did you get on in the FA semi final?

    Oh yeah, of course, how could I forget. Sunderland lol.

    You dork.

  286. yido

    What shafting by Man U?

    Are you talking about the 8-2?

    Cos that was you.

    8-2 you fucking shithead.

    8-2 lololololololol

    Comical Kam strikes again.

  287. goonerkam

    Hahaha, priceless. more predictions from dickbreath. Haven’t finished your last sharpie humble pie and now your putting your foot more directly into your mouth. Everything you have predicted has been wrong. You fucking jinxed basterd. Fuck off.

  288. goonerkam

    Hope macbung states with you and spends another small fortune bringing in seven or eight players. You got shit team with no shit coming through. Hahaha. you are fucked . I’ll see you in administration. Twitchy is the perfect fellow for you. Hahaha.
    Shit ,I think I hurt myself with that last one.
    Hahahaha, dickbreath. hahahahaha. Can’t stop. Delusional fool. Haha

  289. yido

    Check our financial results Comical K. Oh yeah, that’s right, you can’t because you’re borderline retarded.

    How would you know if we’ve got any players coming through? Do you really follow us that closely?

    Maybe we’ll spend a ‘small fortune’ in the summer to bring in some top young talent. You know like the £27 million Wenger spent on Walnut and Oxlade- Chamberlain?

    Owned again 8-2.

  290. goonerkam

    Hay dickbreath, we were at a turmoil when we played that game with injuries and used many players from the reserves. What’s your sorry ass excuse. Fully fit and the BEST sorry ass team in fifty years and shafted twice .to teams we shafted in return. Or could have.
    Arry will take you down using the mercenaries model of going for immediate silverware by getting readymade players at high an exorbitant prices. You know it and everyone else too. Check. The facts MORON. You are fourth in net transfer spend right behind shitty,chelski and manure.
    We are eighteenth and proud to rely on the acadamy. THE ARSENAL could potentially have up to four or five acadamy products in the national team. Readem a weep dufess.
    Where the fuck were you before spending after ARRY. a mediocre middtable team since early seventies playing in an old dilapidated stadium with a so so acadamy. Flash in the pan delusional bums. You won’t even finish in top four idiot. THATS MY PREDICTION, mr . We are gona win the FA cup and finish ahead of you. Hehehe. You have fucking jinxed the whole team with your endless stupid gloating you classless dumbass.
    By the way, I’m looking to buy a diving chimpanzees. Just as entertainment for parties you see, not to play football. Any ideas where as you guys already have one. Be a chap and tell us where to buy one. And then piss off
    5 PUD 2
    HEHEHE. enough laughs for the whole summer. Hehe.
    How old the hell are you ? Fifteen?.
    Chemical Ali, retard and shitgead. How highly politically incorrect you are asshole. grow the fuck up. Them fuck off.

  291. goonerkam

    What a tool you are DILLDO……..


  292. yido

    You expect me to read all that 8-2?

    I think I’ll pass if it’s all the same.

  293. yido

    Just out of interest, how is me calling you ‘Comical Kam’ politically incorrect?

    Chemical Ali was referred to as ‘comical’ by the media for his outlandish statements which were so far out of touch with reality they were…..comical.

    You do the exact same thing on here, European domination etc. That’s why I call you Comical Kam.

    What’s ‘politcally incorrect’ about that?

  294. goonerkam

    Your still a idiot dogbreath ,all the same.. now go play you stupid video game. I got work.

  295. yido


    Bye Comical K/8-2.

    Miss you.

  296. pedantic george

    bloody hell boys.
    Lighten up.
    Its only supposed to be banter

  297. goonerkam

    Cant help it. Can’t stand twoface sons of bitchs who like fancesitters. Not that Dilldo is one, mind you. He just can’t see that levy and mr. Suger can’t possibly play the game mansor and abromovich are playing. They can’t hope to keep up. To his credit though, Dilldo doesn’t seem to be a fair weather supporter and that’s saying something since he supports the totts. Always the bridesmaids, never the bride. They have the easiest run in and we shall see what type of metal they are made of. My guess is the GUNNERS will have enough bottle to hold on to third. And I think the Barcodes will take fourth. Not worried about chelski nor totts and pool is dead in the water. Might sweep the cups and I hope they keep king Kenny. And spend spend some more…. at least under Benitez they played well. All attractiveness’ is gone to hell and they are becoming another stoke. Hope ferret face Ferguson also states on for I can’t wait for us to meet those mothers. Diving cheating cynts that they are.
    First thing first.
    See this campaign out strongly and make a fucking statement doing it in the next four games.
    Get poldi and Jan in and there is nothing we can’t do next year. And you can put your money on that. I never lost hope even in the worst of times earlier . We have what it takes and it will show against the blues on Saturday. Have faith.

  298. yido

    kam, spurs are the 11th richest club in the world. that’s without outside investment or a massive stadium with all the naming rights and sponsorship that goes with it.

    Being the 11th richest club in the world allows us to compete in the transfer market. I don’t see why you can’t accept this without accusing us of being like City or Chelsea, if you look at our wage bill you’ll see we’re nothing like them. We have to operate within our means, and we do, year after year, mostly thanks to Levy.

    You talk about Podolski and Jan. So it’s all right for you to spend money but if anyone else does they’re ‘buying a trophy’?

    You can’t have it both ways.

  299. yido

    We’re actually above Man City on the laterst Forbes list released today.

    You might want to have a think about the next you wheel out your ‘transfer spending league table’.

    There is nothing wrong with clubs spending within their means. The problem is when teams like Man City and Chelsea post £100 million losses year after year yet continue to outspend everyone else.

  300. goonerkam

    Before the arrival of your latest manager you never spent anywhere close to the original mercenary teams. Yet since his arrival and due to his modes operand there has been years you put the to shame. This money did not come from being in champions league, real-estate adventures nor high quality expensive player sales. Where it comes from is you pocket book since you don’t generate gates receipts from 30000 holding stadium. This is spending money not generated by club operations and this is NOT being self sufficient and self sustaining model for a business. Everyone sees that. Only sliverware won in forty years came about during the first two years of this spending spree. Everyone can see it was bought mot earned. And for the record, I have always referred. To your team as wanabe chelskis. I have never said you were on par with the real cancers plaguing the leagues of this world. Real Madrid, barka, ac Milan, chelski, manure, psg, roben kazan ,malage, shitty and such suggepapa teams. Anything won by any of these teams is worthless in context to the league they won it in and how much over and above other teams they spent. Just a piece of metal and no glory attached to it. I have no respect. For. Titles won this way. By cheating. I have tried over and over to tell you that the ARSENAL is the only team in the EPL that is at least trying to do it the right way. Without throwing money at every problem and while rebuilding and constructing a magnificent stadium. While our readied players are poached each and every year. Two steps forward one back. EVERY FUCKING YEAR. and yet we are in the mix and competing with the dirtbag moneybag teams. EVERY YEAR. That is what I respect and value. Against many odds ,we keep trudging along and doing our best with an acadamy that third or fourth in the world and with a FOOTBALLING VISIONARY at the helm. Teams are now trying to destabilize our efforts by unsettling our players that they DONT EVEN NEED. without any help from the riling organizations of FA AND UEFA AND FIFA. Not to mention the massive media and referee bias and negativity all dumping on this team and this club. WHRRE IS THE RESPECT?. ours and Ajax and Porto and to some extent bayern Munich and Dortmund models are the real things. The ruling agencies need to make these teams models for all other teams in their competitions. But they are too busy kissing the asses of the cancers of this sport not supporting the righteous teams in this world who stick to the right way even though THEY HAVE THE MONEY AND RESOURCES TO PUT THEIR MONEYBAGS TOO SHAME. yes we are the fourth or fifth richest club in the footballing world.yes we have shareholders richer than some of the moneybag teams out there but we don’t play that game. We stick to our ideals and we will win soon and our model will dominate the dirtbags. Not now. The dominance will come and when it does all hail the ARSENAL for doing it the right way. not the red Knapp way..

    Up the GUNS!!! forever and always

  301. yido

    Oh dear. More barely intelligible nonsense.

    The only money that has ever been put into the club by ENIC which wasn’t generated by the club was a £15 million share issue which was raised in order to buy the land for the new state of the training centre which opens this summer.

    You really are a very narrow minded person and I’m beginning to feel there’s not much point debating any further with you since you make no attempt at objectivity whatsoever.

    Go and check your facts. Our biggest spending splurge came under Ramos when we bought the likes of Bentley and Modric. With Berbatov coming before that.

    As I repeatedly entreat you to do, you can check our financial results for the past, say ten years, all of which are available online and account for income and expenditure.

    Until you do this, and cease spouting what amount to bitter and twisted lies about my club by attempting to diminish our scant achievements by claiming that we receive outside investment, I’ll continue to refer to you as ‘Mini Man City’, which is a damn sight more accurate than you comparing us to Chelski, something which there is no evidence for whatsoever.

    Or how about ‘Emirates FC’? You’ve sold everything else to the Arabs, why not go the whole hog?

  302. goonerkam

    Yahyahyah. fourth on net transfer spend past four to five years. Shitty, chelski, manure, totteringham. Good company to keep fellow. Except these guys can out spend your sorry ass any day anynight. Those are Deloitte numbers and yet ARSENAL is the team that have sold their soul. I’m having a laugh at you and your sorry ass arguments.
    Every manager worth his weight in EPL and lower leagues is praising ARSENAL and our model is being replicated by teams all over .fifa heads,uefa heads ,even the FA always saying THE ARSENAL is head and shoulders in keeping the game clean from money bags influence and yet the delusional SPUDNIKS think we have no soul. Fuck that. We have enough soul on our little finger than all the teams around us combined. The whole blogshere is clamoring for THE ARSENAL to join this shit game and spend spend and yet you ,DILLDO, think we are part of the problem. No sir .you are part of the problem. A WANEBE FLASH IN THE PAN . IN A YEAR OR TWO you will slipp back to where. You belong. middle table 5 pur 2. Business as usual. End game.

  303. pedantic george

    Which one of you expect a result here?

  304. yido

    ^^^ One final attempt from me.

    Kam, I’m going to spell out our annual revenue for you. All these figures are from Deloitte for the year 2011.

    1. Annual revenue.

    Breakdown of income:

    Broadcast income; £51.5m

    Commercial revenue; £31.5m

    Matchday revenue; £36.8m

    Total revenue £ £119.8m

    Now here’s the important part, the key to our ability to compete in the transfer market year after year.

    Wage bill; £67m

    Do you understand the significance of that kam?

    Our modest wage bill (40% lower than yours) coupled with ever increasing revenues puts money into the coffers allowing us to invest money into the team.

    Here’s some quotes from Robert Peston, BBC’s financial expert commentating on the 2010 financial figures.

    “Another club that performed brilliantly on the basis of outputs generated from inputs – and it pains me to say this as a supporter of the neighbouring club – was Tottenham Hotspur.

    Spurs’ wage bill in the year to June 2010 was £67m, 40% less than Arsenal, 49% less than Man Utd and a staggering 61% less than Chelsea – and that was the year it came fouth in the Premier League, precipitating the highs and lows of 2010-11 in the Champions League.”

    Since I’ve taken the trouble to type that out using cast iron facts I hope you”ll pay me the courtesy of reading it and accepting that Spurs and Levy run a very profitable operation at Spurs, all without the aid of outside investment.

  305. goonerkam

    Not until you have enough courtesy and respect. The GUNNERS for what they have a complied and at what cost and against uneven odds. And not until I see a bit more humbelness and a lot less gloating in the future. Like the decent and respectable 6061
    always the gentleman and always full of complements. Well most of the time.

  306. yido

    Arsenal, under Wenger, have titles to show for the achievements. Spurs’ accomplishments are more relative.

    Look at those quotes I posted from Robert Peston our wages are ‘a staggering 61% less than Chelsea’.

    That’s what we’re competing against. The fact that we’ve competed for a place in the top 4 over the past few seasons with the likes of Chelsea and City is an achievement in itself.

  307. goonerkam

    I win out of ten previous EPL games and out of top four.
    Looks like my predictions are spot on as opposed to yours.
    Oh well, maybe next year for you. Shit for brains. hehehe.

  308. yido

    ‘Shit for brains’?

    Come back when you’ve learnt how to string a sentence correctly Comical K.

    Your random interspersion of full stops cracks me up every time.


  309. goonerkam

    Hahaha, there is nothing wrong with me sentencing mate. And I sentence you to a full summer of laughter, abuse and ridicule to teach you a lesson in humiliate. 🙂
    How’s the hangover kiddo, I mean Dilldo???
    Something wrong at WHL . MY SOLUTION!! spend ,spend spend. Soon enough you will drop to midtable. And soon after join in with,
    West ham


  310. yido

    One last thing Comical K. Are you even from England? I get the impression you’re not.

    That really would explain a lot. It would also render all of your opinions on Arsenal and Spurs meaningless.

    Have a great day now.

  311. goonerkam

    Hah, meaningless. That’s been all you predictions for the past few months. You are dropping and dropping fast. Fifth now and will go down even more.
    So tell me again how you have a better team and how you will finish ahead of us and how you will take the champions league by storm and how many of our substandard players can play in your team of mercenaries and how APPY ARRY is a better coach than the visionary AW and how you are gona win the FA cup and all.
    Having a laugh now gloater???
    One win in the last ten EPL GAMES.
    I know I’m having a laugh.
    Everything you have said has been pooof baseless you meaningless dorkenstin. EVERYTHING. have some more humble pie and we shall talk more latooor. Can’t wait for some Allen sugar time this summer. Lets see that magic. ITS SUGATIME. go go 5pud2.

    UP THE GUNS. OF ARSENAL!!!!!!!!!
    The only real TEAM in the top five of EPL.

  312. yido

    You’re not fropm England are you?

    Another ‘Big 4’ gloryhunter.


  313. goonerkam

    glory glory ARSENAL…….
    proud supporter since. 1978.
    That’s probably before you were born.
    What of it DILLDO??
    gona go on a tangent now that all your arguments and boastings have fallen flat on their face, LIKE BALE OF NAZARETH. HEHEHE.

  314. yido

    What’s the point in discussing anything with you? No arguments penetrate your brain.

    You seem to take some of it in and then the next day it’s back to square one.

    Typical foriegn gloryhunter. You’re no more knowledgable than your average Utd fan from Singapore.

  315. yido

    Comical Kam exposed

  316. goonerkam

    Hahaha. It didn’t stop you boastings out of your sorry ass not so long ago kiddo. Lmfao. And leave the exposés for a later date mate. I have enough material on your gloating and shameless boastings to keep me entertained and giddy for the next few months at least. Hehehe. Cheerios spudnik…. 🙂

  317. goonerkam

    hahaha, I see your fearless gaffer is siting squad thinness and injuries as the reason for your fall from grace. Priceless that gofer of yours. Hold onto him at all cost . The best of all amusements, that guy and his dog Rosie. Hahaha. Hilarious. Well done Levy. Get rid of Ramos and Jol and bring in this illiterate clown to spend spend and spend some more. Club in goooood. Hands.
    Go go. roosters.

  318. yido

    How much did we spend in the past, say, four transfer windows? Just out of interest? Seeing as we ‘spend spend and spend some more’.

    Prove to me that your football knowledge is superior to the ‘die hard fan’ from Bangalore above.

  319. yido

    In the past three seasons we’ve spent a net total of £16.5 million.

    An average of £5.5 million per season.

    More Comical Kam lies exposed. It’s just too easy.

  320. yido

    Infact, in the four years Harry has been here, we’ve spent a grand net total of £7.5 million.

    That’s £1.875 million a season.

    Figures taken from your precious transfer spending website.

  321. Goonerpower

    Who really care yido!! The fact is we are third and you are doth. So by my calculations that makes us the third best team in the country, you are the fifth

  322. yido

    I really care. I care about Comical K constantly spouting shit about us spending money under Harry. We’ve hardly spent anything, £1.875 mill net spend per season in fact.

    And yes you’re above us, yes this season you will come out on top. Fair play, if that’s all you care about.

    As for Spurs all that matters to me is that we finish top 4, as I’ve said above, finishing above Emirates FC or winning a trophy would be a bonus, nothing more.

    We may be 5th now but I still think we’ll get top 4. Look at NUFC’s fixtures, I don’t think they’ll win another game.

  323. goonerkam

    Since we’re sharing.


  324. SuperCesc

    Hi guys. Sorry no comment in a long time but I’ve been away for a while. Is Scott not doing the blog anymore?
    Anyway was quite weird looking through the comments, seeing everyone change when we had a decent run of form for a month. Wenger was Le Salvation again. Think there was something in there about me eating humble pie.
    I’ll reverse the spoon and plant it in your gob George 😉
    I told you so guys, a hell of a lot of Arsenal fans told you so.
    George, Kam, time for you to enjoy the misery your faith in Wenger has led to. Europa League football because surely Spurs will overtake us today.
    Arsene is a spent force and now mainstream footballing outlets are calling for him to go, calling for RVP to leave if he stays. He has had the worse season for Arsenal in a long long time and needs punishing for his lack of activity in August 2011 (until 8-2) and then his lack of activity ion January (Eisfeld).
    The guy is done, multitudes of managers have outwitted him this year. Just in the last few weeks, Pulis, Di Matteo, Lambert and Martinez.
    Rome had its day, Wenger has had his. Usmanov in, Jurgen Klopp/Pep in with him. Gazidis out Dein in.
    We Want Our Arsenal Back

  325. goonerkam

    Oh yes SUPER CESE. POOL might join in our hunt for PEP SMEAR Ing our negotiations.again. We need rid of ours for this dude right away. You think we can persuade him to bring back all our players back with him. Sign me up and please also tell me how much it pays. Tell Ali we are on board and we be sick and tired of doing it the right honorable way. So he knows we for real and we be majority too, so open up them money bags and start greasin them wheels. Have you thought about national( fuck that) international toll free numbers and or interneat sites to organize the gang quickly so that we can get our ARSENAL back soonest. Just brainstorming, if that don’t work maybe we can green light the French basterd. His ego getting toooooo big even for my liking. Hehehe, next year this time we be toasting our success and Rollin in Mila. Hahaha. That dude juran flipman is fine too as far as I cam see. Like Nancy use to say, JUST DO ER. Its ruski Mola time and I want my piece of the pie. Hopefully will be apple and not humble like dilldo is having. Them spudniks have placed orders for that shit till next year. Backlog galore. Getting harder to get than Jamaican gold man they got the fucking market cornered. Hope all is well and your doing allllll right.

  326. SuperCesc

    Kam i literally have no idea what you said, haha. But yeah I’m good, yourself?

  327. yido

    Wow, that was….even for kam, I mean, wow, just wow.

  328. goonerkam

    dilldo. Your the dumb
    Even the gods have transpired against yous
    Ah. Still 3rd and doing well cesc. Where the hell have you been. UZBAKISTAN??? 🙂

  329. pedantic george

    I’ll reverse the spoon and plant it in your gob George
    I told you so guys, a hell of a lot of Arsenal fans told you so.
    George, Kam, time for you to enjoy the misery your faith in Wenger has led to. Europa League football because surely Spurs will overtake us today. often can one idiot get it wrong?
    Cecs where were you when we smashed Spurs? You know,the team you and your mate Yido decided had passed us by?
    Where were you when City were comprehensively out played ?
    Where were you when we won 7 on the bounce?
    If we finish 3rd and get more points than last year,after having only 7 points from the first 7 games(and the transfers came in) And playing half a season without a full back at the club,Will that not be moving in the right direction,Given two of our best players have not kicked a ball hardly all year?
    Enjoy your pie,

  330. SuperCesc

    Worse season for Arsene Wenger.
    Heaviest loss in prem, 8-2.
    Heaviest loss in CL, 4-0 Milan.
    Wigan taking first point at Arsenal in 20 years.
    Liverpool taking first three points at the Emirates.
    Most goals conceded, 47 and counting.
    Wenger is going up year on year on goals conceded.
    Yeah we beat City….looks like they’re going to win the league, i bet they give a fuck George we got a 1-0 win. Bet Mancini cries himself to sleep at night knowing we’re the better team. Don’t be a child.
    Tottenham, they will look at themsleves in the mirror come the summer and think ‘fuck.’ This was our year.
    Our saving grace hasn’t been Le Senile with his zero tactics, zero game plan. It was the teams around us playing abysmally when we needed them to.
    But yesssss George. I’m sure you’re right, every team in the prem must be looking on at us enviously. If we make the top three then it will be because of others failings, not our successes.
    This team bottles time and time again, we should’ve had third wrapped up when we played Wigan….we lost.
    I told you in Jan our squad was shit. As soon as we lost Arteta we were fucked. Ramsey is a terrible footballer! Denilson MkII.
    I deal in facts George, I’d be surprised if you have any because normally you just spout some crap and say I’m wrong and your right. The facts don’t lie. Wenger is done. What’s this guy’s problem? Just gracefully step aside for the next guy, the next era for Arsenal. Bye bye Arsene.
    Tel you what though, before you puke out a response wait to see who this dickhead appoints as his number 2. A good tactical guy I’ll say maybe he’s changed. Another yes man and then we’ll know I’m right. So give it a couple of weeks to think one up George because you’re boring.
    Give me some facts….and not pre-2007 look how many trophies Wenger won because that’s totally irrelevant. Bob Hayes held the 100m sprint record in 1964 but i somewhat doubt he’d win today. Same thing, you can’t live off of past achievement, every other manager is in a business of numbers (not bank numbers) Arsene appears the only exception.
    Pep retires stating he has nothing left to give Barca and its time for new ideas….what utter class.

  331. yido

    I have to say if it hadn’t been for the entire country pronouncing Harry as England’s Saviour two thirds of the way into the season we would have finished above you at a canter.

    Uncertainty is poison to a football club. You witnessed that first hand at the start of the season when the futures of Cesc and Nasri were still undecided. We had the same thing with Modric and had similar issues a couple of seasons back with Berba. It’s twice as bad when that uncertainty comes from the manager and I’ve lost a lot of respect for Harry for not committing himself either way on the issue.

    But I wouldn’t start jerking each other off just yet boys. After the way you’ve been playing recently I wouldn’t be over confident of a win at West Brom.

    If you draw and we win we take third. Bring it on.

  332. pedantic george

    Yido if you finish above us ,good on you.
    I have more respect for a fan like you than a idiot like Cesc.
    Cesc.Here is something too consider.Evert team that has ever won anything ,did so because the others failed.
    You,and your ilk, really turn my stomach.
    And well done City.A snip that cup at a mere one billion pounds.

  333. goonerkam

    Mercenary mother f••••••••.
    Yet, for me, better them than the fucking manure.
    Lets hope they do a Liverfool, this coming year.
    Dilldo, you have stuck your head above the sands of doom again, alas just to blame ARRY for all your bottling. Hehehe.
    I think the 5pur2 had a lot to do with it mate.
    lets celebrate saint. TOTTERINGHAM together next week. Virtualy off course, since your talk of jerking off kind o put me on notice dude.
    This is a public forum kiddo. Stay away from your shloong.

  334. GoonerpowerI

    Doesn’t every manger/player/person live on past glories. This is how people in all professions get their job. It’s called a CV, there’s nothing with that Cesc. I get what your saying, although “Le Senile” is extremely uncalled for. Don’t forget what Wenger has done for us and show him some respect.

    Yido got fuck all to do with Aryy and England lol what an excuse, look at the shit that surrounds our manager at times. Your team let you down, they played shit, simple

  335. yido

    What shit surrounds your manager exactly (apart from the obvious joke)? Anything even remotely approaching the absurdity of leading players like Rio and Rooney saying that our manager should leave us and join England? With every pundit and writer under the sun saying the same and all our press conferences being hijacked by everything that goes with the ‘Club England’ media circus.

    I think you’d have to have quite a simplistic understanding of the game not to think it had a serious effect.

  336. goonerkam

    Dilldo, you are such a child and a stupid one at that. ARSENAL have literally gone through a complete revolution and relocation these past six years. No one else but AW could have seem this project through to its end and that is the main reason why most of our ill wishers want him out. You only see things from your point of view and that is super immature. Your beloved spuds have had it easy even on the injury front. They just couldn’t handle the pressure and bottled it. JUST LIKE OTHER YEARS. you thought it would be easy, well a double haha to you. The main reason for you being bottom of the form table is you have players at your club who wouldn’t care less if they were playing at wigen next year. As long as the money was better. Even ARRY would have jumped ship in a heartbeat if the offer came from the FA. wakeup a smell the shit around yourself you. Dimwitted spudnik.. Your project is a failure while ours is set.for success for the next fifty years. All due mainly for one man’s vision and a board that has stood by him and helped him.
    I have counted at least six fuckers at your management helm in the past ten years. That is not going to get you anywhere s.
    FOREVER IN OUR SHADOWS. what else is new. Hahaha

  337. yido

    ha ha

    ha ha ha ha

    you’re a romantic kam. utterly clueless but it’s kind of touching.

    you seriously think that any of your foreign mercenary players would stay if they were offered more money elsewhere?

    Just remind me, how many players have you lost to Man City so far?

    RVP will be the next, and last one. And that’s only because you’ve got no more good players left.

    Poor old kam. I can’t wait to taste your salty tears when your captain jumps ship for more $ and a chance to actually compete for trophies in the summer.

  338. goonerkam

    Hahahaha, wrong again mr. Dilldo. Seems like ass your couto is next in line to move. Add that to van der fart and bale ( who is leaving for the Olympic Diving team) and you can’t afford adypaymore and there you go son.
    Back to midd table for you. A flash in the pan.JUST LIKE I PREDICTED.

  339. yido

    We’ll see……

  340. Anonymous

    “Arsenal’s wages 2006-11 £613m,

    City’s wages 2006-11 £514”

    Good luck buying that trophy comical k.

  341. goonerkam

    we are not in for a trophy this year douch bag. And if you are actually putting THE ARSENAL in the same category as soulless mercenary shitty ,as far as expenditures in player transfers and wages , then you have just made yourself look the ultimate comical Muppet. Mr/mrs ONE BILLION DOLLAR PUPPET. once again you jackasses, of the top five teams in the EPL which on is known for its SELF SUSTAINING MODEL and living within its means??
    That’s right you fucking fools.
    Its the ARSENAL.
    HAVE A NICE DAY LOOOOOOSERS. ITS A GOOD THING manure choked their eight point lead in the last few weeks or you wouldn’t have ANYTHING to show for your outrageous and ridiculous spending again this year. get your shit together for the champions league for next year . You two Manchester teams truly stunk up the place this year. A true embarrassment to the. EPL , specially considering. The groups you were in in the first stage. Which you couldn’t progress let alone win. Now go on and hide your face in shame ,you no name twat.

  342. goonerkam

    CONGRATULATIONS GUNNERS. on securing third place and automatic berth for the champions league……
    Happy st. Totteringham. Everyone. FOREVER IN OUR. SHADOW……….
    and just when I was thanking the lord for this ,he dropps another nice gift in my basket ,in the form of MANURE being denied the title. Ferret face Ferguson must be having a stroke just about now.
    UP. THE. GUNS. !!!!!!!!!!!!

    and fuck MANURE….
    Coyg. COYG.coyg. come on you. GUNNERS….

  343. yido

    Congrats etc.

    Top 4 was always the goal for us, I said that all along. Obviously I wanted to finish above Arse, I’m a Spurs fan.

    Well done City, I bet RVP will jump at the chance when they come in for him in the summer.

    Come Bayern!!!

  344. GoonerpowerI

    Eeeh heee!!!

  345. yido

    It must be noted that a team who used to compete for titles are reduced to rejoicing in finishing one point above Spurs on the last day of the season.

    How the ‘mighty’ have fallen!


  346. Goonerpower

    Not fallen just a little blip. You are supposed to ahve the better team yet we finished above you again. once I relised that we wasn’t gonna win the Prem, then my thoughts went to finishing above you lot. Not hard to grasp yido. Next year we will see what happens. I feeling pretty good about what we can achieve. Few clever buys and we are back in business!!

    COME ON CHELSEA!!!!!!!!!!

  347. yido

    I think we do have the better team, though you have the better manager. Even if Wenger has more blind-spots than a Venezuelan cliff-side roundabout.

    I honestly think you’ll be very similar next year. Anywhere between 3rd and 6th, no lower, no higher.

    Podolski in theory sounds a good signing. Though reports of a tendency for homesickness and the fact that he flopped at Bayern give me hope that he’ll be more of a Chamakh than an RVP.

    Aside from that I think you have to ask yourself how successful have Weger’s signings been this season?




    Arteta is the only one out of four who has looked a good buy.

    If you lose RVP and replace him with more of Wenger’s hit and miss buys I think you’ll struggle for top 4. I don’t expect you to agree with me on that though.

    And, one more thing. Do you really want Chelsea to win the CL?

    Think about it. If they lose, we probably reach the 1/4’s at best. If they win they’ve won it forever, and they can lay claim to being the first London club to win the CL. Fuck that.

  348. yido

    Quote from RVP

    “We’ll sit down next week. AFC is a massive club, whatever happens I’ll always love this club”


  349. Goonerpower

    He also had a smerk on his face

    One thing for sure, he wont go this summer. I’m confident about that!!

    Ps Look forward to seeing your lot fucked over by the big spenders lol, good luck with that yido

  350. pedantic george

    October 12, 2011 at 12:24 am
    @Yido, to be fair, you came on this blog last season raving on about finishing above us in the Premiership too, but come May you went a bit quiet.
    You’d be very simple minded to believe the season was over in October.
    I’ll tell you what, I’ll be the first to congratulate you if you finish above us, and I’ll even write an article about you being the better team. Will you come back in May if we finish above you again, and admit that we are the better team, again? Seriously, will you?
    The best team is the team who finishes higher in the league, that’s a fact. Forget the cups. The league is the bread and butter.
    Well? You up for that?

    When will I be able to read this article?

  351. yido

    I don’t know if I ever agreed to those terms but I have no qualms writing the article. You’ll have to find Scott first though.

    GoonerP. ‘The moneybags’ have already harassed us for our players. Remember Modric last season? The difference is Levy is a Jewish genius and ties our best players down to long term deals.

    Also, RVP is a class above Modric and Bale. He would walk in to pretty much any side bar Madrid and Barca. He’s outgrown Arsenal this year, if it wasn’t for him you probably would have been relegated!

    He’ll definitely leave, and who can blame him?

  352. goonerkam


  353. yido

    One point isn’t much of a shadow tbf….

  354. goonerkam

    Yet you always seem to end up behind us sniffing our crack. Have fun with the CL playoff qualifiers. If chelski lose. If not, then you won’t be missing what you have hardly ever had. I predict fifth to tenth place for you in EPL next year. If that. Chokers.

  355. yido

    I predict european domination for you next year. ha ha ha ha

  356. goonerkam

    Hahaha, me too. Thanks for the support. It all starts next year.
    Good luck keeping your mercenaries intact for the coming year.
    Bale, ade, vdv, assou,
    It will be an unusually long and bad summer for you. My advise, drink a lot. It might numb your pain some. and stop trolling. Say hello to your tiny friends from. GOONERS AND GOONERKAM.

  357. yido

    he he he he

    Our mercenaries are, on average, a 40% lower wage than yours. More self-defeating claims from the King of Comedy himself.

  358. goonerkam

    JACKIE BOY collected his won bet of 3000 pounds from the tiny’s.
    It was like taking candy from a tott-deler.
    POLDI AND YAHN M VILLA coming in to help out. A nice attacking mid to help TOMAS out and. We are in business. The league will be eating OUR DUST NEXT YEAR. PLACE YOUR BETS. GENTLEMEN AND rooster boys. :-]

  359. goonerkam

    EARTH TO SCOTTPUFFIN, come in Scotty. Come in.
    Missed you during st. TOTTER INGHAM celebrations.
    Waiting for an end of the year write up. We be getting worried…

  360. yido

    Who are you going to get to replace RVP Comical K?

  361. pedantic george

    well it wont be Adethewhore

  362. goonerkam

    Ah DILLDO, you still don’t get it. First off he is a GOONER and he will extend with us. Secondly, even if he turns out to be a mercenary like Adypaymore, which I don’t think he is, so what. The key to THE MIGHTY ARSENALS. Successful run in the past sixteen years is not any one single player. The key is the professor at the helm. We have had players unsettled and pouches in the past. Two or three at a time. You know that. Like the phoenix raising from the ashes ,we come back. Always finishing un top echelon of the EPL. always against the worst odds. Against teams and clubs that cheat their way to the title. Teams that pouch from us and out spend us regularly by a factor of 30 or 40.
    The key is the model of how to run a club. ,THE RIGHT WAY. Not by changing managers and players as if they were underwear . But then you knew this. or else why would you care if AW was let go or not. He is the thorn in your asd and that’s why you want him gone and that’s why you agree with doomers, gloomers and know nothings.

    By the way, how many spuds does it take to change a light bulb??

    Cuz they is more than satisfied being in ARsenALS shadow.


  363. yido

    Just out of interest, where do you think you would have finished this year with Wenger at the helm and no RVP?

  364. goonerkam

    A very dumb question as it is a team sport but ill indulge.
    I would say top five.
    Where do you think you might have finish without Adypaymore?? Even though you weren’t the ones paying him. 🙂

    Did you like the joke then? The one about lightbulbs.

  365. yido

    Yes, for you, it wasn’t bad.

    You can’t moan about us taking Adebayor. You struck a similar deal with Chelsea for Benayoun. It just turned out that Adebayor was a good loan signing and Benayoun wasn’t.

  366. goonerkam

    BENNY THE GOON can play on my team anytime. I have enjoyed watching him since WH days. True terrier. I think he enjoyed wearing the red/white more than we did watching him. Loyal to the end. Our fucking Jewish messi. So much for that.

  367. goonerkam

    Benny played 12 games for us , three starts. Five goals. Two assists, if I’m not mistaken.
    That is a bad loan signing?? I’m having a laugh. You are a crazy. If the price. Is right and he wouldn’t mind being a squad player, I would sign him in a heartbeat. The experience, tenacity and intelligence and work rate. Phenomenal.

  368. yido

    Alright, then he was a good loan signing and you benefited from Chelsea letting you have him. That’s no different from us loaning Adebayor for a year. If Levy negotiated a deal where City picked up half of his wages for the duration of the loan then that just goes to back up my claim that our chairman is the best in the prem bar none.

  369. goonerkam

    Hahaha, you are truly warped. Your chairman is the one who has you stuck with Arry. As along as he is at helm, you are screwed. Ask WH, AND the rest of the bankrupt lot. Get a quality manager and stop buying success and start putting emphasis on your academy. That is the way forward. Levy is desperately looking to add tin can in his cabinet. He doesn’t see the big picture. How smart is that. Rednapp always leaves clubs in disarray. Always looking for a better opportunity. He will use you and spit you out. Smart!!

  370. goonerkam

    and comparing the financial side of BENNY AND ADys loans is like comparing apples and oranges. Ady is getting more than 130000 a WEEK. shitty always overpays and to a lesser extent so do chelski. No. Comparison.

  371. yido

    ‘Get a quality manager’

    Two top 4 four finishes in three seasons isn’t bad is it?

    ‘stop buying success’

    In the four years Harry has been here, we’ve spent a grand net total of £7.5 million. That’s £1.875 million a season.

    ‘start putting emphasis on your academy’

    We open a new training centre this summer which is going to be one the best in Europe.

    How many products of your youth academy played for Arsenal this season? Gibbs and……..that’s it. All the others were poached from other teams by Wenger the kiddie snatcher.

    As for your last point re Adebayor and Yossi, the same principle applies in both cases. Though I wouldn’t expect you to appreciate that since time and time again you prove yourself to be a dullard of the worst kind.

    Thicko kam lol

  372. goonerkam

    Kiddy snatcher. Chemical Ali. You are beyond contempt. It must be the pain in your asshole talking again. What with getting shafted by a team that choked a sizeable lead away. And oh dilldo. go fuck yourself.

    I guarantee. You there will be at least three gunners in the world cup team in Brazil. Maybe more. Fucking walker didn’t even make it to the euros. Keep gloating you prick. And keep.comparing apples to oranges you dumb fuck.

  373. goonerkam

    Fucking asshole.
    Tean aged punk dirtbag.

  374. yido

    Walker is injured bright spark. You have no idea how to construct a coherent sentence so I wouldn’t be calling other people dumb if I. were. you.

    I wasn’t gloating I was merely deconstructing the endless lies you spout about my club.

    You can’t debate with me using logic because it’s beyond your tragically stunted intellect. You either resort to lies or abuse. It’s the same old story every time.

    I’d mention the fact that we had more academy products playing for our first team (Livermore and King) than you did this year (Gibbs) but what’s the point? You won’t take in what I say and you’ll just trot out the same shit in a couple of weeks from now.

    Oh Comical Kam, I know you too well.

  375. goonerkam

    Yah, you know me all right. As you fucking tormenter that shoved all your predictions for the past four months , straight up your sorry loser ass.
    Keep making your predictions asshole, and ill make mine. We will see who the illogical one is.

    In the mean time ,layoff the unfounded ,libelous labels you put on AW. you are a fucking nobody and have no right to call a man, behind his back, a kid snitcher. truly lowclass fuckwad, is what you are.
    Have a nice summer and lets hope you and your jokes entertain us some more in the coming campaign. Not to mention your sorry asd club and you sorry ass. Manager. no fuck off ,you stupid fuck.

  376. yido

    What is your problem exactly?

    Wenger is well known for his tactic of signing players who are under 18 (not yet adults so therefore children) from clubs before they can sign professional contracts. Are you denying that?

    It’s only in your warped, and no doubt, perverted mind, that you immediately assume there’s a peadophilic connotation to the ‘child snatcher’ remark when all it really was meant to highlight was the FACT that Wenger has a preference for ‘snatching’ children before they can sign pro contracts with the club who brought them up and nurtured from a young age.

    That’s a clear and logical explanation. Now let’s see if you can respond in kind, or whether you’ll resort to abuse, lies and capital offences against the English language. I wonder……

  377. yido

    Just to further back up my point, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, a man who has achieved more in the game than either you or your hero Wenger accused him a couple of years ago of ‘child trafficking’. He was talking, as I was, in the context of transfer policy, so get down off your high horse you unendurable cretin.

    “One like Arsene Wenger signs hosts of players from France and elsewhere year-in year-out,” Rummenigge told Sport-Bild.

    “We have to take care that this sort of child trafficking is stopped.

    “This has taken on a different scale in the meantime; the word kidnapping is not too far off anymore.”

    He explained: “Fabregas is really the best example for this.

    “He signed from Barcelona at the age of 15 on a free transfer, just because he was about to sign a contract at the age of 16.”

  378. goonerkam

    hah. I guess the positive from this is,
    Bye bye. SPUDNIKS. try to enjoy Thursday night football on Chanel no.5
    in the Mickey mouse cup. hahaha.
    Part and parcel of supporting the TOTTERINGHAM 5PUD2. 😉

  379. yido

    Yeah gutted, fuck Chelsea scum fuck shit fucks.

    You got anything to say about the valid points I made in the above two posts or are you just going to ignore it as usual and then regurgitate the same stuff in a weeks time?

  380. goonerkam

    Oh yah. take your valid points and stickem up you bum. I’m not discussing shit with you lowclass prick. You are below contempt.
    You are probably one of those jerks that abuse AW at your shit stadium too. Buzz off.

  381. yido

    As I thought. I’m not going to continue this any furthur. You are perhaps the most simple minded person I’ve ever had the misfortune to encounter, either online or off. You are of that particular class of cretin who stick steadfastly to their ignorant opinions even when presented with facts which flatly contradict them.

    Even your own fans find you an embarrassment. Most true fans cringe at the lack of knowledge of the foreign glory hunters who flock to their club like flies round shit. You’re a typical foreign glory hunter, with every post you reveal yourself furthur, I won’t lie, it’s been quite fun to watch.

    Bye now Comical Kam. Send my commiserations to your carer, she/he has my deepest sympathies.

  382. goonerkam

    yahyahyah. I am not the one calling people worthy of respect kid sn••••• and online posters by mass murderers so go fuck yourself.
    piece o shit.

    IP THE. GUNS!!!!!!!!
    like I told you a few months back.
    Me right.
    You wrong. Dick breath.

  383. goonerkam

    Dumb fuck. Now watch your mercenaries fly the coup. ,you short sited cunt. Know nothing

  384. yido

    One more thing. ‘Short sited’?!?!?!

    ‘Short sited’?

    Are you kidding me? ha ha ha ha

  385. goonerkam

    Hahaha yourself. Dim-witted fool. Everything has to be explained to you twice and thrice since you could never read between the lines.
    I thought you were a fucking genius mr. Levi. I’m referring to whl and your own admission that as long as your base is whl , you will always fall short of achieving the goals set for the club. You can never compete on the same level as the moneybag teams with an old dilapidated 30000 seat stadium. First and for most your match day revenues will fall short and then trying to hold on to your players. And I doubt very much that your chairman and the team he has around him can replicate what AREENAL pulled off. Namely, constructing an state of the art stadium and remaining competitive and finishing top four while doing it.
    A new stadium is first and foremost what you need and trying to get it will take you to the brink of administration and relegation. God willing.
    Maybe then we will hear less of your gloating and endless comparisons to the ARSENAL. the one and only true footballing force in the CAPITAL LONDON that have a SELF-SUSTAINING non cancerous approach to the game.
    Capichio. Dimwit.

  386. yido

    Spurs are self-sustaining too. Fuck knows how many times I’ve explained that to you.

    You have a 60,000 seater but you can’t compete with the ‘moneybags’ teams either. As you’ll soon find out when you lose your captain and best player for the second consecutive season.

    We achieve miracles on our budget. Second top 4 finish in three seasons. Everyone respects the way we do things at Spurs, breaking even every year, no sell out stadium naming rights, no outside investment. It’s only you with your pathetic inferiority complex, or bitterness about your position in modern football, fuck knows what it is, who feels the need to belittle every other club in the league.

    But I’ll let you get on with it. You’re a glory hunter, true fans support the team closest to where they were born or grew up. You’re no better than an Indonesian Utd fan, and your knowledge of the game is of about the same level.

  387. goonerkam

    You are not just a fucking dimwit but a delusional racist too. Not so long ago you were bragging about the overseas spuds fans and now you are going through country by country putting overseas fans down. Well fuck you.
    Inferiority complex?? I’m having a laugh you fuck.
    I like everything about ARSENAL and how it is being run.EVERYTHING. PROUD GUNNER FOREVER. So I suggest you are the fucking one with a complexes. A LOSER COMPLEX to begin with. A delusional complex for thinking you are more of a SELF SUSTAINING club than the GUNNERS, which is the opposite view held by most everyone in the league. And even by being 18th on the NET TRANSFER SPEND TABLE we have come much closer than your lot to win the EPL and have consistently played in CL which is the cream of the crop of all European club competitions.
    And I don’t put down every team in EPL that tries to compete the right way year after year. Like we do and very.proud of. Don’t try to put words in my mouth. And refer to that same table ,amongst others, that has your sorry ass club as fourth in transfer spent funds.
    There, all your fucking arguments shot to pieces and exposed. The reason our wages are relatively high in comparison to many others in EPL is we have many number of prospects coming through the academy and we need to protect them from poachers until it is decided if their future is going to be with us or not. Obvious for everyone to see except some delusional spud Engerlander. That you by the way. Hehehe.
    How old the fuck are you, fifteen?
    Like taking candy from a baby.
    Have fun with your plans for a new stadium mr. Levi. See you down the bottom of the league table or maybe in the lower league in a not so distant future. pmsl. what a racist boob.
    Enjoy you summer in over shadow. Again. Hahaha. Bottlers. hehehe

  388. goonerkam

    By the way moron, we have not one but two potential investors that could propel us over and above everyone else in the league. WHY DON’T WE USE THEM?? you may ask.
    On principal, you dope. Because. We refuse to join this cancerous game that is damaging football in general. RESPECT, RESPECT ARSENAL.

  389. yido

    As I believe I’ve had occasion to mention elsewhere, you really are the thickest simpleton ever to pull on a pair of trousers.

    I won’t even stoop to dignify your accusations of racism with a response. I feel it’s enough to say that I have made no mention of race throughout this ‘debate’ of ours (me laughing at you for being a foreign gloryhunter is not racist, nice try though).

    It really is pointless to continue this. Time and time again you resort to abuse. You won’t engage in discussion, you simply SHOUT the same empty, meaningless PHRASES over and over AGAIN.

    I don’t know if English is your first language, if not I apologize for laughing at your childlike spelling and grammar. But it must be said that the difficulty you display in putting. full. stops. in. the. right, places, coupled with your inability to engage in rational discussion, points to a very limited intellect.

    I stand by original point regarding foreign gloryhunters. Funny how you don’t get many foreign fans supporting Swansea or Norwich? I wonder why that could be?

    Yet there are swarms of Chelski, Arse, Man U and Liverpool fans. Bit of a coincidence isn’t it?

    You’re just one of many glory hunter, and I think you’ll find that the majority of TRUE Arsenal supporters who follow the club out of local or familial allegiances would be ashamed to have you associated with their club. Sorry, but that’s the truth.

  390. goonerkam

    Yap, you got one thing right or two in four months of gloating crap that didn’t come even close to the truth. ” our team and club better than your and bigger cuz we have out performed you for six months out of fifteen years. Nana, yahyah. Our team will finish ahead of you in table. Lalala. We have a genius for a chairman. nenene. ”
    Crap,crap and more crap. You must have a doctorate in crap talking . And yes I do wear the finest if pants and shirts and I do speak five languages, you Neanderthal. I bet a dimwit like you I just limited to one allmighty tongue. Asshole. Stop belitteling people from other parts of the world you dumbfuck. And stop being a hypocrite. Just a couple of months ago you were bragging about your overseas support. Now the are no good and should support the team in their home town. Hahaha. Fuckyou you little punk. I’ll support anyteam I want and I chose a shinning light in ARSENAL and one of the best managers that ever lived ,AW. But a prick like you can’t see that and gloat about your beloved totteringham. TALK ABOUT INFERIORITY COMPLEX. I feel sorry for you dilddo. I really do.
    And once again you moron, this is an ARAENAL SITE. Feel free to fuckoff anytime. But when you come on ,if you can’t keep a modicum of respect and humility, I will sling back the shit coming out of your fucking mouth right back in your fucking face. Cocksucker

  391. yido

    I’ve never said Spurs are bigger than Arsenal, in fact I’ve frequently stated the opposite view.

    I’m a Spurs fan, of course I’m going to extol the virtues of my own team, why shouldn’t I? Scott said I’m welcome here and it’s not for you to decide who can post and who can’t.

    I said I felt we had a better team than you, and I still do. You have a better manager and you finished a whopping one point ahead of us.

    All this constant bile you keep spewing is quite strange to me. ‘I will sling back the shit coming out of your fucking mouth right back in your fucking face. Cocksucker’

    That’s quite a violent and aggressive thing to say someone because they happen to support a rival team to you. Or if they dare to hold an opposing view to your own.

    That’s not banter, far from it. In fact I’m not sure if the concept of banter amongst football fans is familiar to you at all.

    I don’t believe you speak five languages, I’m sorry but I don’t. I speak English and French to a fair degree, if that matters.

    ‘I’ll support anyteam I want’ is quite a telling quote I feel. It could be the official motto for glory supporters everywhere, perhaps they might invite you to be President?

  392. pedantic george

    There is nothing more annoying than people who are lucky enough to live close to the team they love ,insisting that this geographical piece of good fortune,makes them somehow a better fan.
    Shame on you Yido,
    I read about a fan from Nigeria who committed suicide when their favorite English team lost.Try telling that person you are a better fan,

  393. yido

    Sorry, but I would venture to say that that young man more than likely had other issues besides his team getting beat.

    Being a ‘better fan’ has nothing to do with it. I, like most other people who follow their team out of local of familial allegiances have no respect for people, from England or around the world, who choose their team purely based on the fact that they’re the best team around at that particular moment.

    Like it or not, they’re glory hunters, I don’t believe I’m a better fan, I just have respect for their opinion. Cockney and Irish Utd fans set the bar at lack of knowledge but other ‘big 4’ fans from around rarely cover themselves in glory either.

  394. yido

    ‘have *no* respect for their opinion’ that should say.

  395. yido

    That whole post is a mess actually. Liquid lunch and long day in the sun has taken its toll on me I fear.

  396. goonerkam

    It never ceases to amaze me how stupid you are due to the crap in your head and your mouth. I guess it is true what they say about you lot. Fucking dumb as a door knob.
    How’s the drinking coming dumb ass. Dildo

  397. yido


    Maybe you could use sentences to explain exactly what I’ve said that is so stupid instead of resorting to your usual tactic of abuse.

    ‘How’s the drinking coming dumb ass’

    Is that meant to be some kind of slight against me because I had a drink today in the first bit of warm weather we’ve had in about a year? Is that all you’ve got, seriously?

  398. yido

    Glory Supporter definition. Let’s see if you recognize yourself Comical K

    ‘Someone who supports a team that is neither based in or near the town of their birth nor is even anywhere near where the ‘supporter’ resides. Although family connection is often cited as a reason for said support, essentially glory supporters’ only reason for supporting a team is them having a history, and future chance, of winning trophies. Typically, a glory supporter knows little about football and has rarely, if ever, been to watch ‘their’ team play.’

    The last sentence could almost have been tailor made for you my distant friend. You know, it’s actually quite funny, I bet I’ve been to watch Arsenal play more times than you have. Think that over for a while.

  399. yido

    I’m only winding you up Kam. I know it’s a global game now. At least you care about your club, I guess that’s the only criteria by which a supporter should be measured.

  400. goonerkam

    Hah. Yah right. All you did was make a fool of yourself in front of everyone. You couldn’t wind me up if you tried spudnik. My love and faith is unshakeable.

  401. yido

    The constant stream of abuse that comes out of your mouth would suggest otherwise Sir Henry Norris.

  402. yido

    Just out of interest though, have you ever seen Arsenal play? If not would you not be a little embarrassed to learn that I’ve been to watch your team more times than you?

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