Victory for Abramovich, defeat for football

At the end of another disappointing season for Arsenal it would be easy for any Arsenal supporter to be negative about Chelsea’s Champions League victory.

Of course it would also be easy to celebrate, given that Chelsea’s win consigns Spurs to yet more second string European football.

So why should we come down on the side of negativity? For a reason that no-one could have anticipated.

Just when the modern face of football couldn’t sink any lower, along came Roman Abramovich and his entourage.

When Cech saved Robben’s penalty, Abramovich was understandably excited (after what appeared to be a brief moment of ‘my God I’m so rich should I show any emotion?’ consideration). He leapt up from his seat and pumped the air in joy.

But that’s irrelevant. Look behind him and you will see an eight-year old boy proudly wearing his Chelsea strip. He’s just as excited by Cech’s save, but his celebrations are cut short by the iron forearm of one of the owner’s henchmen. It seems this young supporter got just a little to close to Mr Abramovich, and was lucky to escape with his windpipe intact. The gorilla’s forearm appears across his body, just to make sure he doesn’t get overly excited.

Embarassing is not the word for it. Unfortunate doesn’t even come close. Pathetic is there or there abouts.

Here we have an instant microcosm of all that is wrong with modern football. Chelsea Football Club is simply the plaything of a very, very rich man who couldn’t give a flying feck about the common supporter. As, of course, is Manchester City.

Supporters who celebrate the victories of these two clubs must surely feel a slightly hollowness underneath it all; the feeling that they don’t really matter anymore.

If they don’t, they need to watch the clip of Mr Abromovitch celebrating. Then look behind him

And then watch it again.

This article was written by an anonymous man!


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53 responses to “Victory for Abramovich, defeat for football

  1. Anonymous

    sour grapes

  2. Anonymous

    Bless you, you search long and hard for something negative and this is what you come up with!

    I guess by having the most expensive tickets in the Premiership, Arsenal are showing how much they care about their supporters then too!

  3. irish blue

    typical bitter twisted rant from a loser gooner, not a word of congratulations to the amazing players who stood like the ancient story of three hundred men against 3 men..Chelsea won against in surmountable or so it seemed odds, and you come on here with your pathetic bitter little rant, sorry but its you is the sad sick loser…7 years and you’ve won fcuk all!! That sums it up really…carefree

  4. TrueBlue

    The bitterness.

    Oh the bitterness

  5. Platt

    Roman Abramovich is a man constantly present and often emotional at matches whose every bad decision, though misguided, is motivated by his desire for his club to win. Kroenke is ever-absent, totally unambitious and borderline uninterested and yet makes more money off his club than any other club owner in the league, as do the rest of the Arsenal board. So while they’re busy lining their pockets, duping the ever-loyal Gunner faithful out of more money for mediocrity and refusing the advances of Usmanov (richer than Abramovich and wants to help put Arsenal back on top with some needed financial clout and ambition) it’s the Chelsea hierarchy who don’t care about their club? I’m no fan of the way Chelsea are run but come on mate, the goons are run by a bunch of self-serving bean counters who care no more about you than Abramovich does about the average blue.

  6. tony barr

    So when Arsenal get a sugar daddy, actually they already have one, who has superglued his pockets closed, you will stop supporting them for the good of football.??? Get over it Chelsea won the Champs league, first and only club in London to do so, if it helps you to recover by looking for reasons to hate then so be it, – Brentford fan.

  7. Mike T

    God you havent a clue

    This lad in the Chelsea vip area is, it seems, the son of one of RAs mates. It seems that the lad watched in a very expensive seat, on the Sunday traveled in the coach in Munich.

  8. Neutral Fan

    As opposed to the usual Arsenal defeat, victory for football you’re used to?

    Know which one I’d prefer.

  9. Jarrod

    From the Chelsea Champions Victory you scan all tapes to find something so minor to pick out hahaha this is so hilarious! You get a good look at that cup. It’s all blue baby! Def no hollowness underneath it all just FA cups Champions cups n now your major sponsor Audi aswell haha.

  10. James

    I’m a Gooner and this has to be the worst blog post I’ve ever read. It stinks of bitterness, is completely embarrassing and is quite frankly just weird! Get a fucking grip or give up blogging.

  11. Chelsea 1 Arsenal 0

    You are already a franchise, sold your ground (think thats your 4th home now but cant remember) built a new one and are hoares to the arab airline, you silly twat – i tell you what, you need to get down the bridge and stare through the window at that big shiny pot you have never won, envy plays with your head and heart at the same time culminating in you writing that tosh, go and lie down, bye

  12. Anonymous

    Go nd hug transformer 4 al we care,get a lyf low rat nd concentrate on breakn ur trophylex yearz…shameful post loserz

  13. pete

    lol where would you be without the cash still trying to get 10th lol you should be winning cups bloody money chelsea spend and i mean bloody money………

  14. geoff1948

    I cant’t believe you just said that, if your that negative and sad you need to change clubs and start supporting a team that might win something

  15. pete

    truth hurts lol

  16. Bibber Blubber

    It’s all been said and well said I might add every reason for this article has been responded well too and interestingly not a supporting comment from a gooner anywhere…..obviously your own support are just as perplexed by this crap! KTBFFH.

  17. pete

    lol would you support if it was us gunners

  18. pete

    what me to say it again ……

  19. pete

    I cant’t believe you just said that, if your that negative and sad you need to change clubs and start supporting a team that might win something

    lol whos full brimsssss

  20. pete

    the only thing i like about chelsea is there buns lol

  21. Danish Gooner

    If you think Wenger gives a shit about the common fan you are beyond naive.

  22. geoff1948

    Pete your telling me you wouldn’t like the trophies they’ve won over the last seven years.typical Arsenal fan

  23. Chelsea 1 Arsenal 0

    pete, leave that PC alone and come back into the sensory room we got some razor blades here for you to play with

  24. Sour loser! Hahaaa! U can write what u want but still u wont tek anything away from Chelsea fans….. I guess we all know now who are the pride of London! mark my words, u will never win the Champions league..not in your lifetime….

  25. yido

    ‘Chelsea won against in surmountable or so it seemed odds’

    Chelsea’s squad cost more than Bayern and Barca’s combined.

  26. Funny u noticed Abramovich celebrating but failed to notice photos of wenger kicking a bottle of water! How about that mate?

  27. geoff1948

    I love these sort of sites it ‘s so predictable there is nothing you can say that is going to upset a Chelsea fan , we are champions of Europe and your not

  28. Chelsea 3 - 5 Arsenal

    Remember that game at the Bridge earlier in the season?? You know that one where Terry slipped flat on his arse and Van Persie seal a phenomenal hatrick?? Glorius day that was just like the day when we finished 3 places ahead of Chavski in the league this season! Chelsea a big club? MY ARSE!!

  29. geoff1948

    Champions of Europe mate

  30. Doc Brody

    I don’t know if the anecdote about the boy is meaningful, but I don’t see this as a bitter piece. The truth is that rich owners are ruining football. The inflated transfer fees and player wages are not good for the sport. The concentration of power in wealthy teams, at the expense of mid table teams is not good.

    As a case study, look at American Baseball. It was once considered the “American pasttime” but now trails far behind American Football in popularity. How did this happen? Well, the NFL decided to even the playing field. Broadcasting revenue is shared across all teams in the league. There are tight restrictions on transfers and there are salary caps on a wages. As a result, teams from small media markets have been able to compete (and even win the league). They strive for “league parity” where any team can beat any other team in any given game. There was even a movie about that called “Any Given Sunday”. This made American Football more exciting to watch as a fan, and as a result, over the last 25 to 30 years it has completely overtaken Baseball.

    There really is no second sport in England that could displace football so that’s not a concern, but the EPL would benefit from curbs on the rich and powerful, and I think it would reach new heights if there was more parity in the league overall.

    Ironically, wealthy owners at Chelsea and Man City have actually helped stir things up by enabling teams that were perennial second (or third) tier clubs to break into the top 4. But long term, they are not the solution. They are the problem. They are bad for football and if this is allowed to go unchecked, they will ruin the EPL. And once that happens, those same wealthy owners will abandon their EPL teams and move on to shiny new play things elsewhere in the world.

  31. Chelsea 3 - 5 Arsenal

    Still well behind on the trophy count mate. You’ll never achieve as much as Arsenal have in your lifetime

  32. Mayorr

    Bad-belly, haters its clear you are an Arsenal fan. We dont care what you think,write or your opinion. You ‘il 20yrs trophyless.

  33. chris

    Apparently any old crappy mid-table club can win the PL and CL, provided they can pay the going rate, which is now a billion quid.

    Which is why we’ll never seriously come close to winning either again. Never mind, if we won’t be cheering a trophy at the end of the day, at least we can still enjoy watching the football every match-day. On the plus side, at least Chelsea fans can save on their season tickets next year and just look out for the results; that’s all they care about apparently, and they’ll enjoy the experience just as much.

    Then again, fair play to Chelsea, the games against Barca and Bayern were a masterclass in negative football.

  34. geoff1948

    Doc Brady . I don’t get this argument you make surely the big clubs in football have always had wealthy owners nobody seem to complain when Jack Walker turned up at Blackburn did they. I just think your using it as a cloak to cover up for the fact that your teams not winning anymore .

  35. Mayorr

    Arsenal finished 3rd on the league table chelsea 6th. Was that a trophy? Anyway EMIRATE CUP is awaiting u. You we not win a teaspoon in the next 20yrs. Jealousy we kill you.

  36. Doc Brody


    No. I genuinely feel this way. For example, I’m very against Usmanov taking over Arsenal, even though he’s the wealthiest man in Russia today.

  37. goonerkam

    Welcome back Scott.
    Well ,I guess CONGRADULATIONS are in order for the chaskis. Well done on another bought trophy/titles. You and man shitty are truly the cancers on the body of football. Great source of pride for London these blue mercenaries. Two billion plus and counting. That’s not bitterness. Just plain old truth. Learn to live with it. A HOLLOW WIN/TROPHY for soulless team and owner. And oh, chelski 3-5ARSENAL . and it didn’t cost no billion dollars. try to improve your league position this year. Truly embarrassing.

  38. Mayorr

    VAN PERSIE, going! going!! gone!!! Stupid SELLING CLUB


  40. Mayorr

    PLS READ THIS: warning to soccer player, if you want to win trophy don’t come to ARSENAL FC. If you want your HEART BROKEN then we welcome you!

  41. geoff1948

    Doc Brady. OK fair do’s but your probably in a minority . I first went to the Bridge in 1957 and I had to wait 48 years to see a league title so I was so pleased when Roman turned up and gave us a chance to compeat at the top

  42. Mayorr

    Arsenal play positive football if you like play negative football you can never knock out BARSELONA. Check chelsea record and your record against barca and that prove it.

  43. viera

    2 minutes away from bankruptcy and sold for a quid muwahahahahah

  44. Daniel Wong

    Why can’t Arsenal get the better of Barcelona in recent matches.They lose thru trying to play attacking soccer and Wenger dubbed Messi unplayable.Of course Chelsea had luck to qualify and won thru playing ugly.But Chelsea and imho gunner fans wont mind. In modern soccer,winning is what counts.It’s better to win thru anti soccer than weave pretty patterns and lose. Remember Arsenal 1 Hull 2 and other games.
    Btw Robson hit the nail on the head whenhe said Arsenal/Arsenal have to have a rethingk on defensive tactics. Hopefully Bould can instill the discipline in the defence.
    However the final word lies with Wenger. If there is a repeat of the 49 goals conceded,the buck stops with him.Then it could be time for Arsenal to get someone if the gunners finish trophyless and out of cl contention.


  45. Terry

    This is the new football: get a rich and powerful person to support the club financially and/or with their business acumen/influence. (Contratulations to Chelsea and Man City.) Didn’t we benefit from the support of Sir Henry Norris? Without him we’d probably still be a small football club in Woowich.

  46. Tom

    Don’t kid yourself , none of the supporters of Chelsea or Man City give a sh.t how their rich owners got their money, like any billionaire surely not from honest work. It’s RVP who should look at that video footage because if he takes the money and goes to Russian club , he’ll need to hire an army of bodyguards for himself , his wife , kids and his dog.

  47. Gooner's Perspective

    Every Club has their time, There is no need for an Arsenal Fan to be bitter about this. Chelsea fans may boast that they’re the biggest club in London now with that Champion’s League Cup. Fact is they do have the cup and may celebrate and boast as much as they want.
    I just felt that this year is indeed their year. They had luck on their side, the team played as how they we’re coached by Mourinho, Yes mind you that’s not Di Matteo’s team that won @ Munich. It was Mourinho’s team. Plus you’ve really got to hand it to Drogba, he is truly a big-game player. How many goals does he have in cup finals now? 1 Real Chance -> 1 Goal @ Munich. Amazing player, I’m sure its all emotional @ the bridge with him going now. They’ll have a hard time finding a replacement though there are similar players out there like Cavani, Hulk, dll. And with the endless pocket of Abramovich who would bet against them landing their target?

    *I’m bitter @ that thought because the bridge club has endless fund which has enabled the team to maintain competitiveness despite the club not being able to afford half the team on its own means.

    Please chelsea fans don’t start comparing this with Jack Walker’s Blackburn. First he was a fan, Second he invested his whole asset in the club *its not endless and it didn’t cause inflation in football* and third since he did not have endless pit of money and Blackburn still has to balance the books! Unlike Chelski which is funded and RUN by Abramovich’s money. Hence while fair enough the team built has to be competitive and win matches, the arrival of Abramovich as sped up the evolution of the club and kept it competitive outside its means which is an insult to other clubs running day-to-day balancing books and takes time to evolve within its means. Hence the day Arsenal FC, and I hope I can witness it, lift a Champs League cup, It will have more credit than what Chelski’s win, not as a football game but as a whole unit/outlook of the win as a club.

    Not that it will mean anything to you all Chelsea fans who are ecstatic after your European win. Since you’d be thinking who cares how we won it as long as we win it. Well I find comfort in the Moral High Ground of operating and winning with the right means.

    You can earn riches by working hard for it or you can marry a rich man/women. Both cases you’d be rich. Which has more credit….

  48. geoff1948

    I am not compairing Jack Walker to Aramovich all I was saying was that Blackburn would not have won the league without his money

  49. weedonald

    There is a rather sad tendency in Football today, which is reflected in this blog. I celebrate another English team’s winning the CL,regardless of how they did it. The actual Final was one of the most boring and defensive I have ever seen but it worked for Chelsea and it was also one of the most incompetent performances from a supposedly ¨superior¨ team in Bayern.
    The game should have been done and dusted for them by half-time but just like AC Milan and Liverpool in 2006, it was a Cinderella story. That is what makes Football so unpredictable and fun. I am a Gooner but I appreciate teams winning stuff against the odds, regardless of who their owner is and how they did it. DiMatteo was a genius tactically and strategically and he deserves credit along with Drogba, who everyone had written off.
    Arsenal came from 17th in September to 3rd in May and did better than last season, regardless of titles or trophies won. Chelsea did miracles with what they had as did Arsenal and all the small-minded criticism of either team misses the point and is simply pure partisan BS.
    I agree that rich sugar-daddies are possibly unbalancing Football and that, in the long run, they may not be the best way to go, but let’s face reality, it is the way for the moment and has been since Real started collecting stars in the mid-fifties. It isn’t a level playing field and never really was….the BIG clubs change from decade to decade (Liverpool in the 70’s and 80’s, United in the 90’s and over the last 5 years,Arsenal since Wenger’s arrival, etc.) but one thing remains the same, the rich Clubs get richer and the little guys get what’s left. EUFA think they can level the field a little but they don’t know who they’re dealing with and what the BIG Clubs will do to remain in power. Just like Blatter, the BIG clubs will handle any threat to their monopoly as they always have done….by making ¨arrangements¨ to continue their traditional ways. Anyone who claims otherwise is not only naive but deluded.

  50. Kevin

    I hate sore losers and especially when they are fans of my team. Chelsea sadly are Londons top side, we have to take it on the chin for now…. until Kroenke gets bored and sells his shares to Usmanov or we start turning in negative balance sheets and he seels his shares to Usmanov.

    Football has changed and if we do not move with that change then we shall become just one of the masses!

    Most current fans won’t know or remember but We had a millionaire majority share holder and therefore owner in Sir Henry Norris. Back in 1919 he used his oney and influence and probably blackmail over Liverpool chairman who had a major influence on the voting over who was promoted to the enlarged then First division, it worked and we have not looked back since and Norris followed that up by financing the purchase of a team of stars begining with Charlie Buchan in 1925 (a move that it was said happened because Norris paid a large sum in cash to ensure he signed) Norris was finally banned for life from football for making payments with contravened the maximum wage…..but this was not before we became the driving force in English football for the next 30 years!

    So lets not try and act high and mighty over Abramovich or other billionaire owners, it is just a repeat of what has happened in the game for almost a hundred years, but this time we do not have a Henry Norris, we have Kroenke thanks to the manouvering of Peter Hill-wood who strangely blocks Alisha Usmanov….couldn’t be anything to do with the fact that his is a share holder and an officer in an uzbek mining operation which is in direct competition to that of Usmanovs could it?? (by teh way this couldn’t be illegal could it as it is a CONFLICT OF INTEREST?) Usmanov may not be our perfect image of an owner (but then neither I suspect was Henry Norris) but we know that he is a lover of football and Arsenal and he would poor all the money we need to be winners again, but he is stopped by Kroenke who originally was hated by Hill-Wood but then almost overnight hi attitude changed and Hill-Wood persuaded or should I say bamboozaled the then board into locking down the shares so that Kroenke could move in.

    We URGENTLY need to focus on this situation happening in our Board room and concentrate all our efforts to have Hill-wood removed and the friends he has loaded the boardroom with, then we need to have Kroenke move out and sell out to Usmanov, only then can our club have the ability and backing to move on up to the top once again.

  51. Gooner's Perspective

    What you’re suggesting is that we “evolve” like all the “top” clubs and bring in Usmanov who “pledged” investments in the team. Spend 500Million Bring in TOP CLASS players and Sack Wenger if he don’t wind Bring in Winning Managers Heck Guadiola if possible. Bring this club back to its glorious winning days of 1998-2005.
    What you need to do is get back up to reality. Arsenal became a force in the 2001-2005 because of Wenger’s Genius in bringing in CHEAP and relatively UNKNOWN players and it was by his WAYS this club was revolutionized, became such an entertaining winning side that gained so many fans, including myself.
    Over the years the love grew and through all this “Youth Project” years, my enthusiasm and love for arsenal has never faded. Pain in losing it in the last couple of months, frustration with Wenger for playing players who clearly don’t make the cut etc. All that I take as part and parcel of loving this great club. I take great pride that this club has grown in stature but has kept itself self-sustaining.
    While I wish, pray, hope that arsenal may once roll back the glorious years, I’ve never once be desperate enough to even consider outside investments. That is like ruining a perfect cup of milk with a drop of ink. You may want to refer to something which happened 100 years ago and you even described it as dark, so why do you want to repeat a “dark” history. Just because others is doing it doesn’t bring it any justice.
    Whats a competition if you can buy 11 international players and win? Whats competition if you’re tapping and buying up your rivals top crop? Is there even competition left?
    What needs to be done is bring in rules,clear set of rules that ensure clubs run within its means regardless of how rich the owners are.

    *Pun Intended* Fans nowadays only choose to see how those “oil” funded club operate and how they buy top players and WIN. They hope some rich guy comes to their club and does the same. In the case of some arsenal fan they come out with words like buy 6 top class players. Clear the dead wood and we’ll have enough money to pay their wages etc. These are pipe dreams and not how the world works. The real world isn’t like Championship Manager. We’re dealing with human beings, greedy agents, “oil” clubs offering crazy wages. Tell me how many player can arsenal sustain on 200k/week wages? Even Man Utd can only sustain Rooney on such a wage.Even if Arsenal can sustain 6, and don’t you think “oil” clubs can’t match that, and You still have transfer fee to worry about. Now you’ll think we’ve got Usmanov. *roll and bring in the dark days then*
    I boldly state that the day Arsenal becomes an “oil” club is the day my love story with arsenal ends.

  52. yido

    Interesting info re Sir Henry Norris. I must file that away for future reference.

  53. pedantic george

    Fans are much more interested in bragging rights than morals.
    Most fans would welcome being backed by a consortium of Nazi’s,Al-Qaeda and the child molesters national congress if it meant winning silverware.
    The size of a club should be judged on its history and loyalty of its fan base,not the size of the owners bank balance.

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