I have been an Arsenal fan for over 20 years, and I started Arsenal-Opinion because I wanted to write a blog, and wanted to hear from other fellow gooners for their opinions on all things Arsenal.

  1. My favourite Arsenal moment: Michael Thomas against Liverpool; still get a lump in my throat. Just listen to Brian Moore, never have I found another man’s voice so beautiful.
  2. My all-time favourite Arsenal player: David Rocastle – absolute legend RIP.
  3. My favourite Arsenal goal: I might have to plump for Robin van Persie’s wonder goal vs Charlton.

You can contact me on scott@arsenal-opinion.com

Please feel free to leave me some comments, or let me know if there is anything you would like to see featured on my blog.

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  6. Scott,

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  8. Hey Scott – I thought I’d start following to increase your Canadian Gooner quotient.



  9. Nice one Greg.

    I’m looking forward to playing Mass Effect 2.

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  15. pazzajonah

    How can you say Michael thomas against Liverpool was great? That was a horrible moment which really defined everything that was wrong under John major!


  16. For most Arsenal fans, that goal will be the most memorable moment of our lives.

  17. pazzajonah

    I knew someone who knew someone and so on who was actually there and had driven up from Norwich. Apparently he shouted out the window on the drive back down ( he wasn’t driving by the way) “Arsenal! Champions!” the man driving said that he was so disturbed by the scousers reaction that he ” drove through red lights” all the way back to Norwich

  18. I know this is a strange request and you probably have more important things to do. I am a huge fan of this site and I write a very candid blog http://www.football101mywway.blogspot.com and I wonder if I could get a Gooners opinion……I understand if its a hastle, but up the Gunners all the same

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  21. I like your site well done
    have been an arsenal fan for ever
    fav player Frank Mclintock
    fav goal its Charlie George and he can really hit em
    current arsenal probs the board & chief exec
    bring back David Dein to work with Arsene
    OK sell Cesc to Barca but its a no brainer buy Modric with the money
    not this board they will get someone we have never heard of from france or holland and keep the balance the result we have to rely on our managers brilliance to compete

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